Fleshbot does an Asian Model Roundup

suzuka ishikawa

Curious who our friends at Fleshbot find the most attractive Asian models? Then head on over there! (thanks to alpettit11 for the tip!)

I am sure you want to comment on who they missed… 😉

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  1. beautiful.
    (looks like she has a lot of hair down there…)

    very nice boobs too..
    is that an extension falling down below her right armpit? I like that. 🙂

  2. You certainly picked the best of the bunch for the lead photo, Mr. Hood. Suzuka Ishikawa is very cute. And, before Doc brings it up. I didn’t make my judgment from this one picture. I went and looked at many pics from a Google image search.

    Tiang Fang looks nice in the pic on Fleshbot, and in some other pics. But, when she smiles…those teeth just ruin it. (Suzuka also has bad teeth, but they aren’t as horrid as Tiang’s.)

    Miho Maeshima looks real nice, in some pics, as well. Maria Ozawa, of course, is a very well known entity.

    The others didn’t interest me enough to go and search out other pics.

  3. The asian models there are more or less for the non-Japanese markets. They all look too slutty.

    I find Japanese AV girls to be way hotter than Tera Patrick, Lana Croft, etc.

    Girls like Takako Kitazawa, Honoka, and girls like Suzuka Ishikawa (pictured above) to be more attractive.

  4. she is very cute but too hairy (thats the japanese problem :))

    japanese girls hotter than tera patrick

    well, i dont think so ….

    japanese av or model are ok in a static photo but in action they loose all the sex appeal.

  5. Nah I like Miho and Maria and Suzuko better than the other girls too. The other bunch wouldn’t even be in my top 500. Lazy picks or bad taste if ya ask me…

  6. I feel the same way as placeboy. Those Japanese chicks are cute, but in a video they lose their sexiness and this is why I prefer American porn over JAV unless it is something off the wall like public bukkake.

    Someone who I really like is Aino Kishi. She’s cute as a button, but when she’s getting penetrated, she loses her sex appeal because she doesn’t look like she’s having a good time. But she looks great in photos though.

  7. They don’t look like they’re having a good time in Japanese porn. The crying whiny sounds they make don’t help either. I think for a lot of guys, it subconsciously falls into the degradation category. We know they are doing it willingly, but we can’t ignore our senses and believe she is enjoying it or even wanting it.

  8. Hoooray for the tasty japanese morsels of goodness featured here tonight!!! That goes for Candyman’s little joyful addition, Aino, too. :p

  9. Porn is cool, but I can’t stand all that crying and whining in JAV which is why I prefer American porn. But the women in JAV are just so much hotter than their American counterparts.

  10. It’s kinda funny to hear that there are some guys who don’t like porn, at least to me it’s funny… haha! Being that I have a sever porn problem and all.

  11. Haha! I’m sorry… I forgot to run a spell check! I have a severe porn problem… haha!

    As for dismemberment… let’s hope it doesn’t go that far… haha!

  12. Wow, Aino looks great in those pics.

    And I love love love porn (did I mention I love it). I just don’t like it when the girl looks like she’s not enjoying it also.

  13. Yep, it’s the same spammer who was hitting us a while back. I have stuff built into Sachiko’s blog to block this crap before they can even post it, but unfortunately this is difficult to do with Asian Sirens’ software.

    As this guy is in Romania and always links to blogspot, I have the choice of blocking all of Romania, or blacklisting “blogspot.com”. I’ve done the former.

  14. I couldn’t imagine life without porn. Especially Asian porn since I don’t see any Asians. If prostitution in the U.S. was legal, then I wouldn’t need it. It’s ridiculous how someone can go into porn and make a sex video but can’t sell their cooch on their own. Ridiculous.

    As for Aino, I didn’t post any nude pics because I wanted you guys to admire her beauty and not her goodies because she is such a cutie. Also you can visit ScanLover for more nude pics, but here’s another sample.

  15. I agree Candyman, it really is ridiculous that prostitution on camera is legal in the US, even glorified (PornStar), but prostitution in itself is illegal.

    As for porn I can really live without it, I’ve always found it fairly disgusting. You seem somewhat like a big scumbag watching dirty shallow porn, when you can just have real thing. I guess you have to appease the homely guys. Porn, what it stands for, it actually just kind of depressing.

  16. GoodTaste – although I am not into porn myself, there are many good reasons why somebody might enjoy it apart from what you mention. You can’t just jump to the conclusion that simply because somebody watches “dirtly shallow porn”, they are a “scumbag” or a “homely guy”, and I’m sure your comments would be offensive to many of our readers.

  17. No, we all watch porn, come on we’re guys, I don’t really like it, still that doesn’t me I don’t view it from time to time, but if you watch it religiously, I just don’t know if that is very healthy.

    You drink too much beer, you might be an alcoholic. You eat too much fast food, you might be a fat ass. You watch too much porn…you might have problems with your sex life? It’s possible.

  18. GoodTaste – Why would someone have problems in their sex life if they watch “too much porn”? Ridiculous.

    Perhaps if you’re watching porn for hours a day… but who has the time to do that?

