China Holds Miss World …And Wins


It’s always great to see an Asian girl winning a major international beauty pageant – and Miss China is certainly pretty enough – but you do have to wonder. My personal favourite Asian contestant this year was Miss Korea – what a cutie! I also found Miss Nepal quite sexy and exotic, even though she doesn’t look very ‘Asian’ (in the sense that we normally use the word here). My favourite non-Asian contestant was Miss Honduras, who actually does look part Asian (as Latinos often do). It’s also interesting that Canada chose a part Asian girl to represent them – I’d like to see more of this from immigration countries like the US and Australia, rather than the very caucasian looking girls we always pick (although Miss Australia did come in third – it seems we’re doomed to bronze and silver this year!). Anyway, who are you favourite contestants this year?

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  1. Miss China I don’t really find that attractive, I think Miss Hong Kong and Macau were better in the looks department, but personally my Favorite was probably Miss Belgium.

  2. Honestly, I think Miss China is extremely attractive. I agree with majiemao. All those girls are hot too.

  3. It’s funny that Miss China looks different from the profile pictures than the above photo and the interview video. I guess it’s the makeup and Photoshop.

  4. It’s nice to see an Asian girl win one of these contests. For me the best Asian girl is Guam
    which I’m assuming is counted as part of Asia.
    The other girls liked were Mexico, Guadalupe, Peru and Ukraine in no particular order.
    Of the Other Asian contestants I liked Malaysia and Indonesia as first and second runners up respectively. I thought Miss Korea looked slightly insane.

  5. I think Miss Hong Kong China is the hottest Asian contestant. I like her video. Very well spoken. I also like Miss Singapore. She’s a cutie. Their English is very clear. I know that Miss Hong Kong grew up in Chicago. It’s funny that Miss Singapore does not have an accent. She kinda sound like a valley girl from the states. lol They look like Asian Americans in my opinion.

  6. It’s those cross eyes, luke72. Miss Nepal is indeed gorgeous, and I never would have guessed that Nepal had more than 29 million people.

  7. No surprise that Miss China, from the host country,was the winner. The judges had the right idea in choosing Miss Wales (love her video & accent) and Miss Australia (ohh that hair) as runner-ups. Mexico would be my pick. These ‘tall-girl’ contests (World, Universe) are heart-stoppers every year. The somewhat masculine Miss Turkey must be the height winner at 6 ft./185 cm? Great Body!!

    Thanks for the treats Doktor! =:-}

  8. Clearly I speak for everyone when I say that the winner should be Malaysia!!! 🙂

    Perfect Asian nose, nice hair, smokin’ body. Malaysia for the win.

    Miss Japan, China PR, Macau China, and Hong Kong China are all nice too. And I like Miss Korea’s cross eyes….

    I do love it when immigration countries have newer citizens represent them at these events. The world is getting smaller.

    Miss Vietnam has that 1940’s Hollywood movie star look to her in her profile photo. Very attractive.

    Honorable mention to Finland….

    Thanks for posting, Doc.

  9. Soo many beautiful women…Soo little time!! Take a look at Miss Albania, Floriana Garo. Her swimsuit pic will knock your socks off..guaranteed! What a face and figure…with inteligence to match (see her video).

  10. Miss World has an amazingly cute accent and has a knowledge of Chinese folk music. ahem…. double check. She’ll be knocking on my door just about…. (well we can but dream)

  11. @NIGHTHAWK and Basho: Yes, Miss Albania and Miss China would make excellent 1st and 2nd runner ups to Miss MALAYSIA 🙂

    My own mother wondered what was wrong with me a while back because I stopped watching the Miss America contests- as soon as I saw Miss Hawaii and Miss Alaska (almost always at least half-Asian) I was happy. The other women looked too “cookie cutter” (the same) for me. But the Miss World and Miss Universe competitions are always a treat. I love the diversity.

    Vietnam hosted the 2010 Miss Earth competition at their Vinpearl Resort in Nha Trang (and I was there, lads). Most contestants were Asian. French was happy.

    So then, we are all in agreement? Miss Malaysia should have won.

  12. I agree with Luke…Guam is hot!!! I like China too. I find Korea’s smile to be a little scary lol.

  13. I think I like em’ all thank you. One of each Please! But seriously…Miss China is very nice. Something about her eyes I like. Miss Korea not so sure about, but how about Miss Fiji and Chile. My Goodness!

