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Chichi Lee 林宛璇

Chichi Lee was born June 24th 1999. She is a Taiwanese model that loves Disney. She is trained in Ballet and has spent many years challenging her body to become very flexible. There are a couple photos in this set that show off that talent and you can see the hours and hours of work that went into pushing her body to be comfortable with that.

Another one of her talents is violin. She learned this at a young age and still is able to perform at a rather high level. She still loves playing. Her favorite food is hot pot.

Her measurements are below:

Height: 174cm

Measurements: 34/24/35

Lena 莉娜

There are some great looks in this set. A couple Supreme shots and my one I’m partial to, a psychic outfit.
But beyond those there are some great intimate shots. Lena let’s you see what it’s like as she climbs up a ladder to the top bunk in your hostel, a breakfast date, and a Lunar New Year sake night.
She even dawns a silver outfit, which reminds me of that time SexyMandarin went to space.
Can you find the photo she’s at an onsen?

Angela Liya 莉亞

I had no idea I was so into beautiful women wearing knee pads until I put together this set of photos featuring Angela Liya. But here I am suggesting to the Asian Sirens mod team to add “knee pads” as a search tag.

Angela Liya is a Fashion Model out of Taiwan that has a real soft side. She’s quite the romantic.

Among the Christmas and Harley Quinn cosplay photos Angela Liya manages to also create the most suggestive pose with a Ferrari I’ve ever seen.

Nana Mizuki 水樹 奈々

Nana Mizuki水樹 奈々, was born on January 21, 1980.

She was born in Niihama Ehime Japan. From a young age she began training her voice and very early in her life even released a single via cassette under the name Nana Kondō called Tsugazakura” (つがざくら, lit. “Phyllodoce Nipponica”).

Nana Mizuki was trained in Enka, a style of singing that stylistically dances around traditional Japanese music.

As she grew she continued to release music but opted to with the Name Nana Mizuki.

She then got into voice acting which became very successful for her. Doing voice over work from projects like Naruto to the Hunger Games.

Her voice work is best known for being shy and in romantic relationships. Her shy characters often gather more courage later on in the story.

In 2020 Nana Mizuki announced her marriage and also celebrated the pregnancy of her first child.

Here is a list of Nana Mizuki’s studio albums:

Compilation albums

Zoe Wu 卓穎

Zoey Wu (卓穎) is a teacher at iDance Studio in Taiwan.  She has been passionate about dance for a long time and now is teaching choreography. She helps prepare girls for the very popular iDance Studio YouTube page and had started to work on Tik Toks.

Zoe loves cats and dogs, but prefers cats. She loves roses, Christmas and being a teacher. She is very thankful to be able to wake up every day and Dan a for a living. Whether it be for projects that require new choreography, have her image posted to in public, or even just teaching choreography from famous music videos; Zoe loves the chance to dance and loves how her life is going at the moment.