    As per “dirty, shallow porn” – what exactly constitutes that? Are you talking about hardcore v softcore? Frankly, softcore porn bores me. That said, I wouldn’t call someone who likes either type of porn “disgusting”.

    People who are vehemently against porn need to step back and take a look at their own sexuality and why they have problems with other people enjoying viewing sex.

    It’s a natural biological act – what’s wrong with watching it?

    God bless porn. ^__^

  19. It’s depressing if you do nothing but watch porn all day, but in moderation it’s fine. And for most people it allows them to fantasize about an experience that they will never be able to fulfill.

    If most people could get the real thing, then porn would not be so prevalent. But many people can’t get the real thing, or the real thing that they are getting is probably fat, unsexy and disgusting. Or you could be someone who’s into all kinds of kinky stuff but with someone who just wants to lie there like a fish in the missionary position for some mundane sex. Or for someone like me who sees 0 Asians, porn comes in handy. So it’s not so bad.

    And it’s silly why prostitution is illegal when we have a multibillion dollar adult entertainment industry. Men need pussy. It’s just a fact of life. I just wish that the powers at be would realize that and stop putting this stigma towards sex and repressing sexual expression. I was reading this article on some town who wanted to enact a law that allows them to take a guy’s car if they were engaged in solicitation. Getting some pussy is not so wrong that you need you car taken from you. You could argue that it would be adultery, but I don’t believe that people are meant to be with just one person until death. And adultery shouldn’t be so wrong that you need to be stoned to death for it in some places. It’s just sex.

  20. I absolutely agree on all counts.

    I’m lucky enough to have the real thing handy, but I can still remember a time when I didn’t…

  21. I love to watch porn! It’s a nice way to see women naked without having to spend time with them… haha! Oh (sob) I’m terrible! I have always had a fascination with the female anatomy. Softcore or hardcore; from bondage to double back door… haha, it doesn’t matter much to me. In think that there is a point though when porn can become a sickness.

    I’m sure there are people out there who cannot function without porn. It is an unfortunate thing to think about.

    I enjoy porn a bit too much, to the point where I’m checking out my fave sites 3-4 times a day. Most cases I save “it” for my girl, but sometimes… eeewwwww grooooooosssssss! Haha!

  22. GoodTaste – Not everyone has to love every kind of porn. We *all* have our fetishes and desires. Some love hardcore, some softcore… some love vanilla sex, some love kinky sex… some love gay, some love straight, some love bi, some love ladyboys, some love s&m, blah blah blah.

    The point here is that because you have a “disgust” for many types of pornography (clearly, you enjoy some, or you wouldn’t be on this site, posting in a thread containing nude women) doesn’t give you license to chastise the rest of us.

    I see no issue with someone who wastes a couple hours (or hell, more, who am I to judge?) a day browsing for or enjoying porn. And frankly, I feel that anyone who is against porn needs to re-evaluate why they care so much about what turns on other people and why they have problem with just that.

    As per prostitution, it is *patently* ridiculous that the occupation is illegal. If I want to have consensual sex with another adult for money – why should the govt care? For tax purposes perhaps, but do I need puritanical, illogical laws governing my morality? Hellz no.

  23. sevendeuce, I’m sorry if you got offended with that link I posted. That was just a funny article I read a while ago I thought you guys would enjoy, that felt appropriate with what we are talking about.

    I don’t have a problem with anybody watching porn, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, or even respect it. I got my opinions and if you are aligned with them, cool, if you do not, that’s fine too. That’s just nature. Also I can’t say I encourage someone watching 14+ hours a week watching porn. To me that falls into the category of “Too Much Porn.” But that’s just little ol’ me, people have the right to do what they want.

    Back on the illegal prostitution, it really is bull. Here’s a kicker: ALMOST EVERY MAN HAS PAID FOR SEX!!! When you go to a bar or club and buy women drinks to relax them to lay them at the end of the night, that’s paying of sex. Or when you start dating an annoying broad for the sole purpose of getting into her pants, that’s paying of sex. Buying your girlfriend gifts, going on trips, so she’ll pay you back with large amounts bangin’, that’s paying for sex. In society, if you pay for sex implicitly it’s fine, but explicitly, forget about it. Get your ass to jail.

  24. GoodTaste – I wasn’t offended at all by the link you posted. I just find it frustrating when someone is so vehemently against people watching “too much” porn, or “too much” baseball, or “too much” <fill in the blank>.

    We all have our obsessive behaviours and as long as we’re not hurting someone, why should anyone care what we’re doing?

    Anyway, it’s an interesting discussion and I thought I just throw in my own counter-argument to your opinion on porn. No hard feelings of course! ^_^

    … and now I feel compelled to record how many hours of porn I’m watching on a weekly basis! lol…

  25. I absolutley agree with sevendeuce – I really hate it when other people try to dictate that you’re doing too much of this or that. If there’s a problem, it will manifest itself in some other way, and you can deal with it then. But until such time as this happens, who is anyone to say you’re doing too much of anything, if you aren’t distrurbing or hurting anybody else?

  26. This girl is a beauty.She very cute.just enjoying looking at her. I thing she is very sexy. Rigth guys.Can’t get enough of her.xoxo

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