Angry Thai women lead the world in penis slashings

We usually deal with the beauty of Asian women on this site. But today we bring you one of the darker sides of Asian women, Thai women to be precise. They are the world leaders when it comes to ‘penis slashing’. Thai surgeons are becoming experts at putting members back on. “Sometimes they chop into pieces. In those cases we cannot put it back.”

(You can thank Northman for the tip! ;-))

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  1. Let’s be clear… “tip” is still intact! LOL!

    My girlfriend is Filipina….am I really any safer? Well, I’m being loyal so I have nothing to worry about anyway….I hope! 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Building a new penis? Wow.. they really take this to a whole new level. This surgeon who has restitched over 3 dozen male members must be laughing his ass off behind the surgical mask.

    Thai Chick: So, what is it you do for a living?
    Surgeon: I stitch dicks.

  3. wow.. speechless. My heart goes out to all those poor guys who’ve had their penises cut off. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to go through life like that…
    I guess you can say they deserved it for cheating on their loves but I think this kind of punishment is reserved for child rapists or something worse than infidelity.

  4. Here’s to the rapid emergence of stem-cell research.At least then-in theory-surgeons might actually GROW you a new unit…quite possibly BIGGER and better than the one she slashed off. If you knew you were gonna get a bigger one-you might just have her slash that puppy so the insurance would cover it.;-> just sayin’.

  5. If thais and filipinas would cut a penis for any cheating offense: I would assume their country would be over 70% peniless 🙂
    Filipinas are just as dangerous as thais.

    Once those girls get mad, they get really MAD!
    I’ve known a lot of stories, like apartments destroyed, furniture put on fire, death threats with knifes, chases with guns, murdering of husbands, etc. Haven’t heard stories on penis’ slashes, but I believe they could do it, without a doubt.

    Don’t cheat and get caught, don’t humiliate let her keep her face, and you will be fine. But if you make her loose her face, all hell can go loose. And you can loose your penis. Or your life.
    Treat them carefully, that’s how I see things must be done there.

  6. Ooops forgot to mention…..before I gave Robin the suggestion to post this article….it was Badboy’s AsianDivas group that first brought it to my attention. Thanks Badboy. And may you never need the services of these kinds of doctors! 🙂

  7. I think aside from losing my eyesight, or being paralyzed…this is one of the worst things that could possibly ever happen to me. It’s like my favorite toy and the reason I’m on this planet.

  8. somethings are better left unsaid or unposted.

    This is very upsetting. I really cant afford to give up very much.

    I just changed vacation to all male resort.

  9. I also heard about this story from badboy, but it’s easier to talk about it here. My heart goes out a little to these guys who’ve lost their willies. I have no idea what I will do without mine. But these guys shouldn’t be cheating or be with someone crazy enough to cut their dick off if they do cheat and these women should be so devastated by the infidelity of a guy that it leads to them doing something as serious as dick slicing because it’s extreme.

    We’re all human and we do make mistakes. I have no idea what led these women to get the slicing and dicing, but if it was for just one instance of infidelity then that is extreme, especially if they aren’t married. This should be reserved only for rapists and child molesters.

    But on the other hand, I don’t blame the woman because of the society that they live in. I meet women all the time from playing pool when I am in Thailand and they would tell me how they met some douche who told them everything that they wanted to hear and how much he loved her only to be devastated when they were dumped for someone else or how he bounced once they became pregnant or how their father started cheating on their mother with some bargirl. It’s a shame.

  10. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime in this case. If a guy screws a girl over, the girl needs to find a new guy. Its not the end of the world, nor is it reason to mutilate some guy.

  11. In Thailand? There are a lot of ugly stories of guys doing something to women. But there are also a lot of ugly stories of women doing something to men. In the end, no reason at all to mutilate anyone. But some women get desperate. Stay away from that kind…

  12. i’m confused. on another note, i posted some a-s images on a forum, surrounded by [img] tags and the image didnt show. that’s not my problem. my problem is that the image somehow created a link to a-s automatically and got me in trouble because a-s contains nudity. lol. oh well. =(

  13. This sort of thing does happen in the Philippines too. I once heard it Euphemistically called “Feeding the Ducks” cuz that’s what women do with the penis once it’s severed. The ducks think it’s a big worm and gobble it down!! Pinays can really get crazy mad. Remember “Amok”, as in “run amok” is a filipino word.

  14. I suspect Lawnboy is sherbo (judging from the style of writing and sense of humour), but as they are on a dynamically assigned IP I can’t be sure. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt this time, but I have warned sherbo about having multiple logins before, and I will not do so again.

  15. I think having multiple logins should be allowed, because some people just are a bit schizophrenic! 😉 As long as all the ‘personalities’ act within our rules! 🙂

  16. Let the personalities express themselves, yes. 🙂

    Feeding the ducks, I’ve never heard that expression before. Thinking of ducks doing that… is really sick, lol.

  17. Speaking of penis reconstruction:
    On female to male transes, when they construct the penis it’s done in phases. Part of the process is that they temporarily “plant” it on the fore-arm for a few months while other parts heal! Can you imagine one sticking out of the side of your arm? I guess it would be a good conversation starter at a party!

  18. They oughta try planting it on their foreheads for a few months instead. I’ve heard this method works much better for the development of the girth of the shaft. But hell, what do I know. Wackos.

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