Desiree Siahaan

Desiree Ann Siahaan @ NewMan Magazine

I found Singaporean (or (half) Indonesian?) Desiree on a scan from FHM Singapore (photo in More…). After some research I learned this:

Desiree Ann Siahaan burst upon the scene at the age of 17 when she won first runner-up in the New Paper New Face Contest. She quickly became in demand as a model, representing a diverse range of products such as Samsung, Singapore Tourism Board and Nivea in countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. This early success led to acting opportunities on Singapore TV. However, it wasn’t long before she gained regional exposure, winning a starring role in Rouge, MTV Asia’s first action and drama television series.

I could not find a whole lot about her, but here is what I did find and liked:Desiree on the web:

Desiree @
Desiree her resumΓ©
Interview with audio and video! (nice!) (the MTV show)
Listen to Desiree commercials

Desiree Ann Siahaan @ FHM

Desiree Ann Siahaan @ Heartlanders

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  1. For sure she have indonesian father ! As Siahaan is North sumatra family name…don’t if her mother is singaporean…

  2. Yeah, I’ve gotta agree, she has a very healthy complexion, a glow, to her skin, has very nicely shaped face, eyes, and lips. Very cute and fresh looking in my opinion, lol.

  3. stunning! i found this link: from which i just downloaded theat particular issue of FHM with desiree on the cover.

    don’t DL from them yet! to unzip a file i need a decryption code, not found on their site. if they don’t reply to my email, it’s scam & was taken for 99c!!! hehe.

  4. yeap, she is half indonesian, definitely much much exotic and hotter looking than Tiara Lestari, who is purely javanese with dark skin, Desiree’s face and skin are so attractivly sexy, nice lean body, ideal for a fashion model.

  5. actually hotbytes, both desiree & tiara skins are much alike. They both are not too dark or to light. As for the body, everybody has their own opinion…

  6. I have to disgaree here – Tiara’s definitely darker. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but as you probably know I generally prefer lighter-skinned models. I do like Tiara though – she’s quite classy and pretty.

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    Wow new model !! she not so famous in Indonesia.. (Don’t have too -_-“)
    Damn she’s hot πŸ˜€

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