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There has been a lot of nudity lately on Asian-Sirens (hey, it’s our hobby!), but I think it’s time for a non-nude posting.

As I told you before, is full of photo’s of (and from) beautiful Asian girls, and this girl I spotted some time ago. Now she also has a blog. The (non) daily blog of a 19 year old girl. She goes to school, she works, she blogs. Now with video… fresh!

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  1. This site has so much beauty. I wonder if someone knows a place that sells posters (for the wall) of beautiful asian ladies. I would like one, but I can’t find any.

  2. We sell custom posters at Sachiko‘s site – you can order a photographic quality print of any photo on her site you want! However, I recommend waiting until next month, as my new printing process will be much faster, allowing us to drop the price. I will announce it here when everything’s up and running (there’s few new things coming next month at Sachiko’s site!).

  3. Groovenet, you could try to find a hi-res photo somewhere on the web, and then send it to your local photo printing shop. They usually go quite big. 40x60cm for instance.

  4. Thank you Dr Lee. And Robin, that’s an excellent idea, I didn’t think of that. Does anyone know where there are very high res photos available?

  5. The photos would need to be very hi res to look good as a poster – apart from the service we offer at Sachiko’s site, very few of the images you can get on the web would be good enough for this purpose.

  6. Groovenet, are you familiar with Scuffalo Bunker? LisaO & Ochiya run a wonderful site, a true goldmine for great scans. Mostly japanese, as Japanese glamour pics are truly the most beautiful.

    a good sample :

    once @ the Bunker, follow listed links – it will take you days to see all of them. i recommend you start at scannist sites & image BBS sites at the bottom of the page. No Future is my favourite, but others are great too. Some are 100s pages long. Happy hunting!

  7. The last site seems to be coded purely for Windows IE, so the menus don’t work for me. The bunker scans are nowhere near hi res enough to be used as posters. Once again, you need to be looking at around 5MP as a minimum (4MP is fine if the image has very high per pixel sharpness, but this is rare).

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