Gerra Bella


Not that Iā€™m trying to spam Asian-Sirens with articles on tattooed beauties, but Gerra Bella was too sexy for me not to write an article for. I found out about her shortly after discovering Levy Tran, and have been in love with her since then. Make sure that you check out Gerra’s blog for a lot more photos of her.Stats:
Age: 26
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 115 lbs
Measurements: 34-25-36
Ethnicity: Chinese/Filipino-American
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA













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0 thoughts on “Gerra Bella”

  1. Much better with the Tattoo’s this time (except for top of left arm… c’mon… what were you thinking). Yes she is beautiful.

  2. Ooooh!…Gerra Gerra Gerra. You sexy sexy woman you! She has that classic vibe about her. The blue hair is hot too.

  3. Beautiful face and body! For me personally the tattoo’s are a major distraction from her beauty! Some photo’s are of questionable quality based on bad lighting. Remarkable woman excluding the tats!

  4. Gorgeous girl!
    Exceptionally classy tats for a change.
    Go to her archives on her blog for some tasty pics. And follow some of the links from people who ‘like’ her and have chosen to reblog her pics.
    Love the 4th pic down. Sexy!

  5. This chick is dope. Don’t let other people’s prejudices ruin this for me! I’m way into tattoos and colored hair! Hot!!!

  6. Very sexy! Been a long time since i liked every photo posted…gonna check out more for sure..thx candyman

  7. She is sexy…love her pin up girl look…

    Nothing wrong with tattoo beauties šŸ™‚ esp the hot ones šŸ™‚

  8. Guess I’ll be the voice of dissent. She’s just OK for me.

    We’ve had so many heavily tatted girls lately that I feel like I’m logging into the Suicide Girls website.

  9. mookijijpa, that comment says far more about you than Gerra Bella, I think. :#)

    As to Gerra, she is obviously quite pretty and has a terrific body. To me, the tats are a bit excessive. I don’t think they add to her beauty and may detract, just a bit, from it for some. (I have to agree with Basho about the tat on the upper left arm.) But in a crowded field of this type of model, the tats probably help her in a particular niche.

  10. I’m not crazy about the tattoo’s (too many), but I LOVE the purple hair. Reminds me of Psylocke from the X-Men comics.

  11. I like her, I like her tattoos and that pic of her on the table…. Wow… In other words, what’s not to like!

  12. Luv everything below the neck .. fantastic body with curves!!!

    Kinda Korean looking face .

  13. …as far as girls with tatts go…I ave to say levy tran wins it for me…that smile is unforgettable …

  14. As you probably know, I’m not a fan of tattoos, but I prefer the colorful ones such as Gerra’s.

    Would I hit it? Yes.

    Would she ask me to leave immediately afterwards? Yes:-(

    I’ll be on the lookout for this pretty lady in Vegas.

  15. Another stereotypical Asian model/bartender/gogo dancer chick from the west coast that went over board with the tattoos. My oppinion models should not have tattoos, but that just me. To each there own.

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