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Two weeks ago we featured Focus. Photographer Adam Yurman sent me one more photo which I just could not keep from you!

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  1. you’ve been reading the archives, you should’ve picked up by now that within the past month ass talks have been a frequent topic in the fora. dr. lee and i are strong proponents of the idea that asian girls, in general, are lacking in the posterior areas – whereas others like bubalabobo try to make arguments for a given asian ass based on the curvature of the backside instead of the mass (though i think that, even so, asians are lacking). arf usually contributes a comment that paraphrases “whatever, i just like ass, zoiks/vewy nass/cartoon character impersonation of choice” and daznlover and lawboy mediate, also adding that they like ass.

    if you want to contribute to starting ass discussions, i suggest you do it here

    but if you really want to fit in with the in-crowd, you’d say something about KT So’s ass.

  2. i like butts…but to be more precise…women’s butts. 🙂 i bet all the guys here like a woman’s posterior….why the objection christine? 🙂

  3. Ha Ha, christine… I like your personality sketch of the “usual suspects” here on AS. Let’s hear more of that!
    As per Focus, is that water streaming from her thong… or is she having an “accident?”

  4. the “usual suspects?” wouldnt that put christine, doc, robin and the rest of the contributors to this site in the same catergory….without contributors, what do you have here at AS? i guess we can read your once-in-while comment.
    btw…Focus’s pix beckon a discussion on asses dont you think? not every discussion about asses relates back to Sachiko’s well tuned butt 🙂

  5. I think you misunderstand me LawBoy,
    I was commenting on christine’s insightful and funny remarks about the people who write to AS and I wanted to hear what she had to say about the rest of the gang. Everyone here makes AS worth reading.
    I don’t see how you took “usual suspects” as a put down… it was not!

  6. And to give my two yen on butts, or “Tocheses” as we use to say in New York Town, I’ve seen enough big butts squashed into too small stretch pants to last me a lifetime.
    The sexy thing about the lovely posteriors in Japan is the sway of the hips, in kimonos or in miniskirts and high heels. That’s what makes an ass sexy to me.

  7. HA no, guernica, i can’t be a boob/leg/ass/whatever girl if i’m not attracted TO girls. sorry.

    and as for the rest of you guys…i haven’t read enough comments yet to make fun of you all 😀

  8. Yet more proof that if an Asian girl shows her butt in a photo, a lot of people will say she has a “great butt”, regardless of whether it’s actually anything special or not. That’s what Christine is uppity about, and for some time now has been a source of great bemusement for me. If you need more proof of this hypothesis (or think you can disprove it), please go to the thread Christine mentioned:

  9. p.s.

    kt so ass tally:

    thumbs down: 5 (dr. lee, christine, guernica, bball_jerk, candyman [the last two are from the ass discussion post])
    thumbs up: 1 (bubalabobo)

    bubalabobo has some defending to do if he wants kt so’s ass to win. otherwise, sorry kt so (if you are reading, since i know you have a membership here), but right about now you should be leaving some serious offerings at the shrine for the man (or woman) who first thought of wide-angle photography.

  10. hey doc…i am not sure what do you mean by special or not special concerning so and so butt. if their ass looks nice we say nice, if not we say no :). maybe i am not picking up on christine’s point….what exactly are you saying christine? not all asses look the same…Focus’s ass looks good and she not so bad looking. maybe you can clarify for stupid ole me em christine 🙂

  11. sorry kt so (if you are reading, since i know you have a membership here), but right about now you should be leaving some serious offerings at the shrine for the man (or woman) who first thought of wide-angle photography. LOL! But sadly, as KT has made a career out of showing off her butt, bubalabobo clearly isn’t alone in his opinion – he’s just the only one who has had the balls to express it here! And I think KT only joined a while back to get me to update the pic in a post on her – since then I’ve never heard from her again.

  12. There’s some pissed off people around here. It was just a comment on focus’s buttocks. Are we not allowed to make such comments. What else can we not say around here, besides what’s stated in the disclaimer below. If someone likes focus’s butt, like me, it’s probably because it’s our opinion. We’ve been walkin on eggshells round here lately, I tell ya’

  13. maybe it is a sociological experiment by christine…by injecting a dominate female’s opinion into a boys’ club to see what happen :)) adam would have been so disappointed had we not pointed out the obvious attributes of Focus eh?

    about the pix though, i wonder if it would have been better had adam airbrushed the dripping water from her bikini bottom…just a though..she is super hot… 🙂

  14. It’s pretty obvious the dripping water from her BEAUTIFUL, and I do mean beautiful, buttocks is from the running water hose she is holding over her head. Also I think Mr Spooky is 100% correct on his comment about seeing big buttocks squeezed into stretch pants. That’s why we like the asian sirens of the world. Nice, and sometimes little, perky butts.

