Billie Jean Truong On Tumblr


I don’t know much about this pretty young Viet girl, except that she looks good in a bikini, and has a page on Tumblr. Perhaps one of our readers can fill us in with more pics and/or info?

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0 thoughts on “Billie Jean Truong On Tumblr”

  1. My God does she have a stellar butt in the pic on her Tumblr! In fact everything about that pic is divine.

  2. Bless the effect of the western diet on the eastern physique. Metabolism is carrying her now…and to perfection I might add. I would strongly recommend she discover the gym before that perfect amount of baby fat she’s carrying becomes the “muffin” with a tad too much butter on it. She looks 714 here…but I’m guessing that from clues gathered from her Tumblr. Gonna further guess from the shoe boxes on the floor behind her that she’s figured out how to get BMW 3 series’ driving / live at home / trust fund d-bags to take her shopping.Good girl.:-)

  3. Well, I was gonna make this comment anyway, but in light of her age, it’s even more appropriate:

    Billie Jean is not my lover!!

    We can revisit her in a couple of years, right?

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