Bangkok: Business as usual after coup


Bar workers wait for clients in Bangkok’s infamous Patpong red light district. It is business as usual on the notorious strip of go-go bars at the heart of one of the most famous red light districts in the world in the wake of the military coup that overthrew the government.”I was up to 3:00 am looking for lots of fornication with women and I didn’t see any soldiers,” said English tourist Barney Humble, recalling that images of the coup had flashed up television screens in the bars. ”

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  1. I didn’t expect anything to change no matter who was in control of the country. The junta is not going to do anything drastic that will cause people to not visit since tourism is so vital to the country. The PM was shady, but what is the military going to do that will be so different? There’s been 15 coups since the 1930’s in Thailand. But now that they are in power, I am worried about some of the things that they are doing.

  2. all bars etc. were closed on the night of the coup, but i am sure that some stayed open. i think that probably this was taken on one of the subsequent nights, as things got back to “normal” here pretty quickly.

    as for the photo, it’s obviously just a snapshot of some bargirls, so don’t be too hard on the photographer or the models! 🙂

  3. I love thailand 🙂 you just have to be careful of ladyboys. the surgery over there is so good that it is very hard to tell. that can be a very unpleasant surprise for some guys. 🙂

  4. ha ha….actually, a friend of mine was in vietnam and saw a really hot “girl” in a disco. he picked her up and once he got back to his hotel and after the usual prerequisite showers, he noticed she didnt take off her undies. it is then that he realized that she was packing. it is really hard to tell in the dim lightings at clubs and such. you can be in for some surprise:)

  5. haw! yew know what, boys — if y’all are looking to get yerself some of them thar lady-boys yew should go git one of them new fandangled X-RAY cameras those yellow boys are making over in Hong Kong! One o’ them things will help you find those lady-boys real quick like!

  6. When I was living in China, I walked into the typical Chinese Barbershop – aka Street brothel and they had girls looking just like this. Amaizing how bright lipstick and short skirts disguise AIDS and various other STD’s.

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