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Because we here at Asian Sirens are awesome at all things, we were contacted by Imagine Models and asked to feature some of their models for you to imagine yourself with. Today I am featuring Emmie Doll. Enjoy.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Hmong
Located: Sacramento, CA











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  1. she is amazing but her chest seems to be on the high side? the pic of the curves of her rear do me in.nice stomach

  2. After all the discussion of whether Saki Kozakura has a boob job or not, we now have the other end of the scale from America. This is the kind of boob job I really dislike: small, but blatantly fake. I don’t mind fake if they’re big (in fact I often like it), but when they’re small and fake, they’re neither one nor the other. If you’re going to get small implants, I really feel you should try to make them look natural, or it completely misses the point of keeping them small. Or if you want ’em fake, go all the way and make ’em big!

  3. Eh, I agree to a point, but I am also not fond of enormous breasts like you and some of our users, so I can’t completely agree. C-ish is really my favorite size.

  4. She has the potential to be cure, but she is terribly unerexposed in these pictures.

    I get the feeling she didn’t even want to do the photo shoot.

  5. She is kind of pretty.

    Her implants are a turn-off. If they were larger, they would be even more aesthetically unappealing.

  6. Is it really the surgeons who do a bad job? Shouldn’t we blame the “victim” here?

    Didn’t she question the doctor and ask to see before/after pics? Didn’t she shop around for the best implant doctor? Didn’t she research her options?

    How does this happen?!?!

  7. Cute, but I agree w/ Knarf. Implants are another turn-off to me (along w/ tattoos).

    Natural is the way to go.

  8. She cute enough.Too physically small for my tastes however.(Is it too late for a round of HGH therapy?)This has to be her first set of implants.As such…they will serve the purpose of stretching her skin. The second set she gets will look on-point.

  9. “Is it really the surgeons who do a bad job? Shouldn’t we blame the “victim” here?”

    French, how many “good” breast implant jobs did you see among those women hanging out at the Playboy mansion? Any? (Again, Japan is a different matter. “Why?” is a very interesting question. Different cultures, different aesthetic standards.)

    I am no expert on how this works (those who are will no doubt correct me), but I suspect most of these young women are told by some club owners and/or two-bit photographers, “You need a boob job, honey. It will get you more work and more money.” And someone suggests some doctor, and they do it. And so many guys react positively no matter how bad the job (you need go no further than this web site for evidence). They can get away with virtually anything on their chest, as long as it sticks out. Good enough works. There is no demand for “quality” from the “consuming” male audience.

    I do wonder what these women think of themselves, how they think they look. Could they possibly be as aesthetically challenged as the average male?

    In that light, christine may well be the most important participant on this site. Not only because she is smart, knowledgeable, and insightful. She also adds an oh-so-needed female perspective.

  10. knarf- well said. I did not see many “good” boob jobs (at least, to what I would define as good) at the Playboy mansion. Then again, this site is opening up and making me question my mind as to if they even had a boob job. Not this model, but others.

    I am curious as to what a boob job costs and what are the cost variables?

    I agree with your assertion that if there is no demand for quality, then there will be very little quality.

    How did Japan evolve into “quality”, and SoCal evolve into “size”? This is a generalization, of course, but it makes me wonder…

  11. Since there is a heavy use of photoshop on her face, I wish she had done some work on her eye brows, they look weird. She has good base material to work on though!

  12. “How did Japan evolve into “quality”, and SoCal evolve into “size”? This is a generalization, of course, but it makes me wonder…”

    Of course why differences exist is a complicated question. But I think the cultural context within which the breast implants have come to exist is key.

    Japanese culture and the aesthetics of beauty within that culture are very different from what exists in the US. For example, the Japanese have notions, going back millenia, such as wabi-sabi, yugen, and iki that are quite distinctive. Or take the Japanese tea ceremony. The detailed attention given to form and beauty of presentation is, to my American sensibilities, mind-boggling. Or just take simple everyday things, like how packages are wrapped or letters are written and presented. Often a simple letter or package is treated as a little work of art.


    So much of American beauty aesthetics, on the other hand, comes from the kitsch culture (shallow, gaudy, cheesy, etc.) that flows from Hollywood and Las Vegas.

    This is certainly not to say that Japan is an aesthetic Shangri-la. There are bad breast jobs there, too. There is a lot of trivial, superficial junk in the culture there, too. And bad taste and worse–rape as a theme in videos, etc.

