Be a Cleopatra’s Nose with CoCo Nose Clamps!

CoCo Nose Clamps

Personally I adore Asian noses in every shape and form, but regular Asian-Sirens readers (and the Doc) know that a lot of Asian girls change their noses with cosmetic suregery. God knows why. But now I saw this great new invention at the Gizoo Gadget Blog which doesn’t require surgery: the CoCo Nose Clamps!Some more photos:

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0 thoughts on “Be a Cleopatra’s Nose with CoCo Nose Clamps!”

  1. OMG! I could sell a million of those in Thailand. This gadget is supposed to make the normall short little Asian nose taller, right? It won’t work, of course. But it would sell anyway.

  2. Yeah, thailand and philippines would be a great market!… You’d be rich! 🙂

    Thais and filipinas don’t like their short noses (filipinas even have it wider than thais), although i find them sooooo cute!

  3. i am all for cosmetic surgery to improve one’s appearances but some time asian over do it a little by trying to be too westernized. there is a reason why each race has its unique characteristics to try to assimilate your look to other cultures is not always for the better…i like our asian big noses..for chinese it is a symbol for prosperity :)) and big wang..just ask any chinese 🙂

  4. even though i am asian…i like dark skin exoctics like thai girls or philipina girls…something exoctic about a good tan…

  5. I love a good tan also!
    Half the world hits the beaches to catch a tan. On the other hand, millions of asians buy whitening creams to get as white as they can.

    PS – Never saw whitening cream working… must be a placebo thing 🙂

  6. when i was in vietnam, women had their whole face covered and arms too…being dark overthere is a sign that you are a low class laborer and not the lighter skin aristocrats. funny, in the US we prefer dark tan skin and view it as being healthy and not pale and sickly…my favorite is light skin but with a good tan and with tan lines….:) i bet Doc get to see a lot of those in Ausie…

  7. leave your noses alone! leave your dark skin alone ! but don’t let your mosquito bites tits alone! get a boob job ! LOL

  8. Times and fads change. Among the Western world it used to be favourable to have pale skin — meaning you were rich enough not to have to be outside baking in the sun doing physical labour. Now it’s favourable to have a dark tan — meaning you are rich enough to lay around baking in the sun all day instead of chained to an office desk.

    Just like pubic fashion. Remember when it was in to have “bush”? Now we just clear-cut it all!

    Ah, how weird people are.

  9. At least the fad for light skin is a healthy one. Keeps Asian girls looking young, too. When I was in America I had some friends who were “leather backs”, girls who tanned so much their skin was like leather.

  10. Oh, definitely. But that’s across the board. There’s hot Cali beach bunnies who look all sexy when they are tanned and twentysomething but all of a sudden become disgusting when they reach 40. Ugh. Just take that thing off your nose!!!

  11. Too much sun by the time they reach 40s.

    That’s why some asians are lucky to have that natural tan… if they keep in shape till their 40s 🙂

  12. To all those (Abundo) who find displeasure in “stocky” Asian ladies, you can now enjoy all your ladies at equal height!

    And you thought nose clamps were crazy!

    (didn’t know where to post this so I thought the most recent “Asian alteration” feature would be as good a place as any!)

  13. That’s disgusting, man…

    This is, after all, the product of class-differentiation and judgment / despise based on looks. When taken to extremes, people start going to extremes also.

    Sad to see…

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