Emma Juwita


Emma Juwita is another model with some very nice legs. She has a Facebook that you can see on her modeling page, and she currently lives in Indonesia.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’7
Located: Indonesia





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0 thoughts on “Emma Juwita”

  1. That first photo….WOW! Look at that bathing suit, that hair, that strut, that confident look!

    But her pinkie toes are already starting to be deformed from wearing high heel shoes all the time.

  2. Super hot!. The second shot is my favorite for sure. And with legs like that…she could have had two pinkie toes and I wouldn’t have noticed. πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely girl, bikini is very patriotic for me. Can’t really say anything bad about. Just would like to see more pictures of her smiling.

  4. she has a face??? Oh yeah, she does too…..

    I’m not sure if I would pursue this lady…. The first photo makes me think she’s going to get the testicle clamps after her boyfriend forgot to buy her a present….

    Great body however.

  5. Ouch, Dr, kind of harsh?
    I’ll only say that she is a beautiful woman in my eyes, and I would do my best on her to make her smile….

  6. At first I also thought the Doc was being too harsh, but after looking at more of her photos, her nose is a bit odd shaped (said the guy with the big honker). It’s not really noticeable in profile, but it shows up when she’s facing forward.

    On the other hand, her body is more than good enough to make up for it for me.

  7. It seems I’m the odd man out here, but I really dislike harsh looking faces, and that ‘mean’ look which seems to pass as ‘sexy’ these days. A great well-known example of this is CJ Miles, whom I detest, but who also seems to be one of the most popular import models around at the moment. So clearly my intense dislike of this look is not shared by the vast majority of our readership.

  8. I agree with you, Doc. I was thinking the same thing last night when I looked at her photos. She just looks angry most of the time. Even her smile is a bit crooked.

  9. Whoa gents! Look, this is how she looks- I don’t think she is “cultivating” the “mean” look as CJ Miles does- I think Emma here was- as Lady Gaga would say, “Born this way”.

    Emma does not appeal to most here, OK. But I like diversity and yes, I read the profiles. She states that she is Muslim (as most from Indonesia are- it is the 4th largest country by population in the world), only has 418 FB friends, and likes the Monopoly game and the American Pie movies- which I do not. πŸ™

    I would like to read an interview about her someday- how does she model in Indonesia? Will she have to leave to further her career? Stuff like that. Does her “larger” nose and asymmetrical face help her or hurt her in her type of modeling?

    I am not a huge fan of the “harsh” look, but only if they cultivate that look with severe make-up and surgery. Emma here is different (in looks, religion, personality) from what we normally see on Asian-Sirens.

    By the way, ever since the Michelle Ang post, I get VERY interested in the accents. I woman can go ten points higher in my book with an Aussie or French accent. As I am in the middle of dealing with yet another “25 year-old Vietnamese woman drama”, I need to branch out.

    Man, I love this site.

  10. While some of these girls may not have had surgery I think the make up and eyebrow shaping are massive contributors to the ‘harsh’ look. I am guilty of finding it sexy πŸ™‚

  11. Yes I am, but if Emma is coming to punish me can she do it here, every time an Aussie goes to trial in Indonesia they seem to get the death penalty.

  12. @French: “25 year old Vietnamese woman drama” – I know what you mean. πŸ™‚

    I think what you say about Emma vs. CJ is true too, but they both have a ‘mean’ look however they achieved it, and I really don’t like it.

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