Almond Tease

Almond Tease

Almond Tease, age 23, is a relatively new amateur style model from Canada. I’m not sure of her ethnicity. Anyone care to guess? On her website she says “It’s a secret.”

Almond lists her turn-ons as: “Talking to guys, playing with guys and girls.” Her web site has a few sample video clips for your viewing pleasure. Caution, one is explicit with her and….well, you’ll see. πŸ™‚

Almond says she started her website to raise money for college. For some nude images of 155cm (5’1″) Almond, click on

Almond Tease

Almond Tease

Almond Tease

Almond Tease

Almond Tease

Links for Almond Tease

Almond’s Website
Almond on Asian Thumbs
Almond on Mr Chew’s

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  1. As regular readers will know I’m not normally into amateur style models, but I really like this one – very cute with a great smile. Thanks NorthMan!

  2. This girl used to have some very hardcore XXX photos 2 years ago on asianthumbs…… but they disapeared in the last couple months and replaceed with toned down photos.

    Sorry to spill the beans…..

  3. You can hear Almond talking in some of her preview videos. From her accent, what do you think….Chinese?

  4. most likely she’s chinese. really pretty, but not in an intimidating manner of merina or tiara. i hope she’ll be able to afford a good college (cough, cough).

  5. Judging from the accent (albeit mixed in with Canadian) as well as the wide set and quite narrow eyes (separated by a fairly ‘robust’ nose by Asian standards) I’d guess Korean.

    BTW, I think she’s 100% natural.

  6. Im not too sure either but her accent makes ME think that she is nihon-jin. I dont know. I can agree with everyone she is beautiful!

  7. Wait EVERYONE I take that back I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT SHE COULD BE. I watched the third clip… I dont kno what to think except … she looks sweet. ;P

  8. She has small boobs komanz. Very small ones. I could understand if this girl would concider a boob job. Unlike many other models with ‘normal sized’ boobs who blow ’em up. (Hmm… weird word ‘boobs’)

  9. Nope. If I had ment that I would have included a wink smiley πŸ˜‰

    If she is happy with the small boobs, then please keep ’em natural. I just wanted to state that this was a case in which I could understand and approve of such a thing.

  10. There are two kinds of men in this world: those who like big tits, and those who won’t admit to it. πŸ˜‰

    Besides, I need at least DD to fill my hands anyway!

  11. I dunno man… on one of the pics above, the one where she is in doggie position. Her head is nearly as big as her ass.

    I say shes korean.

  12. Maybe this discussion is already beyond reasoning, but as I said before, there are two things by which I judge a woman’s breasts:

    1. Do they go with the rest of her body?
    2. Do they look real?

    If 1 is untrue, and you are born with unnaturally big or small boobs, you can opt to find a doctor (not Lee ;)) who can achieve 1 and 2 through surgery.

    If one and two are met, you are a woman whose breasts I could like πŸ™‚

  13. But when you are born with them, even if they seem to big or to small, then it’s still natural, isn’t it?

    You forget one thing: do they feel real?! πŸ˜‰

  14. Good point Robin. I have felt fake boobs before and I did not like the way they felt. I don’t mind looking at fake boobs on a woman if they came out half way decent. But for me personally, I could never be seriously involved with a women that had them. A major turn-off for me. Not to mention the possible health risks of implants.

    I prefer all natural over anything other choice. Same with Tattoos, yuk!! The only body modification I like on a woman is shaving….but that’s another hot topic I’m sure. πŸ™‚

  15. I hate how women will ruin their body by getting a cheap tattoo or a cheap boob job. If you are going to do some body modification, then save the money and get it done right. Tattoos and fake boobies can look great if done by the right person. I love Asisn chicks with great tattoos on their back done by an artist with skills.

    My main reasons for hating fake boobs is that women either get them done by a cheap doctor and they look horrible, they either get a size that is way too big for their body, or because they become hard after a while.

  16. Hi Northman. As I explained in my Breast Surgery 101 article, it is actually possible to get breast implants that feel very natural. As Sachiko will tell you, everyone who has felt her breasts has been absolutely convinced they are natural! She has silicone implants however, which feel more natural than saline but are illegal in the US. To feel natural they must also be textured (in the US they usually use smooth implants, which make it feel like there’s a ‘bag’ inside the breast) and submuscular.

