College Humor’s “America’s Hottest College Girl 2007”

America's Hottest College Girl Ym C

College Humor is running a contest to determine “America’s Hottest College Girl.” You can vote for Ym C, shown here, starting on March 5. She is a graduate student in Civil Engineering at Stanford. There is no information on ethnicity or age, but contestants answer questions.
America's Hottest College Girl Ym C

Ym C sounds tough. In response to a question about the meanest thing she has ever done she wrote “Haha gee… I’d love to tell you, but my lawyer warned me about saying anything on the matter. Come to think of it, it’s pretty mean of me not to tell you, isn’t it? Looks like I’ve got a new “meanest thing” I’ve ever done.”

America's Hottest College Girl Tiffany C

The only other asian contestant, Tiffany C, is a Senior in Computer Science at Fordham, and she is in the Eastern Division (this is an elimination event). Tiffany is half Thai and half Chinese and she recently learned to pole dance. You can vote for her starting Feb. 27.

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  1. I like Ym. She’s cute and I can’t help but love a chick with a good quote from George W. Tiffany is okay. She looks real good in the pic wearing that tight black sweater and it’s good that she is learning how to dance on poles, but College Humor couldn’t find Asian chicks attending college that are hotter than these two to put in their lame contest? Then again, most of these chicks are trash. I just want to see someone who actually has the chance of winning. I definitely do not want to see Ym lose to Amber’s dumbass. She a junior and doesn’t even know what the Union is. Sad.

  2. Between these too, I would go for Ym.

    Look what she says:
    ‘Seth from the OC, snuggling, because he’s adorable.’
    Oh well, the nerds are winning some, it seems. That’s good for a change. 🙂

  3. they both are NOT hot, YM’s got mustache, and looks like a tranny, tiffany is average looking asian from local chinatown.

  4. They are both totally average. I’ve seen hundreds who are far cuter on my local college campuses alone.

  5. Maybe I am showing my age, but average looking well-raised well-educated Asian-American girls in their early 20s look pretty good to me.

    The contestants’ ages are right next to their names.

    Perhaps they should not have those interviews — makes them sound like a bunch of drunkards and bullies, which they probably are not.

  6. Not drunks & bullies? I don’t know…
    Californian Asian-American chicks can certainly cop some nasty attitudes, often even worse than other American women, which is hard to do. They know they are a hot item these days, and believe they can get away with any behavior with impunity.

  7. Indeed LUVJGIRLS.In previous threads,I have labeled such behavior as:


    Take your pick.They all apply.

  8. Yes, Stripes. You mean Bananafied?There’s a sense of entitlement to gifts/trips for example that I just don’t find as much among Asians in Asia, or who came here as adults. And most Asian-Americans who are drooled & fawned over here wouldn’t turn a single head in Asia. They’d be considered average at BEST.

  9. I’m very happy to say that Asian girls in Australia are mostly NOT like this – for the most part, they just behave like normal Asian girls. It is of course inevetable that they become Australianised a few generations in, but they’re still basically nice people.

    It seems Asian Americans often want to be more American than Americans. I suspect this is because American ‘mutliculturalism’ encourages people to become American, whereas here, we just allow immigrants to be themselves for the most part.

  10. Sadly I have to concur with most of the previous posts, I have been there and back and have sworn off the Asian scene forever. I married someone from a country with very hot women and my advice to the rest of you guys is to not focus so hard on the Asians, most are
    spoiled, coddled and have had much easier times in school and work then we Asian males, its just the power of the pussy and we can’t do much about it and frankly I don’t think we should feed into it either by only being attracted by Asian females.

    There’s a world of women out there and most of the rest of them have more booty, more game, more personality and just damn more sexy.

  11. i have to respectfully disagree with rotary….i only find the socal type of asian women to be what you described. but for asian women else where, they are beautiful, caring, and hard working…more so attractive than western women…IMHO….sorry brother…you will find only guys with Asian Fever here at AS…:))…though we do appreciate beauty from all races…

  12. Sadly Rotary, I cant help who I am attracted to and it is most definately Asian women. And within that I can list the very particular attributes that lure me the most. I suppose it is unfortunate that I am not attracted to overweight anglo women because then I would be a kid in a candyshop. My tastes are most definately geared to what I find to be the most precious creatures in the world. Happily, they like me too. And most of asian women I know are nothing like you described. Maybe its not the race but the personality type of the women I have encountered that has made me generalize but I couldnt disagree with you more.

  13. so rotary..let me get this are an asian male? but you prefer non-asian women?…wow, that is quite rare….i love all women, but you cant really beat an asian hottie…even the ones from socal, even with their snobby personality….too bad…more for us here:)

  14. Rotary, you’ve a right to your opinion, but I think you’ve definately misinterpreted me and possibly others too, when it comes to agreeing with you. I drew a careful distinction between Asian women in Asia or who come to the US as adults, and contrasted with Asian-Americans. Totally different. And I’ve traveled extensively in Japan, China, & HK.

  15. Actually most of the women I used to date were foreign exchange students and or recent arrivals, or au pairs from Europe. If I had to ever get married again I would definitely look for someone from either Northern Europe or the Czech republic or Poland or maybe one of the Baltic states, these women tend to be very down to earth and friendly and some of them are really hot to boot.

