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I wanted to do something a little different today. Often we talk about how to spice things up on Asian Sirens. Some people have suggested featuring more news, others have suggested more content. Still, for me this is a little tough. My specialty is models. I’m pretty good at exploring the Internet and finding women that deserve the added popularity of this well known website. But there isn’t a lot of interesting stuff to say about these models, since that’s all they are – models. Most don’t have some wildly interesting background or history, and as a result, researching it often feels like a waste of time. I’d rather spend that time finding more models.

So today, I wanted to give you a change of pace the way I know how – a model that you are unlikely to have stumbled upon yourself, and one that you wouldn’t expect to see on this website. This is Dalia Shahine. She’s the sister of a singer/actress named Dolly Shahine (who is quite pretty herself and I encourage you to look her up some time). What makes Dalia Shahine something new, is that she’s Lebanese. Lebanon is a part of Asia, but one that we don’t feature since they do not have traditional Asian features. Similar to the reason we don’t feature Indian women often, because although they are technically from the continent of Asia, they have a completely different history, look, etc. Hopefully Dalia Shahine is pretty enough that you’ll let it slide, and if so I may spend a bit of time expanding my list with other non-traditional Asian models.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’8
Ethnicity: Lebanese
Located: Beirut







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  1. Excuse me, Lebanon is a part of Asia?
    She is certainly pretty enough, but Asian?
    Middle Eastern perhaps.
    What next? Arabian, Egyptian?

  2. I guess we can let it slide this time 🙂 There are some truly gorgeous girls from that area of the world, and Dalia is no exception. I really like her dress.

  3. The question is, what continent is the middle east part of? It actually stretches from Asia to Africa and even to Europe, so it’s hard to say. I suspect that Lebanesae women are not what people expect to see here, but on the other hand I thought most of our readers wouldn’t mind seeing such an attractive girl anyway. 🙂

  4. The typical definition of the middle east includes parts of Asia, Africa and a tiny bit of Europe (in western Turkey). But I have to admit, I have never considered the Lebanese as “Asian”. I dated a Lebanese girl and as far as I know she never considered herself Asian.

    But what the hell? It’s all good to me. And since, by definition Lebanon is in Asia how can one complain? She’s pretty and exotic. That’s good enough for me.

    I suppose we could include women from Eastern Russia, but those Siberian girls leave me cold. :#)

  5. For a long time now in the UK we have used the term “Asian” almost exclusively for people from the Indian subcontinent. Of course “Asia” is a big place and I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.

    Especially if they are this hot. Good post. She has an exotic beauty …. asian or not.

  6. The concept of “Asia” is hazy. It is a European one, not one that Asians came up with, and historically its boundaries have been rather elastic.
    Sometimes it was used to refer to everywhere east of the old Western Roman Empire, or east of Constantinople. By these definitions, Lebanon is definitely “in.”
    More often, Europeans distinguished between the Middle East and the Far East. In this case, Asia began at the border between Persia (these days known as Iran) and India. By this definition, Lebanon is “out.”
    But what the hell, Daliah is “in” as far as I’m concerned! Thanks.

  7. Reminds me of a conversation a few years back with a mate’s girlfriend after an add for Indian food came on tv and it was called “Asian sensations” or something…

    her – “Indian isn’t Asian, that’s just stupid”

    me – “well India is part of the continent of Asia”

    her – “no it isn’t, it’s more like the middle east continent”

    me – ???? (hard to argue with someone that invents continents to support their view)

    The artist went a bit heavy on the skin smoothing here, but nevertheless a girl this pretty is worth stretching the boundaries of this site into the “middle eastern continent” methinks

  8. I don’t remotely consider Lebanese Asian, but I also don’t consider Indian to be Asian either. I think it does a disservice to their cultural background to lump them all together just because they happened to be placed in an arbitrary continent. Still, other people seem to disagree – we’ve had several commenters say with anger that Indian should be considered Asian since it is a part of Asia, so why not Lebanese? It’s all or none, in my opinion.

  9. No way Asian and way too much photo shop touch up! Very pretty young lass but not Asian! Sorry! My wife is Asian and she says no to being Asian!

  10. This discussion just goes to show that – as I have said many times in the past – the term “Asian” is almost meaningless in the context of this site. It really ought to be “Oriental Sirens”, but of course, many Americans will tell you this word is offensive, even though no one has ever used it as a derogatory term.

  11. I agree the Photoshop is way OTT in most of these pics, although it isn’t too bad in the last two – enough for me to be reasonably confident that she really is pretty anyway.

  12. There are some really hot babes out there in the Middle East, I mean, East Asia… 🙂

    She’s really one, with beautiful eyes and a slender body. Looks tall also.
    Hopefully without photoshop she will look just as similar as in these pics…

  13. I’d prefer it if this forum was East / Southeast Asian Sirens. 😉

    As amazingly beautiful a country as Lebanon is, there are some aesthetic differences that mean that Western Asian Sirens (in general) appeal to different audiences than Eastern and South Eastern Asian Sirens.

