Chris Thompson starts

Jewel (Photography: Chris Thomson)

I talked the other day with photographer Chris Thomson from Brighton, United Kingdom. Chris told me he is working on a new site called (not available yet) and shot a lot of great Asian models such as Thitima (aka Katie Aston), Tia Maria Cordero and Jewel. He send me a few sample shots from which I selected a few from Jewel (to start with). While Chris is working on the new site you can find most of his excellent work (also some Asian models) at Sexy Xposures Magazine.
Jewel (Photography: Chris Thomson)

Jewel (Photography: Chris Thomson)

More work of Chris Thomson:

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0 thoughts on “Chris Thompson starts”

  1. Thanks Marco and of course thanks to Chris Thomson too.

    Jewel is just beautiful! She is one of the most perfect Asian specimens I’ve ever seen!

    Any bio/background info on Jewel? I assume she must be Thai from what you wrote.

  2. Hello Marco, The above girl wow so perfect in face, body shape and the colour of skin, if you have something more,. I would like to have it
    Tks in advance
    Peter Boo

  3. i found a girl named Ja Tharika, in Thai Penthouse, that looks a bit like Jewel. obviously earlier pics, far less artfull as those above, but both girls look very alike. I’m sure Doc would do a better job comparing Ja’s & Jewe’s lovely bodies. 😉

    by the way, that site has lots of pics of A4U girls, before they gained divine status online. ( (Sandra Mar has always been beautiful)

  4. Hey, that is a great site Nik2. Thanks!

    Ja Tharika definitely looks great but I don’t think it’s Jewel. The niples are too different 😉

  5. Whoah, Ja is a hottie! Nice photos too. Thanks Nik2!

    I actually like her much better than Jewel, and I prefer the more naturalistic photos. Her breasts are quite a bit bigger than Jewel’s too.

  6. Jewel is absolutely stunning. I’d love to stumble across something else she’s done. I’m not sure I know which part of her I like best.

  7. “I’m not sure I know which part of her I like best.”

    Well, let’s start at her little toe move up to the tips of that gorgeous raven hair…that is if I’d make it up that far 😉

  8. OMG She is one of the hottest asian babes my eyes have ever seen. She is pure perfection. That skin tone drives me crazy. She is a perfect package. :c)


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