Filipina VJ Karel Marquez FHM Philippines Cover Girl

Karel Marquez

Filipina VJ Karel Marquez makes the cover of this month’s FHM Philippines. Check out photos and video from the shoot.

Karel Marquez
Karel Marquez
Karel Marquez
Karel Marquez
Karel Marquez

Real name: Karla Ysabel Marquez Santos
Birthdate: December 21, 1986
Birthplace: Manila
Height: 5′3″
Weight: 95 lbs.

(Via Kiven.)

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  1. I like mikepa’s Filipina. I’d like her better if she was wearing skimpier clothes and if she got a little more sensual in her poses but damn, she’s very cute w/ a terrific body. Nice addition, mikepa.

  2. Barely an average face on a stunning body. Its not a good sign when the makeup artist in the video looks cuter than the model. The other filipina is a definite improvement. Cuter face and still a good body. I have seen many filipinas nicer than either of these for certain.

  3. I’ve also seen many Filipinas hotter than Karel, onegameref. Heck, I see them every day. By no stretch of the Filipino imagination, however, is mikepa’s Filipina an improvement! Ugh!

  4. Hi Mike,

    Can you point me at what you consider a hot Filipina, sems like your tastes are a little different than most. I’ve been to the Phils many times and trust me, there are plenty of ulglier girls than Jhenz over there.

    For the rest, you can see more of Jhenz at:

  5. Here’s a hot Filipina.

    It’s not just me. Many Westerners fresh off the boat are fooled into believing frogfaced pygmies like “Jhenz” (God, what a cheap name!) are “beautiful” Filipinas, when in fact they’re on the level of cheap tourist-trap bar girls.

    Westerners who’ve been in the Philippines for several years soon figure out what really hot Filipinas look like. You can tell how long a Westerner’s been in the Philippines by looking at his Filipina girlfriend.

    I myself am a part-American Filipino with many American friends here; I’ve seen both sides of the equation. One side is not pretty.

  6. Mike seems to have a proboscis fetish. 😉

    Seriously, though, is it a “tribal” thing? (For lack of a better word.) I mean, is it that the half-Anglo Filipinos don’t like the “full” Filipinos? (Considering the premixed-ness of the ethnicity…maybe “typically ethnic-looking” is a better descriptor.)

    And I’m not “fooled” into believing anything. Beauty is, as you so ably demonstrate, purely subjective. One man’s frogfaced pygmy (were you talking about Annie Cruz?) is another man’s princess. (For the record, I wasn’t impressed with Jhenz either.)

    Out of curiosity, how would you rate my second and third all-time-favorite Filipinas, Kristine Enrile and Pia Reyes?

  7. I guess all I can say is despite having a common name (Mike) our tastes in women are very different – and that’s OK – it takes all sorts. While I wouldn’t call Sheree ugly (I would never be that rude), I don’t think she’s drop dead gorgeous either. She actually looks more Japanese than Filipina to me with that big long nose, and sadly there aren’t that many pretty girls in Japan – I’ve been there dozens of times and have yet to see one. Sheree’s thighs also look a little on the thundery (fat) side for my taste … but as I said, each to his own.

    I will grant you that the video of Jhenz could be better – weird camera angles can even make a super model look bad. Jhenz comes across better in still photos as evidenced on OMP. BTW, what’s cheap about the name? It’s apparently her childhood nickname and is pretty unique in the modeling business.

    Sheree needs to understand what the word Bio means – on her web site Bio there’s no actual Bio data on her. How heavy, tall and old is she? Jhenz is 5’5” which is pretty tall for an Asian.

    Interesting comment about how your taste changed after spending a long tiem in the Phils. I guess there must be something in the water over there that affects the vision after a while, kind of like beer does over here (in the US)!

  8. Hey Curtis, I think Pia is definitely one of the hottest looking Filipina’s, but that was 18 years ago when she was in Playboy! I’ll be interested to hear what Mike A. thinks of her. Kristine, BTW, looked fairly average to me.

    Perhaps it’s time Asian-Sirens did a search for the cutest Filipina of today?

  9. Why is it that when a girl of a certain ethnicity is featured there always seems to be a poster of the same ethnicity who claims ultimate and final authority over the beauty of all women of this ethnicity? Nobody else could POSSIBLY be a credible judge of this girl’s attractiveness because they’re not of her ethnicity!

    Sheesh. What arrogance. How tedious.