    Face is not bad (imagining what’s beneath the layers of photoshop alterations), eyebrows too severe, lips great, body is something to watch but quite awkward in proportion if you look at other photos not posted here.

  14. I have to agree…beyond beautiful Doesn’t matter where she’s from…she’s out of this world.

  15. I have no problem at all with Dalia being featured here. However, I would be very surprised if Lebanese, Syrians, Israelis, etc. considered themselves Asian, or for for that matter Indians or Pakistanis. Would anyone of our members/guests out there from one of those countries care to comment?

  16. Indians and Pakistanis certainly consider themselves to be Asian in the UK – indeed, they are what are called Asian there. What Americans call Asian are called oriental there.

  17. Wag the dog. Why should the term “Asian” define what gets presented here? It’s just a word without uniform meaning, why align content against that?

    Regardless of geography, women from the magical land of photoshopia should be excluded.

  18. “Lebanese girls are the new half-Asians” -Barney Stinson.

    Pic #2 makes her look like a painting of Pocahontas, so I’ll waive her into the Asian class as being Indian. Problem solved, right 😉

  19. pezster, you asked, “Why should the term ‘Asian’ define what gets presented here?”

    Well, I’m just a poster, but I’m thinking it might have something to do with the site’s name, Asian Sirens. But your comment about “the magical land of photoshopia” if very funny. But if the site excluded them there would be very few models to present (with the exception of the poorly photographed amateur girls). Photoshop is fairly ubiquitous these days (although some photogs use a bit more restraint than others–and, yes, I know Doc does not use it at all.)

    As to terms being arbitrary or not having “uniform meaning” that’s true of nearly all descriptive terms. I think one can argue the definition of “Asian” is at least (if not more) universally agreed upon than is “Oriental”.

    Of course what gets presented here is entirely up to Doc (and any other owners, if there are any). I’d say he does a pretty damn good job overall. I’m certainly not complaining.

  20. One quick correction of the above. I meant to say the meaning of the term “Asia” is probably more agreed upon than “The Orient”.

  21. While I do theoretically have final say on what goes here, I generally just let our bloggers post as they see fit – I think they know what they’re doing.

  22. The pictures were doctored by any method previously stated, it does not matter! But they were touched up to enhance her beauty! Yes, she is very pretty with a nice body! It all has been established that she is very pretty and pleasing to look at, great! Since everyone is the expert on what is Asian and Oriental, here is a test question to ponder. Is Australia and New Zealand considered to be Asian as well?

  23. Werewolf, there are several competing definitions of the world’s continents, but all of them recognize Australia as a continent of it’s own.

    Indigenous people from Australia and New Zealand can’t be Asian as they are quite clearly from the Australian continent. People of Asian descent can live in any continent.

    Most authorities recognize seven continents on Earth: Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  24. The Hawaiian question is interesting. It is sometimes considered part of North America, but is usually considered part of Oceania–not part of ANY continent.

    Sometimes even New Zealand is considered part of Oceania, but it’s proximity to Australia typically results in it being called part of the Australian continent. New Zealand is an Oceanic country that has a continental association (as opposed to Hawaii–at least typically).

    At least that’s the way I understand it.

    But let’s be clear. Many Asians live in Hawaii. The natives, though, might best be called Hawaiians or Islanders.

  25. Travis has found one of the most stunning women on the planet and all you goobs can discuss is geography??

  26. Thanks Daznlover for the link! Wow! I am amazed to be enlightened how far Asia extends to the west towards Europe and Africa. Israel is considered as well. My wife still is unbelieving that she is Asian, even by the map illustrating it.

  27. You’d want to be careful suggesting NZ is part of Australia Bigfoot 😉
    Strangely I never would have considered Lebanese as Asian but always have thought of Hawaiians as quite Asian, I guess it was a subconcious thing based on appearance.

  28. The photoshopping is a little ott, but she’s really a beauty.

    I have no idea if you could generally consider women from the middle east asian in any way, but they are certainly exotic enough and beautiful that I’d be happy and would like to see more. A lot of Asian adult sites include Indian women such as Priya Rai too.

    While it’s technically incorrect, I always think of Hawaiian women as asian and they are some of my favorites.

    More Lesbanese please

  29. Luke and slackering, there is a lot of Asian ancestry in the people living in Hawaii. If you see a Hawaiian women who looks to be Asain, she probably is–at least partly.

    But Hawaii is not technically in Asia and the indigenous people of Hawaii aren’t Asian.

  30. @AznLover, I just added Hawaii to the list of Asian countries on Wikipedia. Problem solved.

  31. Yeah, this topic has reminded a few of us (me included) how we have some notions so much hardwired into our heads…

    Arktik, you gave me a big reason to laugh. You’re so right LOL

    The_Collector, good move!! Hawaii out of the picture was getting most of us here kinda uneasy. 😉

  32. Bigfoot Dean, there are several girls featured here who are said to be Pacific Islander. Maybe we have to rethink admission criteria or change this blog’s name…. 🙂

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