This is another one of those unknown Chinese models that is available on the renti sites. Her name translates to Fen Fen, which may be true or not true depending on if it is true or not true. Once again, there are rarely any details, and I could barely find any photos, but I thought she was cute, so here you go.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: ?





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  1. Not bad for a Friday night either!
    Love the soft curves.
    The rentiyi women rarely disappoint. Fen Fen is no exception.
    She’d be great to cuddle up to on this cold night!

  2. She’s such a classic beauty. She doesn’t drive me wild the same way some girls do, but I still find her very attractive.

  3. WHEW…what a relief after that last cock-up! Think I like it better when they don’t speak…?!

    Fenfen has unusual, but attractive, facial features. And the rest? Wellll….NICE!

  4. The FDA outlawed Phen Phen because it caused heart attacks and cardio pulmonary arrest.

    Fen Fen must be related because that body would cause my back to ache and leave me severely dehydrated of…ahem…natural salt/zinq solutions.

  5. Something wrong with the phase of the moon – I find that I’m agreeing with servia more and more. She’s hot.

  6. Not just a Chinese cutie
    A really classic beauty (Wylde – took the words right out of my brain)
    Perfect form, wonderful curves
    A real meal; not just hors d’oeuvres.

    [Short one tonight; pizza’s cooking]
    [I also passed on the Fen-Fen/win-win combo. Just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I really like servia’s though – the PhenPhen idea was great.]

  7. a little too much sucez?

    Do you mean, she’s too ‘fat’ for your tastes?

    You really must like them super skinny lol.

  8. Wow! I absolutely LOVE her body type…gorgeous skin, amazing natural breasts, curvy stomach, full lap of hair…simply PERFECT!

    Her face on the other hand…reminds me of a gay Humong man I used to work with…maybe it’s just the blunt-ness of her nose.

    I suspect a visit (or two) with Doc would fix it and she’d be “one for the ages” as they say.

    But her hair is fantastic!!! So is everything else…would love to see her ass! And that tummy…oh my goodness!

    What a beauty!!!

  9. There just has to be more pictures of this beautiful woman.

    Travis’s link isn’t working for me, but the other two are.

  10. Very cute, but something seems amiss….

    Maybe it is me but her head looks wrong for her body – at least in those picts.

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