Adult Treasure Expo 2007

Adult Treasure Expo 2007

A VERY interesting thumbnail gallery at AsianThumbs: Adult Treasure Expo 2007!

I am not going to copy and paste all the images and clips here, so just click to move on to our friends at AsianThumbs! 🙂

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  1. haha arf!!! i’m not tired of your cartoon impersonations, i just noticed that you did them a lot. they’re endearing because they make your comments stylized – even though we may have disagreements about your taste in girls and whatnot 😀

    i was wondering if one day you’d ever use “narf!” from pinky and the brain lol

  2. I’m thinking narf is a little too similar to another member’s name, before I had joined, named Knarf. Plus, that is the first three letters of my last name, so I kinda like plain ole’ arf. I don’t believe I’ve seen any pinky and the brain, on tv yet over here.

  3. whoa, you’re right, narf is like (knarf + arf)/2

    anyway, i didn’t really take time to extensively look at these thumbnails since girls aren’t really my thing… but

    1. found it interesting that the orange cheerleading outfit said “new york dolls” on it. fairly certain they unintentionally alluded to the band, but still amusing

    2. is it just me or are a lot of these girls, face-wise, not pretty at all? note that having bangs covering half of your face or surrounding your face (framing it) is an extremely flattering haircut. note third from last photo in the last row of the pictures, the three girls in the nurses outfits — girl on the left would probably look far less attractive without the hair. also, not impressed at all with sora aoi (why is she famous?)

  4. Maybe you’re thinking too much, christine. For me it doesn’t really matter what they are wearing or not wearing, as long as I can see some skin…:) Goes for the hair too. And, Sora Aoi is hot over here in Japan and in my household as well, which is also in Japan. She’s just so darned yummy…and hot. Maybe it’s just a guy thing.

  5. (oh, this was when i was trying to click on an image and apparently the link didn’t work – so google didn’t give me this 404, but that would’ve been really funny)

  6. I liked the second air stewardess.

    And Sora Aoi, please, christine, how can you say that?? 🙂
    Actually her erotic galleries didn’t get my attention before, but she is just so hot and sexy and cute in these expo photos. Radiant smile and no traces of big makeup. She just got a new fan.

  7. I certainly don’t think Sora Aoi is ugly, but I also don’t understand what all the fuss is about: there are so many cute models in Japan with nice tits, so why is she so huge when there are so many others at least as remarkable as her? I just don’t get it.

  8. arf, your link isn’t working for me. Anyone else getting the FORBIDDEN message?

    (There is also a 404 Not Found message attached to the forbidden message)

  9. haha bigfoot dean, i was googling sora aoi and i wanted to see one of her photos (which were like, all nude btw, so it was hard to find one that wasn’t pr0n) – i got this 404 error message and i thought i’d share it with you guys since the picture attached to it (if you scroll down) is like a room full of naked asian girls

  10. I understood your post and got your link, Christine. I couldn’t access arf’s original link.

  11. oh, for some odd reason it is difficult to link to these thumbs (which is why i pointed out the girl who i was referring to in my comment) – but he means the last photo in the third to last row

  12. is it just me or are a lot of these girls, face-wise, not pretty at all?

    I’m with you, christine. My first thought was, “All those girls and not a single one does anything for me.”

  13. They are the treasure, I have no doubt to be the pirate.
    Christine, when you will expose your picture in AS?

  14. awww niners that was such a cute comment on pirates and treasure.

    i showed my picture here on a-s before, but i’ve deleted them now. doc knows what i look like (as do lawboy and daznlover)

  15. Hey Bigfoot…I didn’t say you had to work for it. Sorry…that was your own doing. I realize she isn’t all that spectacular or extravagant looking like KT So maybe, just poppin a squat, that’s all…:)

  16. heeeey, if someone wants to call me Christ and then worship me as their Savior, i’m not complaining…

    tithing is totally welcome too. 😀 😀 😀

  17. Don’t get me wrong, arf, I love the squat, too. And, I didn’t mean to dog you. If anything, i was commenting on my own stupidity at not just figuring that out.

    It’s all good.

  18. Dunno, but it always has been one of my favorite poses, especially when pantless. :#)

    It’s “inviting”, I guess and there are clearly pre-sexual overtones. It stirs the imagination and suggests the anticipation of sex, perhaps?

    What the hell to I know?


  19. wow… some one please lock these “treasures” in a chest and throw away the key… really, i dont think anyone of them would be missed much

  20. christine, watching a girl seductively squat can be attractive… but “popping” squats like in these clips and hope others will find it attractive is horrid to watch … but thats just my opinon (i’m a chick), guys will think diff.

  21. I agree yummy-d. Squat “popping” like strippers and pole-dancers do is not all that seductive, IMO. Of course, I don’t really enjoy the whole strip club, pole-dance thing/

    Slowly lowering into a squat, on the other hand…

  22. Hey that’s cool Bigfoot, I was just laughing at the situation, like I inadvertently sent you on a wild goose chase for nothing, that’s all. No worries.

  23. Man, I just caught yummy_dumplings “throw away the key” comment and just about lost it. That was frikin’ funny.

  24. “heeeey, if someone wants to call me Christ and then worship me as their Savior, i’m not complaining…” ha ha…i use to have a GF name christine and i called her christ for short…not Christ…are you having delusional grandeur again ? :)) maybe i should have wrote crist instead :))

  25. what do you mean “are you having delusional grandeur again?” there never was an “again.” i’ve been mega-awesome all of my life.

  26. daznlover…I’m pretty sure girls can just as potty mouthed as guys sometimes. It won’t be long till they show their true colors…like little chameleons…:)

  27. I’m surprised no one’s mentioned the boobs on the girl in the black bikini top yet. 😉

    Regarding the “New York Dolls” reference, I’m quite certain they have no idea about the band, but probably think it’s some kind of cool western slang for sexy American girls or something. This is a very common thing in Japan: they like to pick up on western slogans without having any idea what they mean and use them to make themselves look cool. Ironically, the Dolls actually were a very ‘cool’ band!

  28. I hate when I had to go without my computer. Finally I am back. Dr. Lee, please no boobs talking anymore. There is more than enough. What do you say? But if you want it, no problem. Let’s talk.

  29. Sorry Niners, but we have to talk about boobs. 🙂
    What do you think about the girl on the second row, with the dark top and dark jacket and some big sexy boobs? I love them. 😉

  30. Daznlover, do not worry.
    I like them, and I also understand, they had to show their sexy boobs.
    This all about adult treasure expo, they had to explore their body to public as hot as they could. Otherwise, they would’t get paid.
    But we have to make sure, they have no cellulite on boobs. The camera was too far. The boobs big enough compare with other Asian girls.
    That’s why I love to play pirate who seeks treasures on this age. :)))

  31. Of cours. Why not. In that point we can discuss about boobs as detail as we want.
    Or maybe we can give suggestion for better boobs.

  32. yeah well you’d be one delusional boyfriend, lawboy, thinking you can call your girlfriend things like that! we’re OVER!

    *dishes breaking, cabinet doors slamming*

  33. hey Chris, one good thing about couples fighting….make up sex eh ? :))) typical chinese women…i should know, i live with one 🙂

  34. gay? moi? never! way the f*CK at the other end of the spectrum 🙂 of course for those who choose this life style…there’s nothing wrong with that :))

  35. Christine and I already had a threesome planned several posts ago, but then LawBoy joined in for a foursome. I have to admit I’ve never heard of a ‘fivesome’ – maybe that’s just called an orgy. 😉

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