I’ll Have a Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, and Xin Xin

Nude Asian

China’s Web Portal Tom.com is, as W.C. Fields might have said, a “veritable cornucopia” of treasures. One of them is lovely Xin Xin She is one of dozens of amazing Chinese models that are slowly cyber-immigrating West thanks to Flikr and other image storage services.

Without knowing any Chinese you can search for images on Google.cn by a simple cut and paste of characters. I am sure many of you already manage this just fine:Just highlight the Chinese name and then go to Google.cn and paste it in the search box. You can use a regular Google search, but you will get much better results using the .cn version.

That’s my kind of treasure hunt!

Sex on the beach



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0 thoughts on “I’ll Have a Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, and Xin Xin”

  1. Whoah, she’s the girl in that sexy top! It’s really great to have our own man in China – AS has been missing out on a whole new world of goodness. 😉

  2. Hey Santini…

    I’m saving up some cash right now. Although I’m not sure when I’ll be going or where I’ll end up in China. I’ve got a friend living outside of Shanghai & I’ve heard good things about Hong Kong.

    I’m learning Mandarin right now, but I guess that won’t do me much good in Hong Kong…

    Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog. It’s mostly therapeutic for me, but I’ve picked up a handful of regulars who seem to find it worth visiting. I’ve bookmarked yours and I can tell it will be helpful & entertaining! Peace!

  3. I have to say, all the surgery she’s had does make her face look a little strange in some of these shots, especially the ones where she isn’t wearing so much makeup. But her body’s still really great though!

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