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Although we have already done an article on the Edison Chen photo scandal, there have been so many major developments in this story that I thought it was worth doing a quick follow-up (and I’m sure there will be more to come!).

First of all, it appears as though Edison Chen isn’t the only guy in these photos; a few people who have examined the photos carefully have determined that there at least a few different penises in the photos released to date! Even more interestingly, the person who released the photos apparently has a lot more of them, which supposedly reveal some very important people in the Hong Kong film industry in some very compromising positions!So it now looks as though this isn’t really a story about one pretty boy star who has apparently incredible luck with the ladies; this actually seems to involve many different men, and goes straight to the heart of the Hong Kong entertainment industry – and supposedly involves some HK triad (mafia) bosses as well. Apparently the only reason the person who released these photos hasn’t released all of them is because he is demanding millions of dollars in ransom money to continue withholding them. I suspect he wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy it though. 😉

There have also been some very serious personal consequences for the people involved. They’ve each lost practically all of their advertising sponsorships, pending movie roles etc. It is also rumoured that (as it was his computer that these photos were taken from) Edison Chen is now a marked man – I guess we shall see if that actually comes to pass. Whatever the case, although many people have sympathy for the women involved, it seems no one has sympathy for Edison – he is probably the most hated man in Hong Kong right now.

Still, it seems that he – like all the other stars involved in this scandal – are really just puppets (or even victims) of the HK entertainment industry bosses, who it seems are behind the whole thing. When questioned by the police, Cecilia Cheung has revealed that she knowingly and willingly participated in these photos, but has refused to say any more. It seems increasingly likely that they were somehow coerced into having these photos taken, although until the rest of the photos are released, we can only speculate as to the exact nature of that coercion.

It also appears as though Cecilia’s marriage to Nicholas Tse (another Hong Kong idol) is now on the rocks. They’ve just had their first baby, but the photos of Edison Chen and Cecilia were apparently taken while she was engaged to Nicholas! It has also become clear that these photos were taken on several different occasions over a period of many months, so they weren’t due to just one drunken night of passion on the part of the people involved. This adds weight to the idea that these aren’t just casual snaps – I suspect we will learn more very soon!

Here is a link to the story of the separation of Cecilia and Nicholas (and where I got the photo above):

Nicolas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Separate Over Scandal

This site is also probably the best place for pics (as well as additional info) from this scandal:

Edison Chen and Gillian Chung Naughty Pic Scandal

UPDATE: Sadly, I’ve just received news that the person behind the release of these photos has agreed not to release any more – I guess they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. 😉 However, he has apparently commented on the content of the unreleased photos, which supposedly include bestiality! This also presumably means that, if Edison continues to “take the fall” for this as he has done so far, his life is probably safe. Let’s hope that – one way or another – these photos actually do come to light, so we can know the full story behind this scandal!

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  1. Should note that a lot of the “news” is coming from gossip mags or based on hearsay and speculation. Not to say HK isn’t a brier patch of intrigue and shady dealings, but just take everything with a grain of salt.

  2. Does this mean we won’t have to see Edison’s crappy acting anymore? (see. “Dog Bite Dog”)

    I’ll drink to that!

  3. I think chile149 has a very vaild point – note my very extensive use of “apparently” and “supposedly” – when this becomes more official, I’ll probably have to throw in “allegedly” as well. 😉

  4. Still, having said that, this new take on the story does make more sense to me: it explains why these stars were stupid enough to have these photos taken (because they had to!), and it also explains the unbelievably big and heavy handed police operation to try and suppress these photos (as they were being told what to do from very “high up”).

  5. hey doc…i bet it was one of those casting couch situation…just like here in the US…you want to be famous then you better put out to men with little wangs :))

  6. Yeah, I think that’s basically right. I also have another idea that the entertainment bosses might have held these stars to ransom with these pics i.e. “you do what we say, or we destroy your career”.

    Still, in that case, what were they doing on Edison’s computer? You would think they’d be more careful about where they stored them.

  7. Yeah, that’s possible. Edison probably screwed up in sending it to a “non-approved” repair agency.

    Or perhaps they actually were “approved”, but one of the staff there saw an opportunity for loads of money and ran with it. Whatever the case, it’s going to be very intersting to see how this pans out…

  8. Mystery, conspiracy, drama, thriller, triads, HK, beautiful women, sex.
    Heck, they could do a movie on this. With the real actors.

    Now seriously, I’m sorry to hear private stuff coming out about people. We didn’t have to hear about it and it benefits noone.

    Naive, stupid or coerced, we will maybe find one day.

  9. Yeah, this story really has it all!

    Still, it may be a good thing for people to find out what really goes on behind the scenes in this industry. Perhaps they might start demanding (gasp!) genuine quality.

  10. so who has been examining pictures of penises, the police or some random perverts out there with too much time on their hands 🙂

  11. I don’t get it. What’s the fascination with this pin-dicked yegg and his dalliances with average looking women? Why are you using up so much valuable AS space for him? C’mon people, let’s get back on track and focus on the beautiful ladies. Nuff said!

  12. lol… LawBoy… the mole…

    @SFP… I think this is quite interesting, and I would say that the girls in question are rather above average. [Although, yeah, about time for a new post, huh?]

  13. As my article says, this scandal appears to be about a whole lot more than “this pin-dicked yegg and his dalliances with average looking women”. And I also agree with jd – I do think these women are rather above average, although perhaps not as much above average as many people thought. 😉

    Besides, this thing is bringing us a mountain of hits, so there is obviously a lot of interest in it!

