An English Lesson For Japanese Sex Workers!

luvjgirls already linked to this one in Robin’s last post, but I though it was so hysterical that it deserved a post of its own – you’ve got to love the Japanese for their attitudes toward sex!

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  1. We greatly appreciate the video luvjgirls, but I thought it best to close your last comment so we didn’t spoil the surprise for people watching the video – when I first saw her say this stuff, I was in hysterical fits of laughter!

  2. Once again, please don’t spoil it for our readers dazn – let everyone discover what she says for themsleves! Trust me, it’s worth it. 😉

  3. oh i got it…Toshi is a guy’s name….she should say “come on Lawboy, come on are soooooo good:))”

  4. I don’t know if my post here will earn a Dr Lee “spoiler alert” but when this amazing Japanese language instructor mentioned her grand parents in the lesson I fell off my chair and had to stop watching before I sustained injury. Thank you, made my day!

  5. This is from a variety (comedy) TV show called Vermillion Pleasure Night. It’s Wacky and ireverant, music, skits and animation.

    Check it out, 2 DVD volumes are available (with english subs) in the U.S. and Canada.

  6. BTW…Is there some way I can download this into my I-Pod? I’m trying to create a montage of videos for playback on a big screen(s) at party functions.This would be a perfect juxtaposition to say a rocket launch or a volcano spew.

  7. This is the “One Point English” segment from a Japanese late-night TV show called “Vermillion Pleasure Night”.
    The English site is here.

  8. @stripes, download “cinemaforge” from you use it to convert that video from .flv to .mov which is ipod compatible. then to dl the flv, just go to and follow the instructions. should work.

    anywho, i didnt think it was that incredibly funny, but it was alright. Seems like fabricated bullshit to me, but w/e.

  9. GREAT! i guess this show must be relatively new, since i left japan about a year and a half ago. late-night comedy shows there are sometimes awesome!

    it’s a perfect parody of all the lame “one-point” english (and other language) conversation shows that are on tv there, too. well-done!

    they must have had some native-english help on that last vocabulary segment. haha!


    – i am pretty sure that she’s not an AV actress; most likely, she is just one of the cast of this show. definitely a hot j-girl though! 🙂

    – yes, toshi is a (very) common male name

    – there is no such thing as a “typical geisha”, as they pretty much don’t exist anymore

    – the japanese sex industry is one of the most xenophobic businesses in japan. don’t expect to be able to find a soapland or whatever there where they would even allow in inside, much less have english-speaking girls! 🙂

  10. Newworks:
    Plenty of aspects of the highly expensive j-sex industry are open to foreigners, especially if one speaks Japanese or is with a speaker. Also they’ve become more open with the bad economy of past ten years, and if you go off hours/nights, many places will let one in. Check out if interested.

    But far more importantly: it’s sooo easy to get sex for free in Japan, it’s the chief place in the world where I can’t imagine one paying! =)

  11. But far more importantly: it’s sooo easy to get sex for free in Japan, it’s the chief place in the world where I can’t imagine one paying!

    Yes, they have a shortage of men there.

  12. yes, exactly! i never found any reason to pay for it in the 10 years that i lived there, and so i am not really up on that scene! 🙂

    there are TONS of girls who love gaijin there (i got bored with those types pretty quickly), but if you are smooth and your nihongo is enough to coax the first-timers past their innate fear (flipside: innate fascination/curiosity) of how big gaijin equipment is compared to j-guys, you will have a ball!

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