  14. Funny how everyone has a different opinion in these posts! Personally, I feel Miss Guam’s face looks kind of odd in some photos, but she does look good in some others – she seems to look much better when she doesn’t smile too much. Also, I have a bit of a thing for ‘crazy’ girls – and I often find slightly cross-eyed Asian girls very cute – so I guess it’s no wonder I’m alone in having Miss Korea as my favourite.

  15. Wow, even arf doesn’t like Miss Korea – amazing! I like a girl who has a big, genuine smile, so Miss Korea comes out tops for me – and Miss Guam comes close to the bottom (when she’s smiling).

  16. Miss China is definitely beautiful and a good choice for winner! Also beautiful IMO is Miss Japan. Non- Asian but pretty in my eyes is Miss Chile and Miss Bulgaria.

    Dr. Lee, Miss Korea looks a bit crazy – agree with Luke72 – LOL! Yes, French, Malaysia is quite cute – but not Pageant winner caliber.

    Thank you for a fun post!

  17. Ha ha, I too like cross-eyed crazy girls, until the first crazy incident….then it’s “abandon ship”- you know, move, change your name, get a new phone number, fake your own death, etc.

  18. Quyen: Well, I never faked my own death but the more I think about it, it would have been an easier way to truly end the relationship.

    Dr. Lee: So true….

  19. great post.

    Miss China is beautiful, though I prefered Indonesia and Malaysia. I found most of the remaining asian girls disappointing especially Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

    The latin countries were beautiful as always, liked Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica in no particular order.

    The strangest one I liked was Sri Lanka, who has a really different look for a beauty contest but was weirdly attractive to me.

    and Yes, Dr. Lee is right, that applies to almost every young Viet girl I’ve ever know. I think it’s part of why I love them.

  20. Well guys I do not agree that MOST Viet girls are crazy. There’s some that are sane and some insane. I guess it depends on where you live. I don’t have many Vietnamese girlfriends since they have a jealousy problem (they find me a threat for some reason) so I’m not exactly sure if they really are crazy. I’ve seen some crazy chicks in other races too especially black, white, hispanic, etc. I guess it all depends…….

  21. @Quyen:

    Vietnamese women BEFORE age 25 = Fun, and then…..The Horror…..The Horror.

    Vietnamese women AFTER age 25 = Fun Fun Fun.

    I will admit that the only thing crazier than a 22 year old Vietnamese chick is a 27 year old Puerto Rican girlfriend who thinks she just saw you look in the general direction of where your past girlfriend lived, like “east”, or “north”.

    And then the name changing, fake funerals, and memorial Facebook pages have to begin.

    I had to change hotels in Saigon because of the apparently legalized stalking there. Thank goodness taxi rides are only a couple of dollars.

    In conclusion, Miss Malaysia is hot.

  22. I am going to have to cast my vote for Ms Mongolia. It was close, but the choice ultimately came down to the videos. She said “title” in the most interesting way and that swung it for me.

  23. Quyen, I have….they either arrived here in the US as refugees when they were a year or two old, or they were born in the US to strict Viet parents.

    I think this craziness comes from their complicated relationship with their parents.

    The sane ones are the ones whom view themselves as simply- Americans….part of the melting pot. Their friends are of all races and backgrounds, as are their dating partners. Strangely, I find that this type of woman is the one that knows the most about Vietnamese history and culture, and are quite proud.

    In order to know where you are going, you should have an idea of where you started….makes setting the compass easier that way. 🙂

    I think Vietnamese women are not just the most beautiful, but some of the kindest women out there.

    Now, how ’bout that Miss MALAYSIA?!

  24. By the way, I said all that in good fun….everyone has got some crazy in them. But I learned one thing in my trips to Vietnam, and Asia in general and that is this:

    Australians are by far, the coolest people to hang out with. Only 22 million people in that country. They are just fun, laid back, and are always out for a good time. Go to any country, and half the tourists are probably Aussies.

    But as much as I admire Aussies I would go to war with them if that got me a date with Miss Malaysia because she is smoking HOT ! Did you see her picture?

    She needs her own post.

  25. @French: thanks for the compliments, although we seem to have turned into a bunch of whingers in recent years. 🙂

    I agree with you re Vietnamese women – they seem to have the biggest culture clash between their parents and western society of any Asians. It makes them really mixed up and confused, especially when it comes to how they handle dating.

