Chinese Zi Lin Zhang is Miss World 2007

Zi Lin Zhang

The PRC contestant, Zi Lin Zhang, (张梓琳), won the Miss World Title this year. There is little about her on the web aside from the official Miss World site, but it’s great to see Asian beauty appreciated.Zi Lin, 23, was born in Hei Bei Province, then moved to Beijing. As Miss World, she won out over contestants from 100 countries around the world. The story was covered on and Yahoo! She also has a blog (in Mandarin).
Zi Lin Zhang

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  1. she is pretty…but i notice that a lot of pretty asian women do not have the toned bodies like the asian women living in the west. her thighs look lose in the last pix.

  2. “Toned bodies”, you kidding me? I just moved from Shanghai back to Seattle after 8 years. I have to say, I’m going through a bit of serious withdrawel, missing eyeing lithe, shaplely Chinese girls by the hundreds every day.

    People go on about Chinese girls–or Asia girls in general–not having curves. It’s total bunk. The change in diet over the last decade has left a lot of Asia’s girl’s ‘boomin’.

    In cities like Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Saigon, there are armies of girls with curves–and yes, toned bodies.

    In Seattle, I’m seeing some cute Asian girls about, but often with ‘American’ bodies–thick waists, fat ass in progress.

  3. Yeah LAWBOY.She could probably stand to mix in some squats and lunges.Feel free to get off the nowassitol right about now too.Get with girlie in the FRIDAY WORKOUT for some pointers.

  4. Inaction, you are dead on correct. I too am in the Pacific Northwest and the fattening here does in fact extend to Asian-Americans, and even native-born Asians if they’ve been here a few years. Fat asses, guts, the works.

  5. I’d have to agree with Inaction as well. I’ve been to Korea and Japan and in general, I’d say about 75% of the girls are thin. Whereas in America, about 75% of the girls are “average” or overweight. Sadly, average in North America is oh so different than average in Asia.

    Here’s a full list of Miss World 2007 contestants.
    Whoever was responsible for nominating Miss Japan to represent that fine country needs to have his eyes washed out with bleach.

    Miss Vietnam is pretty cute.

  6. Toned thighs or not, Ms. China wouldn’t get any complaints from me. And despite these complaints of tone or what you would nip and tuck to make her better, you gotta admit if you saw this girl walking down the street towards you, you’d be smitten! The same would go, at least for me, for Ms. Thailand or Ms. Indonesia! Wawaweewa!

  7. how refreshing… thanks Randy… i was not a fan of Miss China but she is quite striking…
    acquiesce: Miss Viet Nam was pretty cute but she did not possess that “it” quality or “x” factor… Viet Nam can do better… last year Miss Viet Nam/World, Mai Phuong Thuy was much more sublime… it’s disappointing she did not place higher…
    lawnboy… your comment on pretty asian women not having toned bodies actually has some merits… it seems that asian women with delicate facial features, aristocratic looking/being tend not to possess a toned, thick, muscular body commonly idealized by the West… instead, their bodies tend to be sinuously contoured…

  8. I’m pretty sure there’s no such place as “Hei Bei” province as referred to in the Miss World article. I’m quite certain they mean Hu Bei, so I’ve corrected the article to reflect this. Hu Bei women are great – Sachiko‘s father is from there (so her Chinese half is actually from Hu Bei), and one of my best (and most beautiful) friends is from there also. They are often attractive, and frequently quite “spicy”. 😉 You don’t come across them overseas very often though.

  9. After reading cat-tien’s comments on Mai Phuong Thuy, I did a little diggin’. Firstly, she’s the girl in the floral ao dai in my ao dai post – she does indeed look quite good in an ao dai. But even more interestingly, we did our own post on Mai Phuong Thuy, in which cat-tien comments under another (less civil) alias (“fugly”). She called LawBoy “lawnboy” back then as well. 😉

  10. Hi Dr. Lee… you have to admit that Lawboy can be a Lawnboy at times 🙂 Regardless, whatever in your name: lawboy/lawnboy, I still “heart” you… hmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Lawnboy… I think that name can be even somewhat affectuous, coming from cat-tien.

    I did hear about an asian winning Miss World a few days ago. She’s gorgeous, thanks for posting.

  12. Thanks urgal – I looked up Hei Bei but couldn’t find it! So I guess my “correction” was actually incorrect – I guess I should have asked one of my Chinese friends first. 😉 I’ve changed it back to the original text now.

  13. Asian babes are being given the recognition they deserve at last, with Miss Japan as Miss Universe, and Miss China as Miss World! Looks like Asian Sirens’ influence is reaching far and wide… 😉

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