Christine Mendoza – Website Launch

Christine Mendoza

The very sexy Christine Mendoza, also featured here last October, recently launched her much anticipated website called It’s under the management of ModFX Models who, in my opinion, make very clean and easy to navigate sites. Christine’s membership section already has 32 photosets and 13 videos posted as of today. That’s a good amount of content for a brand new site. Best of luck to Christine with her new!

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  1. As I’ve said before, Chrsitine is one of my all-time favourite import models. However, she seems somewhat ‘fuller’ than I remember these days.

  2. Dr. Lee, again great minds think alike. She looks like a little diet and exercise modification is in order.

  3. Interestingly, her cousin Sasha seems to have the same tendancy. They’re both gorgeous enough to get away with it, but I certainly prefer them slimmer.

  4. Lee, I didn’t know Sasha was her cousin. Where did you hear this? I thought Sasha was 1/2 Thai and of course Christine is Filipina. (I assume you mean Sasha Singleton?)

  5. Doc,
    Since when is Christine related to Sasha?
    Sasha is not part Filipina. They don’t share any DNA.

    I believe Sasha’s cousin is model Angelyne Belle

  6. I had the pleasure to meet Christine twice with the most recent being this past December for the Hot Import Nights show here in Miami.

    Personally, I think she looks better with the “fuller” look. But, then again, she looks drop dead gorgeous no matter how she looks

    I guess my question is, is she going down the same path as Sasha and doing nudes now?

  7. King…..I don’t think she ever plans to do even topless. But who knows, that could change. For now she is the master of being topless while hiding just her nipple area. 🙂

  8. Apparently if you see the preview for her site…there’s a gallery where she’s doing an outdoor shower. I guess it’s still implied…but man, wouldn’t you like to be that photographer.

  9. Whatever level of exposure she is comfortable with is cool, but to play devil’s advocate, don’t ya think if she did decide to do Playboy style nude her member level would go through the roof?

    Oh well, a guy can always dream……

  10. I have to say that the launch of her own web site would seem to be a good opportunity to do this (“the only place where you can see me fully nude”).

  11. Chiming in Doc. I doubt Christine will shoot nude. Carolyn Savage has a member site and Crae’s site is implied.

    I think Christine will contniue to tease us and have fun doing it 😉

    Fuller is better. It gives a healthy opinion to other women and society. 😉

  12. Christine is definitely one of the prettiest import models ever, but she’s just too big for my taste these days. It does seem as though the import market likes ‘fuller’ models though.

  13. She’s not too big for me. Christine is nice and juicy like this turkey that I just ate for Thanksgiving. There are many models on the import scene that are skinny and have big breasts, but none that I can think of that are naturally thick like Christine.

  14. First time I saw Christine’s site I was amazed. She’s a sex bomb, gorgeous, and I like her big girl style everyday.
    Yeah, I do like curves, nothing wrong with that. 🙂

  15. I guess Christine did well with her wild working weekend in Hawaii. Must have been a lot of “private” dances and “booth reservations”. Look at this pic she posted on twitter when she got back to LA. She made US$15K in 3 or 4 days.

    Those are some valuable tits!!

    In her hotel in Hawaii

    Text from the ad Doc posted above:

    Import Model: Christine Mendoza Exposed (Club 939) May 5-6 2010
    Import Model: Christine Mendoza takes is all off for the very first time, ever. Plus with Deejay Betty video mixing to her dancing debut at the one and only place in Hawaii that does adult features – Club 939, Hawaii’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club.
    Call 699-9565 for limited booth/bottle package reservations that includes a private dance from Christine Mendoza herself!
    Check out Christine Mendoza at

  16. With the right attitude, some hot women can really pull it off. Pun intended! 🙂
    She’s a lucky girl and she’s making the best out of it, so she deserves all she can get. Man, 15k, that’s insane. But doable.

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