Ari Andoh

Ari Andoh

It was an email on the Asiansweethearts group on Yahoo! that led me to Ari Andoh. She is apparently Japanese. Yet another AV “idol,” but with a fresh look.
Ari Andoh

Ari Andoh

Ari Andoh

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  1. “Fresh look”? I think this chick was from the early 90s. If you like this look, check out girls from that era. Only other one that comes to mind right now is Iijima Ai, but she had quite a different body.

  2. Yep, she goes back a long, long way – to before the birth of Asian Sirens in fact. She was one of BlueBird’s earliest scan models.

    Posted by: Dr. Lee

    Ahhh blue bird, my first love! Thats what got me started I loved their scans.

  3. yes, she is lovely; one of my favs. from way back. that softdrink shot is a classic. she probably looks fresh to you because you haven’t come across her. i wouldn’t be surprised is she were in her 40’s by now.

    my own personal all-time favorite j-girl from back then, though, is inoue harumi. GORGEOUS!

  4. Yeah, Harumi was gorgeous. When I have time I’ll plow through my Bluebird archives for some posts one of these days. BTW, Bluebird is a really great guy – very funny! (He is a good friend of mine – we always get together when he comes to Australia.)

  5. Thanks for the background. I guess what I thought was fresh was just the older style. You guys have all been at this for a lot longer than I have!

  6. Sheesh! Sorry for the ranting on here by the fellas Randy! I appreciate the effort, and she’s new to me too brother!

  7. Randy: can you tell me how to post images directly onto a thread or comment? How did you post the pics of Ari Andoh at the top of this thread?

    I’ve asked around, but never got a reply.


  8. I didn’t know her either… She looks fresh like in, genuine. That’s what I understood (natural beauty).
    So, she’s around 40? Maybe a sexy MILF around somewhere, she could still look good.

  9. Dr. Lee, where is Bluebird from? I’ve always wondered about him, as I too have a large stash of his scans from the 90’s. His namesake newsgroups are still going strong.

  10. Dr. Lee, thanks for the response. I got it to work in another thread. Since I don’t yet know how to set up a new thread, I’ll post this question here: anyone know who this girl is?

    I think she is Japanese and also from same era as Ari Andoh of this thread.


  11. I think she is Emiri – or at least she looks a lot like her. Emiri was a AV girl who was doing the adult film thing in Japan in the late 90s. She was a mainlander Chinese, which added to her exoticness

  12. graysilence, any other clues as to her name? I tried search on Emiri, Emily, Emili, etc — all came up empty. Like a surname or last name?


  13. Hi people,

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