Gayle Angeli


Gayle is the second hot Filipina that I just found out about and wanted to write an article on. I have two weaknesses in this world. The first being petite Asian women. I’m sure you could guess what the second weakness is. I’ll also try and not say the same thing twice like in the previous post, so hit the link for more hotness.Stats:

Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 104 lbs.
Measurements: 34-24-33
Shoe size: 7
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethinicity: Filipina













Gayle @ IGN
Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3

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0 thoughts on “Gayle Angeli”

  1. A very cute face, and a very nicley proportioned, petite little body (and seemingly all-natural too). This is my kind of Filipina!

  2. Her clothed pics are really hot!!! She just doesn’t look like a grown woman. It’s a taboo and a turn off for me.

  3. She is awesome. I saw her a while ago but sadly I am to lazy to figure out how to submit her. Thanks Candyman. She is a winner.

  4. Love the hot Filipinas. I thought this was Luana Lani under a different name from the first pic but she’s definitely got her own look.

  5. I had always assumed she had been featured here before. I think she looks great and I’ve always liked her look.

  6. It’s good to be here with so many filipina lovers. At last the filipinas are having some deserved spotlight! 🙂

    I’d wish she had a darker brown skin, but she’s very hot as a slim chick. I’d say she has good slim genes. Petite, sexy, lovely.

  7. The first pic does not do her justice. When I clicked for more I was surprised to find such a hottie. Very cute. Wonderful little body. Yeah!

  8. this is what im talking about, way more attractive than those other filipina “models” featured on FHM Philippines. Keep em coming Candyman, thanks.

  9. A great find, beautifully proportioned and a natural sexiness. And she can work the dishwasher with her toes! 😉

  10. “MONEY!!!”

    Well, THIS puts things in a bit different perspective.

    SMOOOTH…and yes very cute. Love the naturalness…

  11. WOW!!! She reminds me of this Filipina girl named Rhoda I dated when I was living in Dubai. Very similar body and facial features. Hot, hot, hot!!!

  12. Fabulous girl. Nice, preety. She has a great teasing lips but her body is shape less.
    In the bottom line, I like her.

  13. Gayle has tits. I love small Asian boobs. They go well with her frame plus she shows them. What I don’t like are small fake boobs since what’s the point or chicks who have small boobs and no figure, so they basically look like a walking oil drum. That’s not hot.

  14. LOL no Dr. I read them all, and yes, I have seen a few where you actually approve of the model, but in those cases you usually have issues with the photographer, or the camera equipment, or the wardrobe, or the lighting, or…….
    It’s a very rare post where you give nothing but complete approval. Refreshing to not have to be picky all the time isn’t it?

  15. I’m going through some small-boobs-burnout right now but this girl is the first step to curing that! Lovely face, smokin body and she looks as good with clothes as she does without! I would love to see more pics (and any vids) of her!

  16. I think the surprising thing is that the Doc:

    a) likes a Pinay
    b) likes a small boobed lady

    Another surprising thing is no comments from arf.

    As for me, Gayle is one of my new favorites — I find her both gorgeous and cute with very nice proportions.

    Can’t believe we’re pretty much unanimous here!

  17. Maybe Arf already gone to Phillipine but doesn’t want all of us know about where he is now.

  18. I’m pretty sure the Doc is into petite women like myself but not so much Filipinas. But I had a feeling that he would like this one. How could you not? When I first saw her, I was like wow, I need to write about her. And I agree that she is hot and cute at the same.

    And I am not getting the small boob burnout. Most Asians have small boobs if I am not mistaken. I love a small, perky breast.

  19. I certainly prefer large breasts, but small is okay if the girl is petite enough – and Gayle certainly is! Plus she’s very cute and pretty, and has a healthy, natural look. And her photos are quite good too.

  20. Small boob burnout–aside from obvious reasons like seeing too many of them–is also contributed to by my soon-to-be-ex (Japanese) wife having small boobs. Largely rebelling against anything causing me the unhappiness she does–not enough to switch teams though. 😛

    Still, I know many Asian women tend naturally to a B cup or less, but there are plenty out there too that are naturally (and unnaturally) larger–I like those better.

    Gayle however, is someone I could go for regardless of breast size. She’s the whole package! She is cute, sexy, and overall has a smokin, near-perfect body!

  21. Halloweendm what won’t kill you, will only make you stronger, man. You just need some cute, sexy, and preferably big breasted asian showing you some new love. Hit the gas. 🙂

  22. Should have no problem finding them her in Vegas, man. Just have to be careful of the attitude, you know?

  23. Maybe Arf’s wife caught him checking out Asian-Sirens! In which case, get well soon, man!!

  24. Holy Moly!…this girl is absolutely spectacular. I’ve really been missing out on a lot of beautiful women the past two months. It’s them sexy filipina eyes that grab you and draw you in.

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