Babes with small Boobs

babes with small boobs

K’s Lounge offers us a gallery of Asian babes with small boobs. Nice to see for a change 😉

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  1. Small but you see now long and wide those nipples are! Thats super!

    Dammit if I wern’t so far away from my own >.<

  2. Has anyone done a study on the relationship between breast size and nipple size? Somehow I felt its inversely proportionate. I notice many women with large nipple tends to have small breast. what you think?

  3. fellashow, are you talking nipple size or areola size? Because it seems to me that, at least with white women, the bigger the breast, the bigger the areola. (I prefer a very small areola, myself. FWIW.)

    Boobs. They’re ALL good. 🙂

  4. I think more often large breast comes with large areola also, but likely to have small nipple. On the other hand large nipple comes with smaller areola. I am a total fan of large nipple. Nice to suck like a baby.

  5. See how beautiful many of these women’s breasts are? Some implants work and make a girl more sexy. But all too often letting nature’s work alone is preferable. These small beauties certainly beat out those all-too-common breast implant products that look like they were drawn with a protractor or that jut out unnaturally into space.

  6. There can be little doubt that asian women have super small boobs with very hard and erect nipples. Perky and with no sag they are a sight to behold and in my view are far more erotic than large boobs whether they are natural or enhanced. Another plus is that they tend to be more sensitive than large boobs and are certainly the center of my attention.

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