Candy From Pacific USA


Candy! From Pacific USA! I admittedly don’t know anything about Candy, but she’s pretty. I wanted to feature someone from Pacific USA, but I couldn’t think of any criteria since all the models are pretty and the photography is great. I was going to pick something random like cutest feet, but then I decided to pick someone at random instead. Maybe Adam can tell you something about Candy, like whether she’s sweet as herself.Stats:








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  1. It’s so freakin hot here, over 100 (that’s 40C for some of you) my brain can barely put 2 words together. Even something easy like candy/dandy/randy and Pacific/specific/terrific.

    Let’s just say she’s awesome. Whatever neurons haven’t baked away have been toasted by her lovely naturalness. May she never get implanted.

  2. She looks pretty WoW! to me. Especially love them legs and those chocolatey gumdrop nipples.

  3. Two thumbs up! Nice to see hot Asian girls with a little hair. Not that crazy, 70s full forest China style, but a little trim.

    Reminds me of my traveling days in Bangkok…. Oh, the memories of the soapy massage. 🙂

  4. Lovely naturals with delicious nipples, some actual hair left, no tats or piercings, sweet smile. What a pleasant surprise to find such a rarity among US models. Hot stuff!

  5. Let me start by saying Candy is a knockout. I’ve always loved seeing her.

    I’ve found that the Pacific USA girls are tough to find info or pics on. The most popular ones like Katie Aston have content out there, but I never have luck finding additional pics or info on many of the other girls. Maybe Adam has a monopoly on them!

  6. No tats? There is a small butter fly on her left breast. Not very obtrusive.

    Great looking gal though.

  7. I would guess that she’s Thai as well, so I’m surprised no one has mentioned anything about tranny looking (not that I think she is). And that’s my kind of tattoo!!

  8. Well, Candy this sweet is good to snack on again and again. Those nipples… oh my.

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