Francine Dee an update!

Francine Dee

The first well known pictures of Francine Dee (aka Djhoanna Dee, Holly, Chase, Joy), were taken about 10 years ago – possibly still in highschool. She made the cover of Oriental Dolls and quickly became the buzz in the school halls. At that time, Francine already had her breasts enhanced and was sporting blonde hair. Now 10 years later at the age of almost 28, Francine has long, soft, black-brown hair and is on her 6th enhancement (?). Still an incredible body, a beautiful face, and a very nice gal – you couldn’t ask for a better combination.Francine Dee (Filipina/Chinese) was born 21 July 1978 in Hong Kong. She was and is an only child. Her astrological birth sign is Cancer; her Chinese sign is the Year of the Horse; and her birthstone is Ruby.

At a few months old, her family moved to the Philippines. Her and her parents moved to the U.S. in 1983, and lived in the Orange County area. When she was approx. 10 years they moved to the mid-Wilshier district. Her parents divorced soon after this move. Francine attended catholic school her whole life. Highschool was an all girls Catholic school.

Her first modeling job turned up in Oriental Dolls. At that time she just turned 18 years old. These are the infamous blonde pics. Francine was quite surprised to see herself on the cover. This proved to be a litte overwhelming. She took a break from modeling for a year.

About one year later she did a photoshoot for a calendar featuring black women. Francine can’t even explain how she got in this one. Feeling more comfortable with this type of work, Francine continued doing more calendar work, then started doing posters, and studio shoots. Around this time period she started her business major.

At the age of 20 the nude work seemed to be coming a little more comfortable with Francine. She went under contract with Dave G. from Hollywood Asians and sponsored her fan site at Vivid Dreams. She even made 2 nude live video appearances on Hollywood Asians.

She started doing the import car show scene mid 1998. The first known appearance by the site editor of Visual Cafe (not online anymore) is the Import Nationals in August 1998.

Around that time she was majoring in business and has transfered to USC in June 1999. At the age of 21 she decided to tone back the nude modeling but fortunately for her fans she came back a few years later and opened her website at

In 2004, Francine made an appearance on Blind Date, an American reality television dating series. In addition, she has made an appearance as a stripper in the movie Soul Plane.

She is single, after he recent break up with Hip-Hop Honeys CEO, Jonathan Shecter, and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lives with her two dogs Samantha and Chayse.

I’m sure you will find tons of images of Francine Dee when you do a simple search in Google. For the lazy guys, you can find some nice shots of Francine here, here and obviously at her official site

If you have a good link on Francine, please don’t hesitate to post it here in the comments. Thx!

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  1. I’ve always liked Francine and yes she is a nice girl. At least, she was the last time when I met her back in 2001 πŸ˜‰

  2. Guys, being visiting your site for a while now and I really enjoy it. Love the Asian women and their pics! Just curious, don’t you guys worry about copyright? Do you guys need the models / photographers permission first before you post their pic here?

  3. John, we only post some samples with proper links. If they complain about copyrights than we will remove the images (and the links).


  5. I’ll 2nd Dr Lee on his questioning of her being a nice girl. Don’t know if you (Marco) just heard about her appearance on Blind Date or were blinded by her hotness – she came across as an arrogant jerk.

    She is an amazing visual specimen, ignoring the wayward nipples. There must be something with her internal anatomy that forces the doctors to position the implants in such a way that the nipples aren’t centered – no way she’s picked 6 bad doctors in a row. Maybe she’s just trying to put too much ‘stuff’ in a small area?

  6. Okay guys, here’s the answer to the hottest question on the Asian import scene: why the hell are Francine’s nipples so ridiculously high? Well the Doc shall tell you.

    It is a reflection of three things: (1) she had almost nothing to start out with, (2) the type of implant used and (3) the insertion used. I believe her implants have been inserted below the muscle. This means they push up her entire breast from underneath. Given that she had pretty much nothing to start out with, this has resulted in her nipples sitting on top of her implants. And as she has very wide, low profile implants (this is why they cover her entire chest), she’s ended up with big tits with ridiculously high nipples. I must say, it’s a bit of a turn off for me.

    Raegarding Marco’s comment, all I can say is things must have changed a lot between 2001 and now. πŸ˜‰ And Stripes, for the last time, PLEASE RELEASE YOUR CAPS LOCK KEY!

  7. One more thing: the submuscular insertion is why her breasts have a relatively ‘soft’ upper edge for such large implants. If they were above the muscle the nipples could be lower, but they would also look even more ‘plastic’ than they do now. When a woman chooses the type of surgery she wants, she has to balance out all of these factors.

  8. Yep, my comments are based on my experience with her back in 2001. I’ve never met her again after that time so it’s possible that her attitude has been changed over the years.

