Benze Pharda @ ThaiCuties

Benze Pharda @ ThaiCuties

Another slim Thai beauty at ThaiCuties! Benze Pharda: gallery 1, gallery 2 and gallery 3.

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  1. Notice how she’s tan/brown in only one of the galleries (but sexy in all of them)? Very nice!

  2. Wingsfan, her genuine tan is the one from gallery 3. They just like to appear less tanned, so the lights and the photo editing do the trick, to make them light skinned.

    Benze is a dark brown thai girl, no doubt about it. And the dark skinned thai fans around here, we really recognize what she is made of. 🙂

  3. She’s 4′ 8″ according to the website. Is that cute … or what?

    Why does a website with “cutie” in its name feel the need to pose its models with improbably large sex toys? I think it ruins the whole cuteness vibe.

  4. It’s probably a scar from a previous piercing. I think it’s a thing with some dark skinned women. Maybe?

  5. Anyone else ever notice that so many of the Thai Cuties seem to prefer “doggy style”? That’s a good thing:-))

    I think sflonglegs should come up with a Bennze Pharda haiku.

    My attempt:

    Benze, not Mercedes
    perky breasts, slim, tan and hot
    likes it doggy style

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