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Asian Sirens is back!

More than 8 years ago I started, a website devoted to one of the most beautiful models I’ve ever met. Soon after I started with, a site that became one of the largest sites for fans, photographers and asian models. It was also one of the first sites that started a Yahoo! Group, a community with more than 25,000 members. Daily discussions about and with models and photographers. Absolute milestones were the Asian Sirens Expos in Los Angeles back in 2000 and 2001.

Back in the late nineties was part of my life but it took so much time that I decided to take a break. In the past few years I have spent most of the time on my work, friends, my fantastic girlfriend and last but not least my two lovely daughters.

Two people have pushed me lately to start working again on Lee from ‘down under’ and Robin from Amsterdam. They both will help me to build the site and the community up again.

Finally, it would be great to meet some of my friends again from the good old days. Don’t know if you are still hanging around but if so, please drop a message here.

Part of the old site still can be found here.