Bangkok Dangerous


A lot of Hollywood films take place in Asia. The new Nicolas Cage film Bangkok Dangerous takes us to Bangkok. And of course in Bangkok there are Thai girls. And that we like. The girl in the photo is Panward Hemmanee and she is in the movie. I wonder how Mrs. Cage feels about all this… 😉

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  1. Wow..This girl is awesome..Nice job Robin…I like this girl very much.. can anybody help me find her picture gallery?

  2. While I am generally not a fan of Issarn Thai girls, the lighter skinned ones such as this girl can be very attractive indeed!

  3. solly :)…thought i had it…from the same asiansweetheart site….careful doc, they might give AS a run for its money 🙂

  4. She is not a lady boy. I’ve been reading about her rise to fame and constant presence on the party scene for over a year now. Damn she is hot.

  5. Dear Science, I love Thai girls! There is a Thai girl where I work and she kills me every time I see her. In fact so do the others… haha! A Thai, a Korean/ Japanese, a Taiwanese, a Korean and a Pinay… l HEART my job!

  6. @Candyman…I thought all thai chicks were trannies. 🙂 You mean what happened in Udon Thani doesn’t stay in Udon Thani? Ouch…does that make me gay?

  7. It would depend if you were pitching or catching. 🙂

    But it does make it seem like all Thai chicks were trannies with the ladyboy comments. If all ladyboys looked as good as Panward, then I wouldn’t have a beef.

    As for Bangkok Dangerous, the trailer looks good, the title is awful, and the movie could be awful but I will go out and see it just cuz they’re Thai chicks in it. If a good movie happens to come with it then it’s a bonus. Speaking of which Thai movies be having some hot ass chicks in them. Check some out.

  8. MAN!!!…I must have been like three sheets to the wind when I wrote those last two. It’s like Dr. Jeckyl Mr Hyde sometimes with me. Sorry everyone.

  9. Another hitman movie, ugh. I agree that the hairpiece needs to go on Cage as well.

    This girl is trying to look too white (as all Asian girls are) and the white look is what invades their cinema. Unlike Lee I prefer the Isaan look, darker skin. If I want white I’ll date a European or typical American. Give me the tan skin any day. This girl walks under an umbrella when outside just to keep her skin light, not for me.

  10. I like the stark contrast between the darkness of the hair and eyes against the creamy whiteness of the skin on Asians like Panward. I think that’s the reason I like Japanese and Korean women so much. I think I spent too much time in the Philippines to truly enjoy the olive to milk chocolate skin tones of many Asian women anymore. I think I may be sick… haha!

  11. I have just finished watching this movie and yes besides the UBER BAD hairpiece that nick was wearing, it was your standard bang-bang, cool location, lots of eye candy flick…in other words, a guy’s movie! that being said….she is STUNNING!

  12. My last girl was Thai. They all look so different from other asians. Nice change when different is needed.

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