‘America’s Sexiest Newscaster,’ a Filipina


Florida-based WSVN-Channel 7’s Elita Loresca won the title ”America’s Sexiest Newscaster” in an online vote by readers of FHM magazine.Loresca is pictured in the October issue – in rather revealing attire. ”Elita has done more than Ace Ventura to protect South Florida,” the magazine quips.

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  1. Just in case you’re wondering where that picture is coming, it’s taken from Elita’s lingerie pictorial for FHM magazine:

    (…) Imagine a utopia with fake palm trees, its own Will Smith anthem and Shaq leading both the police department and the NBA team. Now, picture Mother Nature putting that paradise in the firing line of almost every Stateside hurricane. It’s tragic. And it’s why the people of Miami have shown love for the lady who will one day save them all—local weather anchor Elita Loresca.

    Earlier this year, FHM invited readers to vote online for America’s sexiest newscaster; when the polls closed, we had a clear winner. Since joining Miami’s Fox affiliate WSVN in 2004, Elita has done more than Ace Ventura to protect South Florida. And she has also done it with a better figure than Al Roker.

    “People in Miami embrace curves,” says the 29-year-old Philippines-born beauty. “Here, I can wear a cute sweater and still be professional.”

    Now the former obituary writer for The Orange County Register—honest—rewards her fans with a sultry FHM debut. And there’s not a cloud in sight. (…)

  2. NICE:

    There’s not a lot of Asian babes in Miami/Ft.Lauderdale…but considering that every other kind of beautiful girl on Earth lives there…this is a welcome addition.There is no sexier place on the planet than Miami from October to March.

  3. what nationality is she? filipino? she has a look of asian and hispanic mixed…very prettybut i only like this pix here. the other pix didnt look so good. nice boobs!

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