BoA wallpapers

BoA wallpapers

Some nice material to brighten up your PC screen! 🙂 K-pop superstar BoA wallpapers! Download wallpaper 1, wallpaper 2 and wallpaper 3.

Source: Asian Girls are Hot!

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  1. My wallpaper is a LAMBORGHINI LP 640.

    Last time I put a picture of another woman on my screen, my girlfriend started to bitch.
    She’s White – accusin me of an Asian Fetish LOL

  2. Last time I had a Lamborghini up as a wallpaper my car started to bitch! Accused me of an Italian high performance automobile fetish. My car is a Honda…and very jealous. Small world huh?

  3. CLM is not Asian-attached because they fear him….or at least certain parts of him. 😉 Just means there’s one more single hottie out there for me to chase!

  4. I get the 403 error when I clicked on the wallpaper link. I just went to the blog and clicked on the pics from there. Here’s 2 of my favorites of Boa.

  5. When I was living in China, I was dating Chinese schoolgirls. Picture that – me in an apartment, 10,000 miles from home going to school picking up women who had never met a foreigner before (the ones from those small villages in the desert)

    When I came back from China I was dating a Catonese girl here from Brooklyn for a while.

    My problem is I want a tall chick – taller than 6’3) about 175.

    I have a leg fetish.

  6. You are right Candyman.

    I don’t hide the referring pages, that being said those pictures are protected by a link checker, so anything outside of the site they are posted on aren’t allowed to link to them. Also the open in new tab in FF also refers the page it came from so…

    Copy the link and open in a new window or dab, you can drag the link to the tab window if you like.

    Lastly wall papper link 2 and 3 are the same.

  7. CLM, You want a chick taller than 6’3???? Whoa! You have a tall order ahead of you (yeah pun intended) man!! I mean I’m 6’1 and I don’t see too many women taller than me unless I’m at the circus. WOW 6’3!!!

  8. Oh yeah I guess they would be tall in Manhattan. Model capital of the world….lucky bastard. But a 6’4 asian babe? You shoulda taken a picture, that’s rarer than a shot of Bigfoot these days…

  9. clm..are you sure there is a 6’4 asian girl?…hard to imagine that tall without hormone assistance…did she have an extra something something?:)

  10. CLM — buy a mannequin.

    I’m sure they come in any size and as a bonus you can just keep the legs and toss the torso if you want!

  11. SHIINE

    Shiine – I am 6’7

    Lawboy – nah, she was a girl alright. Most likely Northern Chinese (maybe mixed with Korean)

    Krazy4Kobe – LOL, I would never screw a mannequin (maybe I’d get one of those cyborg Asian love slaves that Korea is designing though)

  12. clm..that is another fetish i dont understand…love dolls…a little offense to those who’s in to those kinda things.:)….no beating a live hottie:)
    6’4 chinese girl? damn that is tall……i would stand at about her boobs:)

  13. Lawboy,

    That girl was so ridiculously tall that compared to my body, she looked “large”.
    Though she had an hourglass figure, that figure was just so gigantic for what you’d expect from an Asian girl.

    I would love to marry a woman who was my exact height but I doubt that will happen. The kids would be gargantuan though.

  14. would want an asian girl your height?…that is just plain tall, dude…:) even supermodels type are only about 5’9 ish…that is just freaky man.
    i dont care how tall they are, as long as they have nice legs and not fat

  15. CLM — know what you mean about the “she looked ‘large'” thang. I’ve had a few experiences with tall (6’+) girls and for their height/weight they were normal but because they were so tall everything was just proportionatly bigger. First time I kissed a tall girl (who did happen to be a model) I thought her mouth was going to swallow me whole! I got used to it though.

  16. clm…sorry dude..i don’t like short stubby girls…which is funny because i am short and stubby:))…i prefer tall, lanky but with nice T&A’s…i really miss saigon:)

  17. Right, ‘blows you away’ like in ‘making him crazy about her’.
    I do know how to behave here. 🙂

    Actually it was a cross joke about other thread and a bigot asian girl. Not sure if everyone got the joke…

  18. glad it was a joke…you dont have to fix me…but i dont mind if you send the tia carrera look a like to change my mind:)

  19. Sorry didn’t mean to get ya in trouble Dazn! And Lawboy, yeah you woulda loved her…Tia lookalike and probably about 5’9 or 5’10. Tallest Asian girl I ever went out with. Plus with the fake boobs….ooooh c’est magnifique!!!

  20. dazn…i think the term you want to use is “too selective” or “choosy”…bigot has a race undertone, and i dont think you can discriminate any race that is purely “short and stubby”….:)) you can call me picky, but not bigot:)

  21. Yes, actually it was not a very appropriate word to use and nothing intended, glad you took it as the joke it was 🙂
    I was just making a parallel to a joke in the Anna Bayle thread where CLM posted a Youtube vid. I’m sure you read that one Lawboy, I see your comment there.

    Yes, you are picky, aren’t we all… I am too, to a point… I like girls with super sexy bodies and perfect shapes and interesting minds. And I rarely get them with all that, lol… I have to get happy with the ones I get, so far.

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