  10. I like Sheree…though she looks more Italian than Filipina to me.Ms. Marquez is okay.Not lovin’ it…but not passing on it if she’s offering.That Jhenz chick is just looking thoroughly downscale.I’ve not been to S.E. Asia yet…but I know a “bar girl” when I see one.And living in Plantation Fl.-as she does-you just know she’s Twinkified and Snowblind.

  11. For once I have to agree with CLM on this one!

    And Mike, your comments on mikepa’s girl are too brutal; could you tone it down a bit? e.g. “for me she isn’t very attractive at all” or something like that? Same message, but more gently stated.

  12. It’ s not that Filipinos don’t like full-blooded Filipinas. I don’t really care if the girl looks half-Italian, three-fourths Japanese, full-blooded Spanish, Chinese-African mix. Beautiful is beautiful, regardless of race.

    And for me, no way do I find Jhenz pretty. No offense meant to Jhenz but you will find a lot of women with those kinds of looks in bars that cater to Westerners. I once thought that Westerners prefer those bars because Westerners were stingy. Now I am beginning to think the Western concept of “beauty” is different.

    Anyway, P. Burgos bars are cheap, danky, and sleazy; Quezon Ave bars like Pegasus and Heartbeat are classy but expensive. Why? I leave the answer up to you.

  13. Buwayahman, I think you’re right – there is apparently a big difference in what Westerners and Filipinos like. A Filipina friend of mine in US has a skinny ass and she wasn’t liked by the boys in the Phils, but in the US the guys love that skinny ass in a bikini. She told me Filipinos like more chunky women with a bigger ass. So does that mean the upscale Quezon Ave. bars have the girls with the larger asses for the Filipinos?

    This may explain why the Americans go elsewhere. I don’t buy the cheap American theory – after paying thousands of dollars to get to the Phils, what’s an extra $100 a night to get a pretty girl? I think the Americans are going where they find the cute (little) asses and leave Quezon Ave. to the Pinoy.

    Stripes, what’s Twinkified and Snowblind?

    Stripes, what’s Twinkified and Snowblind?

  14. TWINKIFIED means she’s prone to behavior and mannerisms associated with middle class White American Suburbia.

    SNOWBLIND means she’s got a fetish for White Guys.Usually dorky ones.(It’s never the cool ones.) My theory being parental pressure -(probably mom)-to avoid:

    1) Filly Guys…afterall she married one and HATES his ass.

    2) Underachieving pretty boys.

    3) Any kind of Brotha’ PERIOD. No…not THAT! Noooooo!

    I’m not sure what think of such mindset.Just an observation.Good enough?

  15. The reason Asian girls often go for so-called ‘dorks’ is because they aren’t sucked in by the same ‘cool’ BS we are in the west. They simply want a guy who will treat them nice, and a ‘dork’ is far more likely to do that than a so-called ‘cool’ guy.

  16. What Buwayaman doesn’t say is that not only does Jhenz look like women in sleazy bars but that many Filipinas look like Jhenz. And what Mike A. doesn’t say is that not only does Jhenz’s name sound “cheap” many Filipinas’ names sound cheap (i.e., with an “h” inserted after the “J”).

    I get this feeling that what Buwaya and Mike say about Jhenz (that she looks like someone from a sleazy bar and that her name sounds “cheap”) says more about Buwaya and Mike than it does about Jhenz.

  17. I don’t understand this debate about female beauty and models or celebrities. Don’t forget: many of these women look prettier because of make-up and beauty products, cosmetic surgery, and/or photo effects.

    Go to search engines and enter key phrases like “celebrities without makeup” and see for yourself.

  18. I’m a Filipino who grew up in America so I’ve seen the best of what both countries have to offer. I’m siding with Abundo, Jhenz looks like a house maid. And as far as ethnicities having the final say on beauty, beauty is subjective; people like what they like. But if you wanted to find some really good Japanese food would you ask a Japanese person or an American?

  19. With Chile149’s input, I see a pattern.

    Filipinos (born wherever, living wherever) definitely have different tastes to westerners. Westerners prefer more petite and dainty Asians who look great with a pink parasol. Apparently Filipinos prefer the more masculine face with a larger body usually associated with Eastern Europe or German women. The sort that would look good dressed in fatigues and toting a machine gun.

    You guys keep drinking the beer and they’ll all look good!

    As for the food question … it depends! I’ve seen pretty disgusting Japanese food in Japan that (assumedly) the locals love, but, despite loving Asian food, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. So perhaps the American can point me to some good Japanese food that’s more adapted to the American palate. And that goes for women too – I would trust (especially after this discussion) the American to point me to where the cute girls are. The results of the Filipino assistance could be scary.

    One more question for the Filipinos livening in the US – what do you think of American women – would you marry one?

