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Amaya @

Amaya is Guamanian. Say what? Guam is a little island near the Philippines and it’s owned by the USA. I think they have a naval base there or something. But who cares. We are here to look at Amaya. Unfortunately we can’t see a whole lot, cuz modFXmodels is a members-only site. So I see three options: 1. Pay up 2. Search the web for other galleries 3. Just settle for the thumbs and the interview.

Ohw, wait! There is a free wallpaper!

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  1. I believe the correct term would be that she is Chamorro. I once dated a woman from Guam, and that was the term she used to describe her ethnicity.

  2. What’s not to like about this girl? I don’t see anything I don’t like. She seems fun too. I’m sure someone here can post some more photos.

  3. I think the Philippine population on Guam outnumbers the actual Chamorro population now. I read it in a local paper while eating some moons over hammy at the Tumon Bay Denny’s. Maybe the correct term isn’t Chamorro for her. I mean, not that I care or anything. She’s yummy.

  4. I think she may be a bit Pinay… but it’s not uncommon for really stunner like here to be full Chamorro. Most of what I have seen are pretty bad but then you see one like her and it’s like you’re in a movie where you land on an island and meet the locals and to keep them from killing and eating you (or is it eating and then killing you???) you have to wed the Chief’s daughter (who you think looks like the dude from Robocop that was mangled by toxic waste) but ends up being a looker like Amaya! That is… until you find out she’s been chewing the “beetle nut” since birth… gag me with a spoon (ewwww)!

    I lived in Guam when I was a kid (about 20 billion years ago… haha!). I remember that is a tiny place where there is a beautiful beach chock full of sea cucumbers and suicidal jellyfish that look like blue plastic balloons. Awesome place… mostly! When they say Hafa Dai you betta say hi…

  5. Come on guys – how can you all go ga-ga over such low resolution pics? I would need to see at least screen resolution pics first.

  6. I was able to find her MySpace but it is set to private which I hate and makes no sense when you are a model. She looks okay but I got to go with Dr. Lee on this. She just looks like any other import model that is out there. She does look fun but I’m never going to meet her. And I wouldn’t be going ga-ga when I can only see but one pic of her.

  7. I can agree with the good Doctor and Mr. Candy on this. It could just be a typical case of :good from far but far from good… unless we see something better than we have so far.

    She does look very cookie cutter import model-ish, which is fine… if you like that kinda thing. I’m actually pretty tired of it now. I’ve been into the import car scene for more than 10 years and that poo has gotten O-L-D! After living in SO Cal for most of my life hers is the type that I would see everyday. A “typie” if you will.

    Don’t get me wrong… I think she’s very attractive but I definitely wouldn’t be chasing her around the club & buying her drinks!

  8. Even if we did have some hi-res photos to base our opinion off of, do you really think she would look that much different like Posh Spice does in hi-res? I’d say judging from the thumbnails its a pretty safe bet she’d still be hot. She’s not fat nor anorexic looking. She’s not covered in tats/piercings and has no obvious plastic surgery mutilations. And her face and hair ain’t half bad to say the least.

    As far as her looking like an import model, I don’t think thats really the case here. She’s much better looking than most of those IMO. Plus, I don’t see any pics that scream to me “import model – beware”, just your typical bikini and scantily clad shots that every model does.

  9. Yes, but we’ve got comments like “she’s stunning top to toe”. There’s just no way you could make a judgement like that on the basis of the pics we have.

  10. I’ve never lived on Guam (stayed overnight once on a Space-A (military) hop), but I’ve known several Guamanian ladies and have never seen one anywhere near as hot as this one. Low-res or not!

  11. That’s probably because she’s Pinay. Lots and lots on guam. They’re taking over the world in a good way.

  12. She looks very hot, but it’s only one photo to go on so we could be seeing the only good photo of the group.

  13. ImagineModels post reeks of SPAM. He doesn’t tell us what name Amaya uses on his site, and doesn’t supply a direct link.

    He also does that in another thread.

  14. Wait to do an article on imaginemodels. i had a webmaster leave and their have not been many updates. Looking for help with the site now. it sucks to have it down for months now.. will give it a new look too.. thanks

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