    I once graphed out all my dates by race age and color and realized most of my relationships were with either people from another country or of another demographic.
    Being an Asian dude who had a serious case of Jungle fever was a actually a good thing because a lot of women of color grew up watching martial arts films and actually had a good vibe for us and that just made things easier. But I noticed definitely that Asian women recently arrived are much easier to talk to and don’t have the attitudes. Americanized Asian women seem to be more hostile to their own from absorbing all the negative stereotyping from the media. Unfortunately when I think of an American Asian woman all I can think about is some bring on the bling bling, prada obssessed, gucci mama.

  16. hey rotary…i think we all can keep an open mind about who we can date and not necessary reject one group over another. you talked about the asian american women and how they stereotype asian men from the general media..but you are also stereotyping asian american women….my personal oppinion, although women are beautiful all over the preference is definitely ASIAN..:)) try going to japan, vietnam, thailand, or phillipines…you will definitely change your mind…:)

  17. One other thing I have noticed about the Asian American scene is that many Asian women in this country will hang out with Asian dudes, date them in college, be part of the whole social scene in their twenties and then when they enter the working world, a huge percentage will date and eventually marry non-Asian dudes. Meanwhile Asian dudes tend to prefer dating within that scene longer and have a more limited dating life because of that preference. Its a demographic squeeze that is self perpetuated because of your own preferences. Just flip a switch in your heads and realize that your Ethnicity is actually going to be a positive asset the most with non-Asian women. I made that realization over two decades ago and reaped the benefits. Fish in all the ponds out there.

  18. OK. I am truly afflicted with Yellow Fever. But I do actually find Ym’s blonde opponent to be much more physically attractive. After reading their respective Q & A’s, however, I realized that the blonde is dumber than a bag of hammers. And Ym seems to be quite witty. So I voted for her brain instead of blondie’s attractiveness. And there you go…

  19. I just wanted to add one more piece of information related to what I have said in my previous posts. I was reading a bunch of stats in a website hosted by a Steve Sailer who has graphs about the rate of interacial marriages involving white men Asian women, Asian guys and white women, (70 percent of all white/Asian marriages comprise of the first combo.) I realized only recently the hidden stat that they leave out, how many Asian guys who have actually given up totally on women and are either celibate video game or porn junkies, or maybe turned to the other option which is to consort with guys?

    The ironic thing about being Asian and male is if you decide to go the other way, suddenly your social life gets flipped upside down. Being smaller of stature and having less body hair are things that end up being positives. Amongst my immediate circle of family and friends I have three male cousins who apparently have given up on women but don’t seem to be walking over the line as far as being gay but some of the rest of us wonder sometimes and do joke a bit about the possiblities. So this hidden stat is something that I am going to research more about, I have a feeling that its a road that might lead to some interesting conclusions.

  20. Actually another hidden stat are Asian women who have given up on guys, due to being unattractive, having had really bad experiences, or just been burned once too often and now just spend the weekends curled up with their cats and books. This is probably a stat that will be the smallest number out of all the stats…

  21. Thanks for the comments rotary; I’ve often wondered about Asian guys and how they feel about their ladies seemingly all dating white guys. Here in the Bay Area it sometimes seems almost like a joke, it’s so obvious, the sheer number of Asian female-white male couples (at most events, of the Asian women present with guys a large majority are with white guys, it’s almost a novelty to see an Asian guy and girl); even if you don’t dig Asian women the mix is obvious. I can’t complain, but that must limit your pool. Credit to you for taking advantage of your position and hooking up with the ladies who like it.

  22. hey rotaryseven, i know the type of american asian you’re talking about – i see a lot of those girls at my school. i know this one girl who is absolutely deluded – she thinks she’s so hot, but she’s actually just dating a guy with some serious yellow fever (and she’s pretty fug).

    personally, even though i may be attracted to a white guy, i wouldn’t want to date anyone who i know has a strong preference for asians. it definitely puts me off, because i feel as if the guy only likes me because i’m asian instead of for my other qualities – for instance, what if he only thinks i’m beautiful bc i’m asian and not because he actually just thinks i’m beautiful? or is he lenient about my personality because i’m asian? does he typecast asian behaviour, etc.? you guys definitely have an edge in that regard! 🙂

    it would be interesting to see more about the reasons behind white guy/asian girl relationships – what’s going on in the guy’s mind, what’s going on in the girl’s mind. i feel like there is some shame now attached to a white guy/asian girl couple because people now -especially in the bay area like bubalabobo mentioned- just assume that the guy has an asian fetish.

  23. Hi Christine. The phenomonon you allude to is what I think is behind the current crop of Asian import models in the US. Most of them are totally ordinary at best (and IMHO sometimes even quite ugly), but they think they’re hot s*** for the reasons you say. Although I obvioulsy prefer Asian women, it is largely because they like me (unlike most white girls!) and I get along with them better. I do think they are better looking on average, but I certainly don’t think just any Asian girl is attractive (as you can see from my comments on this site!).

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