Dutch FHM ‘girl next door’ election (2)

Anh @ FHM.nl

Two weeks ago I mentioned the Dutch FHM ‘girl next door 2006’ election. Now here is your last chance to vote (Stem op mij!) for Anh as ‘girl next door’. You can also watch a short movieclip of her photoshoot there. (Has anyone seen the magazine itself?)

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  1. That’s right, FHM Thai edition has the same contest. The contestants are pretty cute, and I think that’s what they were going for. But I must say that Anh is more than cute, she’s beautiful. She gets my vote.

  2. Hey Asiansweetheart,

    Very funny article on the “Biggest Loser’ try outs here in the US. And that’s in SanDiego, you oughta see the heffers here on the east coast. whoaaaaaa! But anyway love the blog.

  3. San Diego has its share of heffers. I used to live there and saw plenty. But some of the talent at that audition was imported. Some of them travelled from the east coast, even Hawaii. I guess there is some big money to be won.

  4. I just have to say it: that girl in the “sexy photo exhibition” entry is hot! We’d really appreciate it if you could find out who she is.

  5. I wish I knew. It is a poster advertising the exhibition and they don’t even give the name of the photographer of the photo in that poster. It may be that the photo in the poster is one of the ones that will be at the exhibition. If so, it might be possible to find out who the model is. If I make it to the exhibition I will try to find out.

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