Another Sachiko Space Update!

Sachiko Space

Although I’ve been intending to launch my own personal blog for quite some time now, the fact that MySpace has recently started blocking all links to adult sites has pushed me and my webmaster (Asian Sirens’ own Dr. Lee) to get it up as quickly as possible. And as of yesterday, we finally did! My blog will be the place to follow my activities, as well as discuss the issues that matter of course!

AUG 7 UPDATE: I’ve just added another new post to my blog, Happy Birthday To Me 🙂. If you’d like to wish me a happy birthday, please come on over and do it there. All are welcome!

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  1. Good luck, Sachiko.

    I’m glad you decided (or had to) do this somewhere other than MySpace. It is a horrible site, IMO.

  2. Thanks Dean! I always hated MySpace myself, but I did it because I felt I had too. I was hoping they may sort out the problems over time, but they only became worse, and as my friend list grew, it became harder and harder to manage. So when they started blocking adult sites, it just became too much work for no good reason.

    What I don’t get is why people would voluntarily go there. If you aren’t promoting yourself, then why would anyone bother with all that c**p?

  3. Sachiko, the design is very clean, I like it.
    Now start writing more entries, it’s August the 4th already. 🙂

    It takes quite some discipline and hard work, I know from experience. Good luck!

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Sorry I haven’t posted again yet – The Doc’s been working on some usability enhancements to the site based on user feedback, and he doesn’t want me to do anything until he’s finished. He says I can post later on today (my time) though!

    BTW, you can thank him for the design and functionality – I have no idea about how to do that stuff!

  5. Definitely best of luck on the blog. I really dig that picture with your arms fully open embracing the sky on a lovely day, with nothing to hide, even your veil being transparent. Nice!

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