  14. I’ve been following this story on various boards, and you don’t know how many references there are to “small d*ck” this and “tiny wang” that. He’s not a porn star, OK? Penises are different sizes, and there is a range of normal, and whoever’s penis that is looks totally normal. Not the biggest, but not the smallest in the world. And about the women, I will bet that all of them look way better than any of the snarky commentators’ own female companions.

  15. yea, ditto on the women. They’re cute enough. It’s not like they’re wearing any makeup or anything, and the lighting in those photos is far from flattering.

  16. and yes those women are cutesy at least with photoshop help, but we are commenting how crappy they look in those pix…almost anorexic and extremely unkept in the neither regions.

  17. btw, dariusII but a lot of these women are already wearing a lot of makeup. cecilia chung is certainly wearing an ample amount of makeup in her photos. you just can’t tell since it’s supposed to look natural.

    i agree about the tiny wang comments though! lawboy saying edison has a little dick isnt helping too much when it comes to stereotypes of asian dudes with small wangs. and size doesn’t matter, it’s how he uses it that counts!

  18. “and size doesn’t matter, it’s how he uses it that counts!” and i will bet Edison uses this line a lot eh? :)) that is just a myth christine 🙂 hehe

  19. How you use the speed? 🙂

    Hey chile are you friends with Edison in some way? Why are you defending his tiny something?

    And who the heck has the time to compare penises? Were there public servants involved in the comparisons? The HK public payed someone to do penises comparisons?
    Or maybe there were journalists doing the comparisons? Their bosses payed them while they were doing penises comparisons?

    The penile comparators were men, or women, hetero or homo?

    These are all valid questions, aren’t they?

  20. All point Bulletin for Hong Kong policia :

    “has anyone seen this little penis?” |^| damn it, cant make a little penis picture, i guess you can insert Edison’s picture here * :))

  21. Regarding the previous post, it’s not that I’m defending Mr. Edison, it’s just that I was really fed up with comment after comment after identical comment calling attention to something so obvious and juvenile. As in 1) post picture of penis 2) here come twenty identical comments regarding the penis’ submolecular size. And the ridiculous thing is, for all the comments about his tiny member, Edison has slept with the best of the best in the HK entertainment world. I don’t care if you think your girl is hotter. Those girls are *famous*. Your girl most probably is not in any way. I guess my point is that I wish there were less talk about PENISES, and more talk about how these girls are really, really naked and doing all that sex stuff. That to me is amazing.

  22. “I guess my point is that I wish there were less talk about PENISES, and more talk about how these girls are really, really naked and doing all that sex stuff. That to me is amazing.” chile149

    ok, so talking about sex, boobs, koochies and hairy bushes is not juvenile but talking about something obviously funny like a guy with an unsually small penis is juvenile….well since this site is all about being juvenile, then we are guilty. 🙂 i think is funny as hell that a dude with a little wienie is brave enough to put himself on film :)) just kidding around chile..we all enjoy naked women bro or bra 🙂

  23. Christine must be the youngest gen x-er ever! Either that or the age gap between us isn’t as big as I thought (as we are in the same generation). 😉

    And I do have to say, I think chile149 does have a valid point – I smell more than a hint of jealousy in many of the more derisive “small penis” comments here and elsewhere (I’m not talking about the genuinely light-hearted comments, like Lawboy’s).

  24. this is the latest from reuters:
    “Feb 21 – Hong Kong pop sensation Edison Chen returned to Hong Kong to apologise for his role in an Internet sex photo scandal which has caused an uproar in the region.

    27-year old Chen admitted that most of the photos depicting him with about half a dozen Hong Kong starlets were taken by him.

    He also said he would take a break from the Hong Kong entertainment business to reflect and work for charitable causes.”

    to be honest, i am much more liable to believe that than any affiliation with the mafia in taking these photos.

  25. hey lee,

    yeah, assuming it was an affiliation with the mafia, it is probably what edison would say. but i don’t know, it just doesn’t seem too improbable for a prettyboy like edison to get a lot of girls (it’s happening all of the time here!). he probably had a thing for taking pictures, and i’m sure he could’ve suavely coaxed the girls into happily obliging. none of the starlets shown really look like they’re at all begrudgingly engaging in anything.

    maybe it was stupidity on the actresses’ part because they’re in the public spotlight, but at the same time i feel like this is a ridiculous invasion of their privacy so i don’t really care to know more details or see more pictures from scandal.

    …and, yes, you gen-Xers were teenagers in the best era ever. in 2005 i missed out on my chance to see the cure live at coachella, and i wonder if i ever will 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  26. I don’t know – I wish I was a baby boomer actually, so I could have grown up in the 60s. It would have been really exciting to have seen Yes and Jethro Tull in their hey day, and to have seen man land on the moon. Plus I missed out on all that free luvin’! 😉

  27. Concur with LawBoy (Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 21, 08 | 6:52 am) and the rest of the noise? Sucks to be you…heh, heh!

  28. still doesnt make sense why they dont shave/trim first if they ald know they wld be photographed.

    i refuse to believe anyone wants to be permenantly marked on film with jungle bushes!


    SherBo: going around personally insulting one of our members is a very serious breach of our posting guidelines. Given that this certainly isn’t the first time you’ve gotten up to mischief around here, you have been banned.

    LawBoy: even if you are being personally insulted, please do not respond in kind. Just call the Doc and I will deal with it. 😉

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