  20. to tell you the truth..after coming from an asian The US..I was suprised to see Americans married some ugliest asian women…However, I later learned that these women just want to get GREEN CARDS !!

  21. oh I forgot..and vice versa..some not “bad” looking , young asian women married real UGLY , OLD and POOR American men…just for..that’s right…a piece of GREEN CARD from UNCLE SAM..

  22. pumpy has en excellent point. Once again I would like to point out that Sachiko doesn’t wear any makeup in her web site photos apart from lipstick. I really think most people who only look at models’ photos in magazines and the internet underestimate how remarkable it is that Sachiko can look as good as she does without all the makeup and touch-ups (the photos on her web site aren’t touched up at all either).

  23. Mike, why do you feel that you have to insult people so strongly? Do you have some pent up feelings against pure-bred Filipinas? Did you have a bad encounter with one and have sworn off them for life or something?

    Looking at Jhen, Kendra and Sheree your recent remarks against Jhenz don’t make sense!

    Jhenz & Sheree have very similar bodies, except for Kendra’s slightly larger breasts (they are nice, but are they real?). According to the stats, Jhenz is actually 2” taller than either Kendra or Jhenz, so I’m not sure where your comment that Jhenz is short comes from! I guess all I can say is well, your girls are shorter!! Frankly apart from the breasts and face, it would be tough to tell the bodies of Kendra and Jhenz apart – they are both knockouts.

    So besides the slightly larger breasts (which, as I’ve said is nice) the difference between Jhenz and Kendra is the face. The beauty of which is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Jhenz can look striking and she can also look plain – depending on her facial expression. (As a new model getting the facial expressions right is one of the biggest challenges.) Kendra has a much thinner face and longer nose that I personally don’t find attractive, but clearly that’s the look you thrive on (Sheree’s face is similar to Kendra’s). Me, I like the more pure Filipina look.

    Early on in these comments several other posters made negative against Kendra and I wonder if you decided to take it out on some other model to deflect the criticism of Kendra. Am I close?

    BTW, the fourth & fifth pictures in the series are still great photos whoever took them.

  24. Yes Mike, I have to agree with mikepa. Once again, please tone your comments down a bit. You are free to say you don’t like Jhenz (just as mikepa is free to say he doesn’t like Karel), but there’s no need to be insulting.

  25. To Mikepa, the reason why Filipino men (and women) like light-skinned people is that light-skinned people (or tanned people with nicely shaped noses) make up the wealthier classes of the country. For a poor country, the Philippines is a strong market for skin-bleaching products and other aids to make Filipinos look more Western. Even forms of entertainment and lifestyles are copied from the U.S. (which for many Filipinos is a symbol of wealth and happiness).

    One thing that Hotbytes does not mention is that some Westerners like Filipinas because Filipinas are seen as dutiful, obedient, and hardworking. It’s possible that Filipinos are hired as contract workers abroad for the same reasons.

  26. In some ways Mike Abundo’s correct that many Filipinos wouldn’t find Jhenz attractive and she does remind me of some of the bar girls I’ve seen in Malate. But beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder and many young Filipino males have developed a fetish for women who look more Eastern Asian or mixed. His comments are uncalled for since even if he claims to be a mestizo he pretty much looks like the “pygmies” he so despises. It’s funny how some Filipinos with a quarter or less “foreign” (white) blood consider them above everyone else.

  27. All I see is a red X. I saw a link to your blog and the picture there pretty much looks Filipino. Nose might be a little narrower and the skin’s a little lighter (could be the lighting) but overall, you look Filipino. If you came to Norway we’d probably think you’re some kind of Asian or maybe a middle-easterner, we wouldn’t see you as an American. Things might be a bit different in the states considering how the mixing’s gone on over there but white you aren’t. Is it one of your grandfathers who’s Irish American?

  28. She probably didn’t use skin bleach but many Filipinas do so so that they can look like her.

    I also agree with Niklas, Dr. Lee, and Mikepa: some of remarks about Jhenz are terrible.

  29. We have a term for Filipinas who look like Jhenz and most of the P Burgos girls…

    Katulongs! Bwahaha!

  30. efitzhume – Are we talking hybrid Filipinos or Filipinos in general who feel that pure Filipinas are considered house help? What is it about them that makes you say that? As I said in an earlier post, Karel & Jhenz body (except for the slightly larger breasts on Karel) are pretty similar – you would be hard pushed to tell tehm apart. So it’s the face that’s the problem?

