I-Ling Revisit


I-Ling has been featured here before, but I was a big fan back then, so I was pleased when I saw she also now had a portfolio available that will hopefully be updated soon with more recent work.





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0 thoughts on “I-Ling Revisit”

  1. yes yes yes! this girl gets better with time…
    a little more time and i’ll have my chance, you’ll see…

  2. I like her even better now than I did before (and I liked her a LOT before).

    I also have to rethink my assumption she might be a big chunky in the torso. We finally get some better looks at her and it seems she isn’t chunky at all.

  3. The 1st set were amateur pictures. Looks 1000% better in these. She’s a keeper. And thankfully no tats for a change.

  4. This young lady is the cats meow! Definitely “Hello Kitty” there! Such a great face, body soooooo smooth, and a smile that dazzles! Love the stomach area shots, such a nice body to cherish!

  5. I just read her bio from the first showing, I am impressed, a degree in Electrical Engineering and hot to boot! She has got a lot going for her, brains and beauty!

  6. 4th pic down is just a classic shot.
    Understated sensuality oozes from that pose.
    Apologise if it’s a cruel thing to say, but maybe it’s the lack of teeth showing; they grate on me a little.

  7. I wouldn’t mind if she grated those teeth on me…..

    I’ve always had this unexplainable loathing for Hello Kitty. Every time i see a hello kitty product I just wanna rip it to pieces.

    The t-shirt is no exception, however now there’s even more incentive…..

    The first photo is my favourite. Am a disgusting perverted old man however to imagine that it’s not actually water dripping down her face?

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