Asian Soccerbabes!


On I found this great series by Steven Young (although I am not sure Steven actually is the photographer, he may just be placing ad-campaigns!), a team of gorgeous Asian women playing soccer. And the photography/artwork is just stunning! I hope the photographer doesn’t mind me placing (almost) the whole set in More, because Flickr seems to be offline a lot lately (‘having a massage’ as they prefer to call it ;-)) and I wouldn’t want you to miss this! I should recommend of course that you visit Steven Young’s flickr pages and enjoy all of the great photo’s. There is a lot more there!

Ohw, can anyone stranslate the Chinese (or Japanese?) text on the photo’s? Maybe it will shed some light on this photoshoot.

UPDATE: These photo’s bacame very hot in just a few days! Numerous blogs mentioned them but according to Santini it all started here on this Chinese Esquire blog.image















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  1. Wow, that is just totally awesome – this is some of the most impressive photography I’ve ever seen! Imagine how great it would be if they were nude. 😉

  2. The Chinese on the picture means “Mr. Fashion” and the rest of the words on Flikr roughly mean: “The Wild Animal Soccer of Mr. Fashion” (or “…The Fashion Gentleman”)….

    I found these photos on a Nanjing blog watermarked by a “Leesum” (Means bereavement):

    I am surely NOT breaved. These are spectacular….

  3. I presume you’ve all seen the shoot the Brazilian national women’s team did for playboy???

    now *that* was something else!!!

  4. Sure! Call me 谷歌 教练! Guge Jiao Lian (Google’s new name in Chinese: “Valley Song” and “Master”)….

    No, just a sorry excuse for a translator :)…

  5. Perhaps we do. 😉

    Looking at these again, I don’t think it’s really spectacular photography any more – I think it’s actually almost entirely spectacular Photoshop work. That doesn’t make it any less amazing though – what a great job!

  6. Dr. Lee – I totally agree – Photoshop all the way – but still amazing.

    This brand of soccer would do well in the US. The World Cup, with it’s long lapses with no scoring and all the flopping (faking major injuries) will never be popular here.

  7. With players who look like this, a 0-0 tie would be an exciting game! American men might actually start watching soccer!

  8. Jesus, I think I’m going to have to move to China. Apparently the better economy is leading to better health and food and better bodies!!!

  9. I don’t like watching soccer but if it looked like this I think I could manage a game or two. I think we would all be willing to submit to the mouth-to-mouth from the medic in the last frame.

  10. Check out the hits on this thread – wow!

    We were intending to go to China in the not too distant future to promote Sachiko’s products (when they’re done) – maybe I’ll stay a while. 😉

  11. Before you get all excited, note that only two of the models are Chinese. You may do better in Korea.

  12. I just happened to be at the same hotel in Macau where the Women’s World Volley Ball championship teams were staying; when I came out of trance I was flanked by the Chinese team who was, overall, about the second tallest I saw in three days. I think Brazil was the leggiest.

    I live in Canton where the average height is about 5’3″, so it was a real stunner–in lots of ways (sadly, no pics):

    Wow, what is the hits record for a post? This surely will be Everest of articles!

  13. It still isn’t anywhere near our posts about Tiara (which were flooded with Indonesians when her story was on TV over there), but I think this may be a record for only one day – if it sustains these sorts of hits it may become our number one post I think!

  14. Hahahaha!!! What is that? That’s not an orgy, it’s like…. synchronized swimming!

    Wouldn’t it be fun to be the caller for those photos?

    Oh, it delights me so… they have blurred the peepee!

    I understand…showing synchronized sex is one thing, but a penis! Sweet jesus save us all from genatalia!

    🙂 Oh Japan…

  15. they blurred the peepee ’cause they are meaningless…due to their typical size..LOL, but the most important thing is ..Japanese are horny !

  16. Dr. Lee, while there are many Nothern Chinese women who have Korean features (through interbreeding and such), the Chinese themselves have always preferred the Southern Chinese look, which is really a different ethnicity from the Nothern Chinese. There is recently a lot of interest in China in Korean looks, and Korean models are used in everything where speaking isn’t important. Except for two of the models here, the rest are Korean and have been used in other shoots (I can’t find scans online though, sorry).

  17. Thanks for the info Aimee! I was aware of the current popularity of Korean models (and performers) in China, but I wasn’t aware they were actually using them.

  18. Aimee,

    I have to differ: The Southern Chinese, who are a bit darker in complexion and shorter than Northerners, actually have an inferiority complex when it comes to Northern women.

    There is a VERY old saying in China that goes something like: If you want beautiful scenery you go to Hangzhou, when you are ready to dieyou go to Liuzhou, for food, in this life, you travel South to Guangzhou, and for beautiful women you go to Suzhou which is near Shanghai.

    Robin: I FINALLY found the China Esquire site, hosted by, which started this whole viral soccer babe thing:

  19. dude, i have been looking for these when i was in vietnam during the world cup..thanks dude…i am saving these:)) this site….doc just better not call it Orienal Sirens :))

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