Asian Sirens in Google


Asian Sirens has many properties that results in a high ranking in Google on keywords such as Asian Sirens (1), Natt Chanapa (5), Asian4you (4), Lena Li (4), Asian Models (4), etc.

Interesting to see is what keywords visitors of Asian Sirens mostly used in Google, how often these keywords are used and how the behaviour is of these visitors when we look to, for example, the number of pages they look per visit. The stats in the table above are based on this week data.

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  1. If people are interested in topics like search engine optimisation and other online marketing strategies for adult sites, please let us know in advance and perhaps we can do a weekly article on this. Perhaps we even can do some experiments to show how it works.

    Or are we only interested in naked babes? πŸ˜‰

  2. Natt Chanapa is also one of the top search terms for my site. People are crazy about her.

    I like number 20, almond tease. Sound like it the name of a drink. Maybe I’ll invent a drink with that name.

  3. It does sound like the name of a drink! I thought she was a relatively obscure model though.

    To answer Marco’s question, I am of course interested in how to drive traffic to adult sites, and how to get the best ranking in Google.

  4. Interesting that Francine Dee isn’t in this list – the web server stats over the course of the month put her at number 3, after asian models in second and asian sirens itself at the top.

    I think the most striking thing about these stats is that asian sirens itself is – by far – the most popular keyword. This shows that the site is very well known on it’s own terms – possibly even more than any other individual model. I also couldn’t help noticing that Sung Hi isn’t here.

  5. Why would people Google Asian Sirens, if they can also just type the url in their browser? Could it be the – (dash) between the words in our url?

  6. Robin, web surfers often use search engines to navigate their way to common Web sites rather than typing the Web site’s URL directly into the address bar. Web users’ top search terms were popular, well-known Web site names, such as β€œebay” and β€œgoogle,” according to Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search from November 2005. Nielsen//NetRatings reports that 43 percent of online searchers use the search box much like an address bar.

    See also:

    And for the Dutch people, check also:

    As for the dash between asian and sirens, that is only an advantage as now we have asian as a seperate word!

  7. Yep, the dash does mean a lot of people don’t know the actual URL. But the main thing is that you’d be astonished how many internet surfers have no idea what a URL is! They don’t know how to type one, so they just search in Google.

  8. One more thing I couldn’t help noticing: the top two model searches are almost always Francine Dee and Lena Li, who also happen to have the biggest, fakiest tits of all Asian models (apart from Minka!). But if you just went by the comments here, you’d think our visitors all hated implants. This shows that the anti-implant brigade is a very vocal minority.

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