  17. The only thing that matters to me with the natural vs implants issue is that if I can touch them then they’re real.

    I have no problems with women who get implants. My girlfriend is Korean and she has implants but she looks like a normal C-cup (they feel nice too). She wants to get D-cups but I’ve told her that she looks perfectly beautiful just the way she is.

  18. I think she looks fine! And she’s got a great body. You guys are obsessed by the size of a womans boobs!!

  19. She is totally hot~ and i’m going absolutely crazy for her. Anyone knows where to get her videos/movies/pics? i can’t pay for her website:( can you guys help me out?… please?

  20. Can anyone enlighten me why she is so popular all of a sudden? We seem to have double our normal amount of visitors today! Was she on TV or something?

  21. She has been quite popular among the larger asian forums as of late. She apparently is the new x-rated asian fad.

    Add this to the fact that the google index of her name leads to alot of spam sites/ dead ends.

    Asian-sirens is a natural point of reference…

  22. Yeah, I just checked my server stats – she had 5.6% of search engine phrase requests for November! That’s astronomical – it’s 3 times higher than no. 3! (Asian Sirens itself is number 1 at 7.1%.)

  23. BREAKING NEWS! I got a email from wolfgang about the status of Almond Tease

    Wolfgang wrote:


    I saw your comment on asian sirens about almond tease…

    I can’t seem to get a password for them so could you pass the word that she has
    been arrested in Korea
    maybe they will do a feature on it:

    Almond Tease Arrested!

    Someone.. anyone respond back with more details on this one!

  24. Wrong link: use this one

    Article at about Almond Tease’s Arrest

    Basically she she was a teacher in Canada using porn to pay for her college education.. however being korean she got nailed with the fines.


    “According to the report, Kim left for Canada to study after graduating from high school in Korea. Once in Canada, however, she found it hard to pay tuition, so she had no choice but to make porn.

    Kim shot porn between February and September of last year. She shot about one video a week for a total of about 30 videos, receiving 200-300 dollars a shoot.

    These videos were distributed by a Canadian-run porn site. Kim told police that in Canada, starring in porn is not a crime, but to no availβ€”because she’s a Korean national, it’s a crime for her to act in porn even if the films are shot overseas.”

    there you go…

  25. Haha, Auron, you need some basic pMachine-lessons πŸ˜‰

    I just corrected the link!

    And damn, what a story and now I understand why we got over 25,000 visitors a day from Google!

  26. Bad thing for the girl. But if she was still teaching english, just shows that she wasn’t really making that much in porn…

    Like someone wrote in the link above, the student that tipped off the police was not smart enough to ask for private lessons. Missed opportunity! πŸ˜€

  27. Wow (and not only at skjskj3’s comments) – she is gorgeous. Cute breasts suit her.

    Glad to see this post from 2005 (my pre knowledge time of AS’s existence).
    lol at this pic:

    what’s wrong?
    The book is upside down.
    Nice to see the link still exists to her site (still 23 too!)

  28. Longtack – I see you’ve picked up the joy of Archive diving.

    Doc – don’t many of these websites remain alive long after the model / actress retires? I think that in many cases there is enough “body” of work to allow continuous recycling. If I’m not mistaken, a Kobe Tai site remains although she has been gone while.

  29. It depends on who actually owns them – in general, if the model owns it, the site will usually go offline when she does, but if she doesn’t, the owners will often recycle the material.

  30. dbldipper, I relied on skjskj3’s comments (now deleted) to point me to this website rather than actual ‘archive diving’.
    Yeah doc and I see the owners don’t even bother updating the featured model’s AGE (Almond is eternally 23 I see despite the recent site updates). I guess the average porn surfer doesn’t give a rat’s about that kind of detail.
    btw. I waded through the forum that went with the disclosure she was fined by the Korean authorities for doing (legal) porn in Canada while resident there:
    Article at about Almond Tease’s Arrest
    As well as the mass of uninformed comment, some useful information as well, especially regarding Korean laws on porn – the implications of those laws seem to overlap with CEC’s post on the Prison movies, relating to how far producers can legally go. Which is why these movies are made in places outside Korea perhaps.

  31. A link for a LOT of the Almond Tease galleries:

    This post is also before I started checking out Asian-Sirens; i had no idea she was arrested for doing porn (in another country). The link from Auron makes the interesting point that she was arrested in Korea for doing something perfectly legal where she did it (Canada) while the a@#^&*e who turned her in was doing something in Korea that was illegal there (surfing porn) and wasn’t arrested.

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