    But overall, I think the differences we see in the implants flows from aesthetic perceptions that exist and dominate there, but not in the US.

  13. She’s certainly cute. I like to see more variety here, including Hmong women.

    But y’allz know how I feel about enhancements here. I haven’t seen one good one from Playboy either.

  14. This is a very pretty girl. Nice eyes, full lips, in shape, almost athletic. What’s there not to like?

    Oh wait, some boob job which isn’t quite perfect. Come on guys, don’t be that picky, she is a pretty girl anyday. The boob job can be better evaluated if we get some nude pics.

  15. In my opinion, some of the comments here are a little harsh for this girl, possibly because her work was submitted to us rather than us just choosing a girl to feature. She’s a pretty girl with a nice body with or without the implants. Our critiques would carry a bit more weight with some nudity though 🙂

  16. Not really submitted. I chose the girls I wanted from Imagine Models. Many of the others have already been featured because they are on other websites.

  17. knarf is basically right. The bottom line here is, the Japanese are very quality oriented people, and they are willing to pay for it. Americans on the other hand are simply more geared toward price – quantity over quality, as it were. You can see this in their porn habits as well: Americans go for mega sites with thousands of photos and lots of different girls, even if only a tiny fraction of them are decent, while Japanese can still spend quite a bit of money on photo albums etc. of particular models.

  18. Hey, just look at what they did to the car industry in the USA (sorry Wingsfan)…Japanese engines run forever…

    danzlover: I like how your solution is “get some nude pics”…true that!

  19. Assuming she is of legal age, I think I’ll get one and keep her in the glove compartment.

  20. I’m lovin her of course. Especially the school girl outfit showin off her freshly baked buns of goodness…Zoiks!

  21. Toyota engines especially run forever (at least until you put the car in neutral):-O

    Emmie has a great ass and I wish that she had been featured among the Hmong (say that fast) in the movie “Gran Torino.”

  22. Gorgeous.
    I would love to see her smile more though. Many Asian women have awesome smiles that light up their face, especially with high cheekbones. I think Emmie would look even more stunning with some natural smiles.

  23. She’s cute, defo. You seldom see Hmong girls in “print”, it’s nice to see one here. I agree the boob job was poor, I dislike it when they look like grapefruit halves velcro’d onto the chest. I doubt she “needed” them to be cute enough. But overall she has such nice curves and a perky appearance that it seems like she would be fun to be with as well as admire.

  24. @ Doc: Picking up from the previous comment in the last thread, more info on my friend’s reconstructive implant surgery in Hiroshima:

    Her doctor used cohesive silicone: http://www.cohesiveimplants.com/

    It was the only type he uses and she chose him partially for that reason, as she had already decided it was what she wanted. When her right breast was removed she had a vertical scar and no nipple or areola. He used a 300cc implant and the implant is under the chest muscle and not over. He removed part of her muscle to hold the implant in place. To balance it with her natural breast, he removed some of the fat from her armpit area and also a little from right below her breast, then used fat from there and her tummy to fill in under the skin to match her existing breast size and shape.

    To reconstruct the nipple, he used silicone wrapped with her skin that he had taken from her tummy. She had a C section when her second child was born so she had a vertical scar from her navel to her pubic area, and this procedure gave her doctor the skin and fat he needed and also drastically lessened her scar. Then her doctor tattooed her nipple and “areola” to match her other breast in coloration.

    She also mentioned what she called a “capsule” which is where the body reacts to having something artificial inside and forms protection. She said that was taken into consideration when sizing the implant. She also said that in Japan, the average cosmetic breast augmentation is a 30cc implant.

    She had chemo but not radiation and said that with radiation it’s common to have disfigured skin and color change, so harder to make the implant look exactly like the natural breast. She also said the majority of women who have a mastectomy there do not get implants. She is very satisfied with the results of her procedure.

    That just about covers it. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to ask her. For the rest of you, sorry to get off topic.

  25. Yep, they are what we call silicone gel implants here in Australia. A huge advantage of this type of implant is that they can feel almost completely natural (enough to fool anyone but an expert). The “capsule” is actually the scar tissue that forms around the implant – hardening and contraction of this scar tissue is the number one complication from breast surgery, and can be very painful.

    Anyway, thanks for all the info – 30cc is very small!

  26. What kind of model is she? Just playing her bra in front of camera? Or just want to sell some bra? hahahahaha.

  27. Hakka nice info. That shows how plastic surgeons are almost artists these days. That’s some impressive creativity with the body to reconstruct that breast.

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