Bebe Pham Revisit


Bebe is a model from Saigon. We’ve featured Bebe Pham a few times before, and now we are featuring her again. Why? Maybe because her name is Bebe? Maybe because in the second picture she looks like Selena Gomez? Maybe because I feel like it. You wanna fight about it? No, of course you don’t. Or do you?No.


Age: 27
Height: 5’8
Located: Saigon
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

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0 thoughts on “Bebe Pham Revisit”

  1. Seeams like the photographer could’a made more use of her legs, which actually have muscle tone. She might have actually used them as transportation at some point in her life. That’s usually how that happens.

  2. Vietnamese women – I’m convineced – are the most spectacular on the planet!

    I’m speachless…except to say, ‘show me more’…and ‘with less clothing’…and ‘pretty please’.

    She’s a full .|. in my book!

  3. She doesn’t look very Asian to me .. she looks mixed or is a product of man-made alteration.

    Regardless, her full lips are something else!!!

  4. Oh yes – Vietnamese girls certainly are very pleasant to look at. On the other hand though, as we’ve learned recently they can be a little difficult to deal with sometimes. 🙂 Also, those full lips are highly characteristic of Vietnamese women, as is the Eurasian look.

  5. Love her lips in pic 2, the cheeky playfulness in pic 3, her sophistication in pic 4, the wonderful sultriness of pic 6, and the l-o-n-g legs of course!
    Wham Bam Bebe Pham!

  6. Having motorcycled the entire N to S of Vietnam, IMHO Saigon is the place to stay if you’ve only got 3-7 days in country.

    The women there are beautiful, its much more European than the North (Hanoi), a little less “under thumb” politically than Hanoi, and the people are more entrepreneurial and friendly.

    Hit Halong Bay for the “squint-your-eyes-and-it-could-be-1924” UNESCO cave experience, and Hoi An for a $25 custom wool suit with sleeve cuffs that even actually button, but Saigon is everything Vietnam COULD be.

    Lots of import/export opportunities, great food and great, albeit rotting architecture.

    Headsup if you want to email people there set up a Yahoo Vietnam account because it seems the government screens everything else out.

    Beautiful girl btw. Very versatile face.

  7. Another day, another dream girl, courtesy of Asian Sirens.

    Seriously, those lips might be the most perfect I’ve ever seen.

  8. Very pretty and natural. Love that she doesn’t have a nose job which is typical among Vietnamese celebrities in the U.S. and Vietnam. She doesn’t look like a typical Vietnamese woman in Vietnam. She looks Asian American. Because of that Eurasian look?

  9. Oh yeah. I think she should be in Victoria Secret. She be perfect for that. Sucks that there’s not many Asians in the Media in the U.S.

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