Although we’ve featured her before, I thought it would be worth doing this quick post, as she has changed her name from Davon Kim to just the initials DK, and changed her web site as well. Oh, and she’s also quite possibly the hottest Filipina I’ve ever seen (with the possible exception of Lelani Vecina). Her profile has been updated with her new name as well.

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  1. What s nice goodlooking “Pussy” she leaves nearby me!…, i seen here walking through mine city and shopping with her “boyfriend”. Really nice girl! Give a “9” for the looks & body!

  2. Sexy long legs for days. She’s pretty much all you could ever need to be happy in life. That goes for Lelani too.

  3. A very sizzling lady to be sure!!! Not to keen on the breast job but that is surely not a deal breaker in my book. It is the thought that counts after all…

  4. Very nice girl.
    Any idea how one gets to the nude photos on her website, it is password protected?

  5. Former artist known as Davon.
    Well doc, don’t narry it down to only 2 filipinas. The Philippines have so much to offer… 🙂

    Anywy I share the appreciation. DK is one of the most stunning women (not only asian) I’ve ever seen. Asian, filipina, she’s almost perfect.

    The new site is very simple, the great photos makes me forget she deserved a much better website.

    DrFuManchu just get a hold of the artistic nudes, they are wonderful.

    Shes so petite with big boobs, what a dream. Her bust is about half her height. 🙂

  6. Very nice girl. I’m not a fan of boob jobs but I do like hers.

    The web site Asian Thumbs has several galleries of her also. Did not post a link because I’m not sure the rules for posting to other sites though I have seen posts here.

  7. STOP THE EVOLUTION! This is as far as the female-homo need evolve. (It wouldn’t be the same if they developed a THIRD ONE…in the middle!!) There just aren’t any bad-parts to DK. The beach shot, on her back in her Glamour shots, has me sweating!! Thanks Doc…for the encore!

  8. She looks amazing in the pic above but if you see any more of her sets, her tits are done terribly and she’s got a boney ass. Pretty face though.

  9. To be honest, I’m not entirely sold on DK. I find her pretty amazing in some sets and very ordinary in others. I’m not quite sold on her face or breasts but she certainly has some nice legs and an excellent ass.

    Definitely not a model that I would rank among the elite that have been featured here but an interesting post none-the-less.

  10. I do have to agree that her boob job could certainly be better, but I maintain my overall opinions of this girl. It’s good to see some dissenting opinions though – it worries me when everyone agrees with me. 🙂

  11. First came across her as Beverly-before boob job no1 –then Davon Kim —
    more boobs, she was Danika for a while recently—now DK?
    what next?

  12. My pleasure (and I do mean pleasure). Once again, comes through (and no, I’m not affiliated with it).

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