Im Ji-hye

Im Ji-hye

24 year-old Im Ji-hye is currently one of the most popular models in Korea. Standing 172cm tall with (according to most sources) 37D-25-37 stats, she made her debut (and stole the show) in a 2006 music video entitled “Weak Man” by Korean rap duo Square.

After landing the June 2006 cover of the Korean edition of Maxim magazine and becoming a favorite event and car show model (as shown above), she has since branched out to fashion modeling and even landed a part in a late night TV drama.Just a few photos here. A Google image search will yield hundreds more.

Im Ji-hye
While viewing many of the shots of Ji-hye at car shows and events, it was pretty amusing to see how the Korean men off to the sides and in the backgrounds of the photos seemed to be more interested in looking at the cars or electronics than looking at Ji-Hye. (I’ve also witnessed such in person.) Here it appears that the Range Rover’s lines would come in a distant second to Ji-hye’s.

Im Ji-hye
At a 2009 promotion for iLuv Creative Technology

In Ji-hye
As a character at a 2008 gamers event

Im Ji-hye
Shining at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show

June 2006 Maxim Korea - Im Ji-hye
Gracing the cover of the June 2006 issue of Maxim Korea

Im Ji-hye
Candid shot taken before her rise to popularity

October 2009 Star Photo shoot

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0 thoughts on “Im Ji-hye”

  1. Before this descends into a predictable conversation about how much surgery Im Ji-hye has gone through (or not), I just want to say… my God. Perfection. Even the candid shot she looks absolutely gorgeous.


  2. Best pictures are #1 (black Batman dress) and #5 (white cleavage reinforcement and retainment strap at 2007 Seoul Motor Show).

    In her video it becomes very obvious she’s had rhinoplasty.

    Perhaps Christine can comment on her before and after pictures:

    I am not attracted to this woman because she reminds me too much of that Japanese Female Robot, but she has a look that could allow her to be a huge crossover star in the US.

    I’m calling it. She’s going to be big.

  3. When the results are as good as what the Korean surgeons usually produce, I have nothing against facial surgery at all – in fact, I applaud it!

  4. I wish the lovely ladies that have such beautiful hair would let it be natural, but I guess since so many have much that isn’t natural, it follows the hair would also not be natural.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not a South Korean girl cause seeing women like this would make me feel so underwhelming.

  6. Again, uncomfortable territory for me. Is it laudable for asian women to have plastic surgery to “lessen” their asian features, such as eyes, nose, etc.? At what point does that cross the line? If we say women with extensive PS are gorgeous and beautiful, does that mean PS is the standard of beauty?

  7. Yeah Strout, its a fine line and a slippery slope.

    While almost every commenter on this site would agree non-functional dental procedures (straightening, braces, veneers, etc) are perfectly acceptable, PS is less cut and dry.

    I applaud all efforts to achieve symmetry (facial, breast-waist-hip ratio, etc).

    I have no problem with minor temporary procedures to turn back the clock or smooth minor imperfections(Botox, Restylane, laser skin resurfacing, etc).

    I am even more than all right with the occasional significantly- more-than-proportional SoCal boobjob 😉

    But at a certain point, when you have too much plastic surgery on your face (and I’m calling three major procedures as the number), you either:

    1. Morph into a composite of all attractive people, or

    2. Start to resemble Jocyelyn Wildenstein or Lisa Rinna.

    Less is more, sometimes. (But not always).

  8. another card-carrying member of the ‘tall skinny female asian woman with surgically-enhanced ‘western’ features.’ awesome!

    to gain admission into this super exclusive club, you have an option of performing at least two of the following surgical procedures. please bring proof of enhancement, either in the form of a bill from the surgeon’s or your before/after photos! 😉

    1. jaw enhancement
    2. rhinoplasty
    3. eyelid surgery

    once your application has been reviewed, we’ll issue you a six-digit PIN. in this club, we use a random number generator to select possible candidates for modeling and acting work, since you all look the same to us anyway, give or take some colored contacts and orange hair.

  9. oh and, hello nicholiservia. trying to pass under the radar since you’ve been banned several months ago? at least this time around, you’re not claiming to a be some young handsome physics professor.

  10. eep i just re-read what i wrote. my tongue is particularly caustic today. *reaches for baking soda* sorry, lee. i try! i promise!

  11. Hey Christine,

    A teaspoon of sugar (humour) helps the medicine go down, and that comment was very funny indeed! Plus your comments are general (you aren’t directly attacking anyone), so they’re okay. But be sure to keep that baking soda handy. 🙂

    I noticed the nicholiservia handle too – after three years (wow!), I’ll let it pass if he behaves himself.

  12. I agree TheCollector. And that was funny Christine, spot on.

    I agree, minor procedures to turn back the clock or those sort of things, that’s understandable.

    But when you have PS to basically change your race and heritage to ‘conform’ to ‘western’ standards of beauty, it makes me very uncomfortable.

  13. Christine and TheCollector should write more…funny and on target…”card carrying member” and the “Japanese robot” references had me laughing….until I actually saw the picture of the Japanese robot- then I got scared because this is actually how Cyberdyne systems could build self-aware Terminators and take over the world. They won’t look like Arnold, they will look like her.

    I think this model here is pretty, but pretty like a Ferrari…

    I like to drive a Ferrari once every few years (my cousin in San Diego owns one) but I sure as heck do NOT want to own one. You will re-think the phrase “high- maintenance” if you own one. Yeah, it is pretty, but not for me.

  14. Christine: Well said, and I wouldn’t usually comment because she’s not my type, but your post summed things up perfectly. Why can’t they leave their hair alone at least? 😉

  15. I have trouble believing that all these pictures are the same woman… could have fooled me into thinking two were her distant cousins at least. But some people have looks that change a lot under different lighting and expressions, I guess.

    In the light of that changing appearance I agree the Maxim cover was VERY hot. I just wonder how much is her and how much is art director.

    In regards to PS, I am not a purist. I think a little work here and there to take a face that was 85% perfect and make it 99% is not a crime. Except, of course, perfect in whose eyes? I have played around with changing the noses on pictures of my Asian women friends in Photoshop and in the end, I find that their natural low-bridge nose simply *works* with the rest of their exotic and tucked-down facial curves (usually). I’m not sure either way seems visually right or wrong but in the end, if it was my wife, I’d have her keep her birth nose!

    Um actually, it is my wife in one case, and I like her nose right there on her face where it belongs 🙂

  16. myrke lets start a fetish club. 🙂
    Well not really a fetish, just a preference.

    Niners she’s worth discussing allrite! Tell us what you like most about her.

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