  15. Relax arf – Christine’s just expressing her opinion, as are you. IMHO, it is hard for me to see how Focus could be considered to have a great butt when she pretty much doesn’t have any. As I’ve said previoulsy, I suspect any Asian girl who shows off her butt in her photos will be considered to have a “great butt” by many of our readers.

  16. hey doc….you maybe right. a lot of models asian or non asian may not have a great ass butt. (ahem) because of their photographer they end up with a great ass. as a photographer you know that angles and the way a model bend her body can give her the illusion of a great ass. that goes for all models i guess. if you have a woman just stand there flat and not pose, not a lot will have a great butt. imho..i think Focus has a nice butt, toned and tiny :))

  17. I understand Doc, maybe it was the referral to a totally different link about butts, when all the guys were doing was staying on topic and commenting on Focus’s butt. And, that’s what this posting is all about, Focus. Sorry, if it seemed out of line.

  18. Christine, love the pithy summary! Can you provide a daily thread-digest and let me save some time?

  19. arf, i wouldn’t have referred to that link about butts if someone didn’t ask “who has the best asian ass?” so before you say that i’m getting pissed off over focus’ butt (or lack thereof), maybe you should check if all of the comments really were related – they weren’t, ok? obv. if these comments were on focus’ ass i would’ve shut up by now.

    haha and no daily thread-digest unless it can make me a decent living.

  20. hey, some of us like “mass” others prefer structure, she has a bit of both. And what “bit” defines is up to you.
    But nonetheless I think her butt is nice.
    Yeaahh BUTTS!

  21. Irrespective of our individual tastes in asses, I think we can agree that the pic of Focus posted is a great butt-shot.

    I can appreciate a small, but toned butt, and Focus fills that bill, here. She most certainly is not the Ass Queen, though. OTOH, her legs are sensational.

    I commented in the recent Rina Aiuchi post, that I liked her “innocent” look in the links, as opposed to the forced sexuality of the picture posted here. And, in general, i think it’s safe to say, i prefer innocent and classy to slutty and trashy.

    With that said, Focus exudes a big dose of sexuality in her pics and she wears “slutty and trashy” quite well, IMO (Obviously, I do not mean slutty and trashy in a negative or literal sense.) Most women seem awkward and forced when they try to look sultry. Focus seems to be a natural.

  22. Looking naturally “slutty and trashy” is a common attribute for Thai girls, and as such is a common attribute amongst many of Adam’s models (not just Focus). I suspect it is the big reason why they are so popular around here, but is also one reason why I am not so fond of them personally.

    And yummy_dumplings, I’m not seeing any “mass” in this photo, and the structure isn’t anything special, in as much as just about any slim and fit (but not too skinny) Asian girl would match it.

  23. It’s interesting that you should say that about Thai women, Doc. I concur that Thai women as portrayed in the media, seem to have that over-the-top sexuality/sluttyness.

    I have never been to Thailand, nor do i know a large number of Thai women. but, my experience from my time living in San Francisco, it quite the opposite.

    The American Thai women I have met, seem to have little sexuality, IMO. And, compared to the many Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Korean women i know the Thai women were not all that attractive.

    I understand it could be just due to the small sample size. But, i was wondering if there was a big difference between American Thai women and those from Thailand.

  24. Are they white-skinned or dark-skinned Thais? There is a significant difference between the two, both in terns of looks and behaviour.

    As I’ve said before, the dark-skinned (Issarn) Thais are the least attractive “oriental looking” girls for me. But living in a part of the world where we have a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Thais and Koreans (and having had a lot of experience with Vietnamese where I used to live), I can confirm that they are the ‘sluttiest’ of these races overall.

  25. It sounds to me like the two different kinds of Filipino women: the more Asian looking girls and those that look more Hispanic. While i think there are plenty of beautiful Hispanic women, to me the Asian looking Filipino women are just beautiful. not so much for the Hispanic looking girls.

    But, back to the Thai women, I think the women I know are slightly dark, but nothing like the girls in these pictures. Also, instead of being lean, they are a little rounder (especially in the face) and, again, a little more Hispanic looking (although I don’t know that they have any actual Hispanic blood, as the Filipino women do).

    i guess what I’m saying is I don’t know any Nat Chanapas. :#)

  26. Thais don’t have hispanic blood. And yes, the dark skinned asians are usually quite liberal sexually. And that, combined with a natural sensuality, makes me happy. Sexually speaking.

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