    Who have met her more recently? And, is she indeed the arrogant jerk as mentioned by Westcoast?

  9. Francine certainly has a very bad reputation, from what I’ve heard. And I find it hard to believe a genuinely ‘nice’ girl would list ‘books’ as one of her turn-offs. At least, the fact that she does is a big turn-off for me!

  10. I’m sure that there is a truth in what people say about her but I think it’s too easy to judge someone when you actually never met her.

  11. Yep, she was one of the models at the Asian Sirens Expo that we organised back in 2000 and 2001.

    I even have some photo’s together with her πŸ˜‰

  12. How ‘close and personal’ did you get? I mean, you’d expect a model to be nice to the organiser of the expo she’s appearing at, right?

  13. True, that’s why I mentioned that there must be a truth in what other people say about her and why I asked if someone who met her recently can say something about that.

  14. Marco, I know what you mean (but Dr. Lee is right – the ladies are smart enough to be nice to the show organizers) – and other short encounters could be the same. But you’d know what I mean if you saw the Blind Date show. She treated the guy like dirt and just used the airtime to promote her website. I was raised to treat others as I’d like them to treat me – she didn’t do it on that show. Even if there was no attraction with the guy – and there rarely is on that show – it’s gimmick is the contentiousness – she should have still been nice. I also believe in karma.

  15. It’s been a couple of years, but when I saw her at car shows she always seemed very nice, even after hours of signing and being pawed by guys with cameras.

    Also, Reality TV shows like to twist reality and often prompt or write material to make a show more interesting. I would imagine they had some sort of a script to make it more interesting and for her to be able to promote her website.

  16. Yeah, although I’ve never seen Blind Date (it’s never screened in Australia), I can imagine it would be the type of show that would make this sort of thing up for ‘entertainment value’. On the other hand, I have herad bad things about Francine elsewhere, and the particular trajectory of her life as well as her likes and dislikes do not give me the impression of a ‘nice girl’.

  17. Does anyone have some non-rapidshare links?

    (I can download from anywhere, except rapidshare)

  18. It’s because my ISP is running on a proxy-server, which is used by other people as well. Rapidshare always claims that I have already downloaded past my hourly quota, although I haven’t downloaded anything.

    Instead of Rapidshare fixing this issue, they prefer to see users on proxy-servers as people who will just give up and give into buying the Premium account to avoid the hassle…arseholes! >:(

  19. If someone who can download from rapidshare could, say, re-upload them to another hosting site (i.e-megaupload, sexuploader, yousendit, etc) I’d be grateful πŸ™‚

  20. I’ve done three shoots with Francine from 2000 to 2005. My first shoot with a nude model was with Francine Dee in 2000, exactly 6 years ago. She was very sweet, telling me between photo sets her favorite things to do like interior decorating and shopping at Home Depot. I’ve been to her place twice that she used to live at and she did an amazing job at painting. She is very girly when it comes to her Barbie Doll collection. A room with over 3,000 of them in their original boxes.
    Here is a link to images of Francine for her appearance at a event which i believe was the first time she appeared topless for everyone to photograph. She did a girl-on-girl-on girl dance and 30 minutes later enter a bikini contest where she won first prize of $250

    As for the quote of attending catholic school her whole life. She and i both went to Herbert Hoover High school in Glendale California, different years, and it was just a regular school.

  21. i’ve been a big fan of francine dee for a couple of years now. i want her more and more every time i see her. don’t mind the nipple placement at all. looks just to me.

  22. I LOVE the way her nipples look and the way they are positioned on her breasts. I wish all “enhanced” models looked like that (although not quite so big).

  23. under my own opinion i like the position of her nipples and the size of her breasts it just looks hot to me πŸ˜‰

  24. i think her nipples position are great and her tits are even better. the nipples makes her sexier in every pix~

    btw does anyone know where to get the full gallery of Oil Me Down and Oil Me Down 2 galleries?

  25. Sorry arf (but good news for Candyman): she actually did switch to smaller implants earlier this year – which, given her popularity, was a big surprise to me. I haven’t seen very clear (i.e. topless) shots yet, but from what I have seen, they do seem to look a little less strange.

    Anybody have good shots of her new boobs they can share?

  26. I was looking at them earlier and I couldn’t see any real different. There’s one pic where she is in a nurse’s halloween costume where they do look smaller but I don’t see it as definitive proof. And it is kind of late in the game to get a reduction only for health reasons which I would assume from having such huge fun bags on such a small frame. I thought she was cool with her first surgery but she just kept going bigger.

  27. I believe all these photos are still with her old boob job – she probably has months worth of photos in the can for use on her site. I will need to see something where it is clearly stated that it is her new boob job, and none of the photos I’ve seen so far that fit this description have been very clear. From what I have seen though, I suspect her nipple placement is more natural now (perhaps this was why she switched?).

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