Bu Ni


Bu Ni is a total cutie. At least, if I got her name right. These translate tools are tough to work with. If her name is not Bu Ni, then this girl featured here today is a total cutie. Also, she has short hair which almost never wows me, but it works for her, I think. She’s a MetCN model and a body model.Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Located: Hong Kong
Ethnicity: Chinese/Hong Konger














Shadow Girl

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  1. A real sweetheart, to be sure.

    Travis, like you I usually prefer longer hair. But some girls look particularly good with a shorter cut. This one looks nice showing her neck.

    The hat is a nice touch, too.

  2. Very cute face, very nice body, very good boob job (in fact I thought they might have been natural at first, but the shots where she’s lying on her back reveal that they aren’t).

  3. I have to disagree about the hair. In my humble opinion, one of the best aspects of Asian women is their hair. Long, straight, jet black, and silky hair, that is a large part of my love for Asian women. Now don’t get me wrong, I would never kick a sweetie like Bu Ni out of bed. : -)

  4. Really cute, really nice body.

    The boobs? If they are fake, that has to be the most natural boob job I’ve ever seen. I dunno…in some shots they do flatten out a bit…Meh, maybe doc is right, but it doesn’t change how she looks.

  5. Tits are fake. But she’s still exquisite. Same for me about the hair. Usually I really mind if it’s short, but she pulls it off well. Especially with the hat. A certain magnetism.

  6. her stat according to picture number 6
    21 years old
    163 cm tall about 5’3″
    and she is hong kong girl.

  7. She looks Vietnamese to me also, though there’s a huge Chinese Vietnamese population in Saigon.

    Breasts looked fine until the final photo to me and it might be just lighting, though usually if you browse through a portfolio you’ll see one or two where its obvious.

    These aren’t obvious if they’re not natural. Proportional, cute.

  8. Actually, her name will be the Chinese characters in the 6th pic – that’s where her stats are.

    So she’s probably Chinese, which is most likely for Met Art girls anyway.

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  10. Dear Steve,

    Switzerland is not in London. You should probably change the name of your organization. In addition, before I agree to even consider your offer, you must click on every advertisement on this website and purchase the maximum recurring subscription plan. Then, and only then, will I consider being in your Catalog Advertisement.

    ~Bu Ni

  11. This site gives all her stats and other info

    Bu4 Ni1 like a rough translation of “Shadow Girl” (or “diffuse girl”) which is the English name they call her in a few places.

    She studied painting and photography. Her childhood dream was to become a mother, teacher, and painter. ^_^

    She was born in the year of the Dragon.

    Here are some additional shots of her…
    just keep replacing the last number up to :

    her breasts droop in a non-silicon manner!

  12. Oh, the tangjialirt site said that she “escaped” from Heilongjiang province (northern China) to Hong Kong.

    So definitely not from Vietnam. ^_^


  13. Sometimes those stories have little to do with reality/ethnicity Jon. Kind of like on a reality show where everyone is a Hurrican Katrina victim.

    The implant discussion probably related to some pix being pre and post surgery.

    Implants definitely visible in this pic where she raises her arms.

  14. I serious doubt most of these models use their real name.

    It boggles my mind that people who see white nude models go around by the monikers of “Jesse Jane” and “Mary Carey” would think that Chinese models use their real names.

  15. You are completely missing the point AsianD: we aren’t even certain that “Bu Ni” is her modelling name. We aren’t asking for (and don’t expect) her real name.

  16. Would that be Bu Ni like pooney or Bu Ni like honey? Either way, wow! I mean: very cute face, toned body, nice ass, perky breasts….

    The girls here aren’t using their real names?! Shocked, shocked I say!

  17. I do not find this girl attractive, maybe it’s the highlight of her bang that turns me off. Bu Ni could be translated as Britney ‘布蘭妮’ (Mandarin). In Cantonese Bu Ni is pronounced ‘Bo Nei’, so it could also be Bonnie. Whatever it is, it certainly is unique.

  18. Bu Ni? if doc know a little viet and cantonese..this is pretty funny…..i give you a hint..Bu mean suck in viet :))

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