    Anyway, fortunately the rest of the world seems to love pure Filipinas … Jhenz gets 1200 hits a day on her portfolio on and is booked pretty solid with modeling jobs. How many hits does Karel or Sheree get a day?

    Mike … In the US and Europe it’s sexy French maid ….

  31. hey doc…that is why i love visiting asia. the girls there dont really go for the “cool” guys. I have seen a lot of viet guys who go back there and act like they own the world and get diss by the hotties in saigon. girls oversea are more realistic. like a good friend of mine said you got to pay to fly…and i only fly first class :))

  32. Mikepa…I’m not sure why you are so hung up on the concept of a “pure” filipina. If you know the history of the Philippines, there’s really no such thing.
    On my purely subjective observations, what most foreigners do go for the “exotic” look in the Philippines. Again, their general concept of beauty is diff. than most Filipinos. Yes, you can say a typical Filipino might have a tinge of “colonial mentality” in terms of desired beauty. However, its also the same concept as the grass is greener on the other side thingy.

    As for the “pure” filipina beauties…there are plenty that I admire. I see them walking around the streets everyday.

  33. To Mikepa, what Efitzhume does not say about the history of the Philippines is that it is afflicted heavily (it’s not just a “tinge”) with colonial mentality and prejudice. Light skin, a pointed nose, and so on are valued more. For many members of the Philippine middle class, people who do not have such features are seen as maids or streetwalkers. The bad news is that many foreigners see Filipinos (male and female) in a similar light.

    What’s worse–and Efitz does not say it, either–is that many Filipinas “walking around the streets everyday” look like Jhenz.

  34. I finally get back to civilization and I see this? Hmm…

    From following the thread, it is obvious that it denigrated to name callling and slurs rather quickly…ya’ll have to keep your cool. We all have different ideas of what beauty is, and it doesn’t make any of us wrong.

    From Mike A’s perspective, I can understand his disdain for the name cheapened by the addition of the completely useless “H” after Jhen’s “J”. From where I stand, I also do believe that karel is a LOT prettier than her. Only because I have seen Jhen’s lookalikes for faaaar too long (having just spent a LOT of time in the PI). You guys have to understand that Jhen to us is a common sight and one that doesn’t even qualify for a 2nd glance unless she was showing a lot of skin (which she seems to be showing anyway).

    I’ve met both Karel and Sheree in person, and I must say, they are stunning beauts. Not only because they are a refreshing change from the daily dose of jhens that I see but because they’ve got great personalities. Their beauty represents something different from the norm, at least for us Filipinos. I believe Mike Abundo can back me up on that. I don’t believe it is colonial mentality. it may be that we’re a bit influenced by western concepts of the leggy blonde blue eyed sirens we’re fed constantly inthe media, but to us, when you’ve seen one Jhen, you’ve seen them all. You kinda have to delve into filipino values and our social network to see that.

    I can see that western ideals of eastern beauty affects some of the posters here too, that’s fine by me. Someone’s gonna have to love ’em hehe. I see a LOT of caucasians and western men with the ugliest (once again, my opinion) women hanging from their arms in manila’s red light districts, I just figure they either have no taste or are just tired of seeing the all too common blonde beauties that are a dime a dozen where they’re from. Same banana, different milkshake. They don’t realize how much the locals snicker at the thought that the same dollars spent just a few miles north can get them much better quality women. The thing is, they probably wont’ like those Sheree lookalikes and prefer the Jhen on their arm.

    I know some of you don’t agree, but you really don’t have to. You’ve got your own ideas and we have ours. But there was no need to call Karel butterface curtis, and mike abundo could’ve kept his cool.

    To each his own…and damn, it’s good to be back hehe.

  35. I’ve been to the Phils half a dozen times and frankly I didn’t see many women that looked as good (to me!) as Jhenz. If they all look like Jhenz over there, then I must be going to the wrong places! (So where should I go next time?) Most of the women I saw were on the short side – around 5’ and many were a little heavy. When I did see a slender Filipina, the face wasn’t that pretty and most slim ones are flat chested. Jhenz is 5’ 5, 100 LBS and to me at least has a gorgeous look. While her breasts aren’t big, they seem to be fairly hefty for an Asian – a natural one anyway.

    I see the point about the name, but Jhenz is a modeling name and from what I see there’s no other model named Jhenz, so the name is unique – she has a web site I doubt or was available so perhaps that influenced the choice of the name. Google sounds like a daft name, but it sure did well!

  36. Lots of things you don’t understand about the filipino culture…

    The insertion of the “h” after the first letter of a name is one of the tacky habits of the supposed “lower” class, and has been the butt of many filipino jokes. Examples like “bHoy, bHeng, jHeng, and mHel” are commonplace, and most usually seen written on the back of cabs over there.

