Elizabeth Tran


I saw Elizabeth a few weeks back in a photo where she was wearing a UCLA tanktop, and was immediately hooked. Now that I was able to find out who she was and view more photos of her, I really like what I see, especially that smile of hers.Stats:
Age: 18
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 115 lbs
Location: Alhambra, California, USA









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0 thoughts on “Elizabeth Tran”

  1. Pretty…and local.(for me) Really sassy vibe.
    Now…someone reprogram her to detest tatts…before she goes overboard.

  2. Very hot…the shot of her butt is great and the one of her sucking her finger gets me too!

  3. Hmmmm there’s so many normal looking girls going into modeling. I think I will try that too just for fun =)
    I’m still in the process of losing all my baby fat hahaha

  4. She has a twin I know it, deadset. I know a young woman (18), an exstudent who looks exactly like her. Facewise at least; now I can imagine ‘her’ half-naked.

  5. She’s so fine, and she seems to live anywhere from a few blocks to a few miles from me. Time to start stalking…..just kidding (I think). Just my type, she’s exactly why I love Socal and specifically the SGV.

  6. I’ve become a Trannie*
    Just by ogling her fanny.*
    Her body’s tight
    Her smile quite sweet
    My book: just right.

    Here it’s hotter than blazes
    Yet me it hardly fazes.
    To be bedded with lovely Liz
    Even wedded would be good biz
    Hard to imagine any better.

    *First – Trannie is like Trekkie – fan of hers like those fans of the Star Trek TV franchise. Second – fanny in the US is the back. I know that in the UK and other places, it’s the front. Not that I wouldn’t be a fan of that, either.

  7. I’m pretending those tattoos were drawn on with strawberry jam and vegemite, and she’s gonna let me lick ’em off……

  8. It would be nice to catch a girl like this walking down the street. I don’t see many like her in my neck of the woods.

  9. Kroos -I’d prefer grape to strawberry & I haven’t a clue about what vegemite tastes like. Even if it’s good, it could use a better name.

  10. Elizabeth is just adorable. Excellent detective work tracking this down. Just a great, great little body on this girl.

  11. She has a very tight little ass. Other than that nothing stands out for me, but still hot

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