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Adult star Katsumi (French/Vietnamese) was kind enough to sit down and conduct an interview for me. I was blessed to have been able to meet Katsumi in person abeit briefly and am grateful she agreed to be the first person I speak about.

Check out Katsumi on her Myspace page and at Club Katsumi.

Asian-Sirens: Tell the audience about yourself. Where were you born and what is your ethnic background? Where do you call home?
Katsumi: I was born in France 27 years ago. I’m french and vietnamese. My home is Paris and Los Angeles.Asian-Sirens: When, where, and how did you get your start in the industry?
Katsumi: To be honest I’m a little tired to answer to this question! please read my bio.

Asian-Sirens: What do you like best about your work and what is your favorite work both in film and in print?
Katsumi: What I like the best about my work: SEX of course; sex is pleasure (most of the times!) but it’s also a great way to discover ourself. I learnt a lot about men, women, emotions and sensations with my job. I don’t really understand your 2nd question sorry!

Asian-Sirens:What are some of your favorite things you like to do in front of the camera? Do you have any favorite actors and actress or directors you like to work with? Any photographers?
Katsumi: I really like to tease, I like to look into the camera as if I was looking a man in the eyes, it turns me on. I enjoy everything I do in my job even dialogues. For me to do porn is to play a very exciting game.
Favorite actors: Manuel Ferrara (from far my favorite), Mark Davis, Rocco Sifredi, Lexington Steele, Nacho Vidal and a new one: Derrick Pierce.
Actress: Belladonna
Directors: Manuel Ferrara, Michael Ninn, HervΓ© Bodilis, Christophe Clark, John Stagliano
Photographers: Christophe MourthΓ©, Suze Randall, Chris Stream

Asian-Sirens:What are some of the things you would still like to accomplish?
Katsumi:I accomplished almost everything in my career as an actress. I have some fantasies like working with Jenna Jameson, for Andrew Blake and doing a cover of Playboy magazine! But it’s more like dreaming! lol
I feel that it’s time to reach for new goals and the newt one is to direct, have my own company. I also have another project outside of porn but it’s too early to speak about it.

Asian-Sirens:Where would you like to see yourself in work and in life a few years from now?
Katsumi: In 3 years, I’m done with shooting scenes and I focus on my job as director.
In 5 years I’m still directing (in France and mainly in USA) and my other project is successfull.
In 10 years I have a house in California, hopefully a husband and a child and I take care only of my “project”.

Asian-Sirens:Who would you like work with in the future and why?
Katsumi: As I said Jenna Jameson. it’s a professionnal fantasy; she’s THE porn star.
Andrew Blake, Penthouse, Playboy. It’s just for my ego lol. I’m good for my performance on camera but I would like to have a glamourous image.

Asian-Sirens:Anyone you would like to thank or give a shoot out to? And any parting words for your fans?
Katsumi: I can say thank you to my agent Mark Spiegler who truly helps me in my career and also Manuel Ferrara and Melissa Lauren who are real friends.
For my fans: I hope you enjoy my scenes as much as I enjoy them!!! (soon in english)

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  1. Thanks everyone for the warm reception. I’ve been fortunate so far with help from fascinating people. Regarding linking a site of my own I don’t have one of my own ready! lol. Too busy doing nothing! I’ll keep everyone here posted about that. Stay tuned for more from yours truly. Thanks again everyone and Katsumi most of all for being a great sport.

  2. Oh come on, those questions are a little too boring and too safe. It was a nice interview though.

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