    About where to go…try the nightlife at The Fort and in Makati.

  37. I believe Mike Abundo can back me up on that.

    Absolutely. Embassy at the Fort and VBar in Makati always have hotties.

    Of course, if you like Jhenz, stay in P. Burgos. 😉

  38. ogpro, you’re right, I don’t have much of a clue about Philippine culture so your explanation of the “j” thing in the name is interesting (thanks!). I guess the girls that do it try to differentiate themselves somehow and I can’t blame them for trying. While some Filipinos may look down on Jhenz’ name, I doubt it will have much of an impact on her work in the US.

    The girls in the snapshots are OK and it’s interesting they all have pointed noses except the one in blue who has larger breasts – are they her ticket in? While the two girls on the right in the top photo are fairly cute, I’d have to pass on the otehrs.

    Is there a name for this kind of upper-class girl in the phils? I am genuinely fascinated by this concept of Filipinos shunning their races pure-breds, for hybrids as they were called earlier in the comments. Maybe it happens elsewhere in the world, but I am not aware of it. I promise I’ll check out the clubs in Makati (that’s where I usually stay anyway) next time I’m there to see what you guys are so excited about.

    I’m pleased the discussion is now a more pleasant tone as I find in quite enlightening.


  39. She probably is. I find that alot. A girl you think looks unbelievable in a photo looks average in person and vice versa. Say hello to her for us OO8.

  40. Some girls are just more photogenic than others, but also the quality of the photographer and how he lights the model can make a big difference. The lighting in the shots shown here is pretty harsh and not particularly flattering to Karel. You don’t see many playboy shots with a bright light glaring in the lens, but this guy seems to have done it on purpose.

  41. To be brutally honest, I find it hard to believe I’d find her very attractive in person – I simply don’t like her facial features very much, and makeup and/or photography doesn’t change that.

    Also, am I the only one who senses a certain kind of ‘elitism’ amongst some of our contributors who are into Filipinas? Personally, I don’t find any of the girls in this thread particularly attractive – but Filipinas usually aren’t to my taste, that’s all. Let’s not get too worked up over others disagreeing with us guys!

  42. from what i have been reading, and mind you, i read the entire thread, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. to each his own.

    ogpro, you are right. what efitzhume and pumpy have been saying about the history of the philippines relates to your insights. believe me mikepa, there are a lot of jhenz walking around the streets of the philippines. were talking of a population consisting of 80+ million perople. this is coming from a filipino born and raised in manila. this is the reason why most of us will not see her as an attractive woman.

    quite frankly, i, like mikepa, mike abundo and all of you have my own taste when it comes to the physical beauty of a girl. i find karel more attractive than jhenz. however, admittedly, karel has her flaws too.

    every woman has her flaws in different peoples eyes. seeing this, we must know why people find certain people attractive and just UNDERSTAND the situation. live and let live guys. if thats where you are happy, so be it!


    Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page 3rdong – take this as a formal warning.

  44. I’m a Filipino-American & I don’t really think Karel’s that pretty. She’s got a bangin body but she’s not pretty IMO. I know most people in the PI would think she’s so pretty just ‘cuz she looks like she’s got some Spanish in her. I admit, I dig the hapas/mestizas but it’s not because of the “colonial mentality” (which I despise), it’s more of the whole “best of both worlds”, exotic lookin’ dealy. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, & the rest of Central Asia is an untapped resource for really hot girls LOL.

    That girl Jhenz isn’t my idea of hotness either. I just think she looks like your avg. Filipina. It’s not a condescending, “low-class, she’s dark, yadda yadda yadda” thing, I just think she’s got that look like she’s gonna end up looking like one of my aunts when she gets older & that’s not a good thing.

    I guess if you wanna gauge my tastes in women, I think Aaliyah is the hottest woman of all-time. When it comes to asians, I dig Christine Mendoza, Kyoko Fukada, Jeri Lee, Francine Dee, Ayana Sakai, Francoise Yip, Kaylani Lei (yes, I went there lol). Although I have a slight preference for hispanic girls (like the really hot ones you see on Telemundo), I think I’ve seen great examples of beautiful women from every race.

    I was in the PI in March ’07 & I have to agree, I saw a ton of hotties @ The Fort (especially The Embassy & Prince of Jaipur, great music at both spots as well), Greenbelt, & Glorietta. I wanted to check out VBar but we ended up goin to Jaipur instead (which had great hip-hop + we got to see from Black Eyed Peas perform “Bebot”).

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