Asiance Magazine

Asiance Magazine

Just got an email from the staff of a new glossy magazine for Asian American Women: Asiance Magazine. The magazine caters to the glamorous, aspirational, 18-34 year old, English-speaking generation Asian American women defying boundaries & upbringings while pursuing careers & ideals not initially deemed respectable by the Asian Community.

Nice PR-talk but is the magazine also worth a visit? Well, I just browsed through the different pages and I must say there are a lot of Asian beauties featured (e.g. Audrey Quock, Bai Ling and Maggie Cheung) so I would say, just have a look yourself!

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  1. Not to be a killjoy, but I find these magazines annoying. The “Asian Community” (whatever that means) doesn’t find any of this not “respectable,” since they invented half of this stuff!

    Marco is right. That PR talk is basically crap. If the magazine is actually a good photo magazine, it would be one thing, but the staff of the magazine seems to know nothing about what makes Asian women beautiful to us. (Full disclosure: I know the staff at the magazine, and they are pretty pretentious while also clueless, a deadly combination).

  2. Good morning!
    None of us know an Aimee over here although we highly doubt Aimee is an actual woman since he talks about “what makes Asian women beautiful to us” no need to knock the staff since you don’t know us. Also, if you knew us you’d know we’re not a photo magazine. obviously we’re targeting 2 different markets.. but we won’t really get into that. Thanks for your opinion!

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