CJ Miles Video Collection

Sexy and petite Filipina CJ Miles was previously featured here on Asian-Sirens back in April. Since then, CJ has been working hard preparing her soon to open website CJMilesExposed.com. In addition she has been posting quite a few sexy videos on her YouTube page. Check out the sample above.Here’s another nice one.

Links for CJ Miles

CJ’s YouTube page
CJ’s My Space page
CJ @ Asian Sirens
CJMilesExposed.com (Coming soon)

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  1. Near the end of the first video, those guys in the pool looked a bit surprised at the unexpected show they got from CJ! 🙂

  2. Does she have any intention of ever seeing the inside of a gym?…Or is she gonna ride her youthful metabolism as far as it’ll go?That second vid…saddlebags…slight overlap.Mix in a treadmill ,some squats & some crunches.

  3. I used to have her as a friend then her page just disappeared. What I love about her page is that she had all these hot ass videos of herself on there. I hope her little overlap doesn’t get any worse than it is. She’ll be cool if she hit the gym.

  4. Wow, absolutely stunning!!! Those guys were lucky in the pool at the right time……h,aha,ha,ha,ha,ha…….What a body!!!

  5. CJ Miles will be attending Glamourcon 40 November 18th & 19th,2006 at the LAX Radisson Hotel. She”ll be at one of my tables working the Women of Perfection Calendar showcase for me.

    There will be at least three dozen other asian models in attendance as well.

    Check it out at http://www.glamourcon.com

  6. Anybody know what happened to CJ’s stuff from http://www.photogenic.com/?

    In the other post devoted to CJ it mentioned she had a photoshoot on that site, but when I go to the site it says it is closed.

    Anyone know where I can find that photo shoot?

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