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Trouble getting married?

…to an Asian woman? Don’t worry; the Internet will help you out! No need for lonely evenings anymore! Go to and just type “vietnam dating” (fill out your preferred country/nationality!). You will probably need to register (and pay some cash!), but hey who cares when true love is for sale! 😉

I took a quick peek at Lot’s of info on how to make a good impression on your future wife. Check it out and add a girl to your cart. No worries, ‘you can always remove her later’. And you may want to send her some flowers first 😉

Party babes @ The House of Glam

The House of Glam

Check out some of the party girls on this site! (wicked interface! many events to choose from!)

The House of Glam (you can read their vague blabla mission statement here), seems to be a website devoted to promoting party’s at A-List clubs in Hollywood. They mention something about an A-list and how in their philosophy the A stands for Asian American. Well, a lot of Asian girls attend these party’s judging by the photo’s, so whatever. If you are in the City of Angels, be sure to check out their calendar 😉

Import Icons (paysite review)

Import Icons is a paysite that features import models in glamorous settings. My inspiration for reviewing it now is that the website is currently having a membership sale where all memberships are 25% off regular prices which ends in less than 2 days on October 15th (midnight PDT time I assume). The discussion of Alex Lynn on Asian Sirens also reminded me since she is one of the models featured on Import Icons with a number of implied nude photosets and high resolution video clips.

To start off, here are larger versions of pics in the top half of the collage with names of the models:

Allaya Lee
Allaya Lee

Celeste Trinh
Celeste Trinh

Celeste Von
Celeste Von

The bottom half of the collage is none other than Christine Mendoza of course.

These preview pictures which I found through a google image search give you a taste of what most of the photos at Import Icons are like. There are some models who are featured full nude or topless such as Angela Sora, Arielle Lee, Christine Nguyen, Kat Gutierrez, and Maya Simone but the majority of models limit their exposure to implied nude or implied topless.

Since they focus on import models, most of the models they feature are Asian models. The photography is done by a woman named Jen Han and she seems to have a good rapport with the models but sometimes the set of poses becomes a bit too familiar. They choose classy locations for the photoshoots but to be honest I don’t pay money to look at nice houses and furnishings. Some of the settings do enhance the photos like the one titled Freezer Burn with Christine Mendoza. For fans of straight hair, you won’t see much since they tend to “fix” the models hair up for their shoots. Another criticism is that they include cheesy banner ads in the member’s galleries (they shouldn’t subject paying customers to such crap).

On the positive side:

They do have a relatively good selection of Asian models. I am not sure if all of them qualify as import models but that isn’t important to me.

They update with either a photoset or a videoclip 5 times a week (each weekday).

The videos are 640×480 and usually last 5+ minutes each. Most of the videos correspond to photoshoots but they also have video interviews with the models. I usually don’t like videos of photoshoots but on the positive side they sometimes catch things that don’t come across in the resulting photos. The video is not perfect with the videographer doing a bit too much panning and zooming for my taste (for instance spending too much time on a models shoes when other areas are crying for attention).

On balance, it is one of the better paysites I have come across. The key factor is that very few paysites update as frequently. Even paysites that claim to update daily sometimes include meaningless things as an update or rely too much on crappy guest model galleries rather than their own content. It is also nice to see a variety of models but agree that most people pay to see the models nude on these types of sites since you can find non-nude photos of many of these models for free. There is room for improvement but I give the website a B grade.

Nadathat @

While surfing the web I found this rather silly site. The concept of rating people by their picture is old, but I did not know you could also rate just Asian people (or women only if you wish ;-)). It seems people submit their own photo’s. You can also check out their profile. And once you become a member you have access to more functions.

I am not sure what to think of this… But I do know that the Top 25 Hottest Women look great! Or try the Top 25 by Ethnicity.Profile for Nadathat (photo used above)

Category: women
Age: 19
Marital Status: Single
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: Medium
Physical Build: Muscular

Where do the models go?

Ever wondered when and where your favourite model appeared in public recently? Well, just try a search at WireImage. You will have to pay to see the large images, but the thumbs are for free.

Check out Sung Hi Lee at the 2004 “The Girl Next Door” – Los Angeles Premiere, or Tera Patrick at The 2005 G-Phoria Videogame Awards. Where was Lucy Liu? Attending the 2005 Reebok Human Rights Awards.

Now go and look up your favourite model! 🙂