  26. Apparently not!
    I have to agree with Doc on the Aussie tourists. Some of the behaviour is appalling.

  27. @ Dr. Lee: I believe the overwhelming majority of Asian-Sirens readers have the same opinion that Miss Malaysia should be crowned the new winner ’cause she is smoking hot.

    Oh and she needs her own post, even though she isn’t Vietnamese 🙂

  28. @ Dr. Lee and French.
    Yeah that’s true about Asian girls who suffer identity crisis in the western society. It CAN be a problem if they date men out of their race though. If they date Asian men, there would be less problems in a relationship. (no culture differences, same language, parents, and I guess better understanding of each other). I’ve learned that through the hard way. hahaha

    And yes Miss Malaysia is HOT.

  29. @Quyen

    Can’t agree about dating outside your race. All relationships have problems. All of them have different problems. Ask anyone in a relationship with someone from the same ethnic background as them. The diversity doesn’t add to the problems.

  30. The point about the culture clash between viet girls and their parents is so, so true. At least here in the US. It’s got to be a large part of why they are the way they are. I dated about a dozen of them over the years, three for more than a few years and the biggest issue for us was always the parents. The battles with the parents made simple relationships with me difficult because they had to pay such a high price to date me. I’ll always love the viet girls the most, probably because I have such history with them.

    In the end I married a Chinese girl, while her parents weren’t initially overjoyed, they quickly accepted me as family once they realized we were serious. Different cultures, different results.

    Oh, and dating outside of your race doesn’t really add any problems that aren’t there for everyone, except the family issues.Actually dating asian men can be worse unless it’s within the same race. I’ve dated many girls whose parents would rather they date me than another asian race, so that’s not really an answer.

  31. Slakerking: Well said my man….

    I once had an adventure. I traveled about 8,000 miles through Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and into Asia. I did this with trains, buses, cars, and motorbike.

    You will see quickly how political lines are not the same as cultural lines. Cultures slowly morph into the “next” culture as you travel by road instead of plane. Even the people slowly “change”. You start in, say, Europe, and you slowly travel east. Soon, the blonde hair peoples are replaced by darker hair…as you travel through the Middle East towards Vietnam, the people change slowly, not abruptly like the lines on a map. I met Indians who I would have sworn were actually Chinese. Even the Indian military thought they were Chinese and should have been carrying their passport! But they were Indian. I’ve met so many Vietnamese that could pass for European because of all the Portuguese and French in the blood lines- to say nothing of the Chinese and Japanese in the blood.

    And the cultures are mixing! My cousin was a refugee from a war, and his 1/2 Viet 1/2 Swedish girlfriend is a product of her mother leaving Vietnam in the 1970s to move to Sweden.

    Can you imagine how beautiful a 1/2 Viet 1/2 Swedish woman is? I no longer have to imagine….she has green eyes! I feel like Lo Pan in the movie Big Trouble in Little China.

    But back to the Viet daughter thing….I think that after 25 both the parents and the daughter calm down- I don’t know how else to say it.

    I also wanted to add that even within a “race” there are huge differences in culture. My trips to Hanoi vs. Saigon taught me that. I can’t believe it’s the same country. Really.

    OK, one last note: A couple of friends have married Chinese girls. They are VERY happy. In getting to know them, I came to believe that these Chinese girls were Americans “in their hearts” all along. They craved the freedom that Americans have. For them, it is like flipping a switch. They just accepted American culture.

  32. My impression is that they settle down once they get married and have kids – if they’re still single when they’re 25, they’re still trouble. But because of all that pent up sexual frustration from their youth, Viet women often turn into extreme MILFs. 🙂

    Interestingly, I followed the same path as slackerking: I really wanted a Viet girl, but settled for Chinese – so much less trouble.

  33. Ummm… why don’t any of thee girls look Asian to me? Unfortunately for many of the pageants, they prefer Asian girls who look more Caucasian than Asian, IMO.

  34. This was a Miss World competition, not a Miss Asian competition. So you will have many non-Asian woman from non-Asian countries as participants.

    Did you check out Miss Malaysia? HOT!

  35. Noone mentioned Mongolia yet. The first pics are not the best but she looks nice in video on other pics.

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